Just For Fun / Backstroke of the West

The war came!
The republic encountered
Two squares fight the vehemence
The improbity fills the world
The space general of the alliance is skillful
Kidnap the D the speaker the conduct
The proper abruption alliance troops tries
Ratio prosperous drive with the

Star War the Third Gathers: Backstroke of the West is a Recursive Translation of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, found in China by this blogger.

The name is taken from the translation of the opening crawl (the original saying, obviously, "Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith").

Some sentences are absolutely mangled in the translation (read: most of them) while some sentences still have their original meanings intact. This particular bootleg has been subject to Memetic Mutation, perhaps the most famous example being "do not want".

A fanmade Hong Kong Dub using the same script also exists, with even lulzier results.

Note: Only tropes about this particular translation should be put here. Anything on the proper translation should go on the proper page.

Send these tropeseses only:

  • A Dog Named "Dog":
    • Bail Organa was renamed to "Senator". He is a senator.
    • General Grievous is similarly given the generic but accurate name Space General.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Or at least Adaptational Less Villainy. Revenge of the Sith heavily implies that Palpatine was the apprentice who murdered Darth Plagueis; here, Reach the Man was killed by his land, not by the D.
    • Downplayed with Yoda, who was mostly just a Hero Antagonist in Revenge of the Sith. Vanquiah Is, on the other hand, is significantly more supportive of Allah Gold than Yoda was of Anakin, defending him as "a right candidate" when Text How Big distrusts him and later noting his "experience" as a reason to give him the mission of finding Space General (though this is overruled).
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: "The tile time transfers the troops."
  • Ambadassador: The Jedi were this in general, but Allah Gold in particular is mentioned as being involved with some sort of peace negotiation - presumably with the Abruption Doctrine - a few times throughout the movie.
  • Angrish: Gold's reaction to not being granted a title by the Presbyterian Church is as incomprehensible as the rest of the script.
    "Can be how like this
    Like this too wide of the mark
    Like this inequity
    I can how belong to the
    parliament but is not"
    • Ratio Tile reacting to Allah Gold's killing of younglings:
    "This is what who fuck"
  • Arc Words: "Strong and big," "Good elephant" and "Fuck." To a lesser extent, "What is the row" and "Do not want."
  • Artificial Human: Allah Gold briefly mentions the fact he was just made by the Presbyterian Church (the sentence ends there) to Ratio Tile.
  • Artistic License – Biology:
  • Ascended Meme: By accident. The translation unintentionally references the memetic nature of the "Unlimited power" line.
  • Ass Shove: One of the pilots says of a droid fighter, "He is in my behind"
  • Awesome McCool Name: Allah Gold
  • Bad Boss: The Space General threatens to feed dog to his troops—who are robots.
  • Blessed with Suck: Depending on the interpretation, the D's power "to have no like" may be regarded as this.
  • Big "NO!": Subverted. It's rendered as "Do not want".
  • Big Stupid Doodoo Head: The Space General refers to Allah Gold as "smelly boy".
  • Bi the Way: Allah Gold is romantically involved with It Gets The Rice, but is implied to be having an affair with Speaker D. He also mentions at one point that he hopes to make out with Ratio Tile.
  • Bring It: Anakins last line to Obi-Wan before their duel is changed from "You will try" to "Come."
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: People fluent in both languages who've tried to figure out how the translation ended up as such a trainwreck have speculated that some of the more bizarre lines might have been because the English-to-Chinese translation was filled with these. One example is "Pregnancy? Pregnancy?", which may have been the result of the translator not knowing what "premonition" meant.
    • Apparently the name "Grievous" was too hard to translate, so they just changed his name to "Space General."
  • Boomerang Bigot:
    • Text How Big says, "We can never compromise to black." He is black himself.
    • Allah Gold also calls The Plum Of "you unknown white", even though he is also white.
  • Born in the Saddle: It seems when they're not talking about elephants, the characters really have a thing for horses. More specifically, their hooves.
    "Make him on the hoof very dangerous."
    "As long as he is on the hoof."
    "He returns incredibly on the hoof."
    "I can feel she return on the hoof."
    "Is that baby on the hoof?"
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Inverted by The, who says that he "has been hating" Allah Gold since their previous encounter, (in the previous movie in the real series,) even though he spent most of that encounter fighting with Ratio Tile and then Vanquish Is.
  • Camera Fiend: Implied. Ratio Tile claims to be in whole photographing.
  • Captain Obvious: Just before crash-landing the burning half of Space General's airship that he, Speaker D, Ratio Tile and R2 are in, Allah Gold states:
    "The temperature of our airship is too high."
    • He also tells The Plum Of that he can see her ship, while standing right in front of it.
    • Later, Vanquish Is notes that “The current time arrived.
    • Ratio Tile at one point claims that, "We have to hurry to act now!"
  • Character Level: Apparently the Hopeless Situation Warriors have something similar to this, as Allah Gold boasts to The that "My force has promoted two times" since their last encounter.
  • Church Militant: The Hopeless Situation Warriors that are in the Presbyterian Church qualify.
  • Cool Airship: There are no spaceships here, just airships. With elephants in them.
  • The Comically Serious: All the original acting becomes this when paired with absolute Word Salad dialogue. Kudos to the actors in the dub for pulling it off.
  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like:
    • After being saved from the disgusting things by Allah Gold, but getting his airship damaged in the process, Ratio the Tile simply responds by saying "Good kind of!"
    • This extends to other people's rescues too. He says the same thing to R2 when he destroys a disgusting thing who attacked Allah Gold's airship, despite him managing to beat its inside without hurting Gold or damaging himself or the ship in the slightest.
  • Composite Character: Maybe. The translation doesn't make any real distinction between "The Emperor" (Darth Plagueis, who is implied to still be alive) and "The West Emperor" (Darth Sidious,) so it's possible that they are the same person. Unless Darth Plagueis is R2.
  • Cuckold: At one point, Allah Gold speaks to The Pudding of ensuring the safety of his cuckoldry. Who The Gets The Rice is cheating with is not stated.
    • It might be Ratio Tile, given that Allah Gold says that The Ratio wants to let The pudding leave him.
  • Cultural Translation: A rare case of translation going the opposite way: Padmé was not only called "The Plum Of" (in China, plums symbolize nobility and virtue) but also "Gets the Rice" (suggesting that Republic economy is based on rice, a'la Feudal Japan)
    • The Space General punishing his robotic minions by feeding them dog might also be a case of this.
  • Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon: When Allah Gold and Ratio Tile escape, the Space General orders his troopers to "batter to death them!"
  • Deal with the Devil: Possibly what Allah Gold means when he mentions holding tight a devil to end the war.
  • Death Seeker: It is speculated by Ratio Tile that The was this.
    "The ever since that time willing to dies."
    • The Gets The Rice says she would feel happy to die together with Allah Gold, but he rejects this and says to let him guarantee.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: A lot, most notably with Darth Vader's alternate name.
    • "The general space can always succeed to succeed."
    • "But we can will account and then account."
    • "That he must the square who study it the square"
    • The Space General commands his troops "Batter to death them!" twice. In the dub, he says this three times.
    • Allah Gold tells The Plum Of that "Just a dream is just."
    • "Like to like to look after them."
  • Disability Superpower: The line "Disabled person must solve" might indicate that Ratio Tile has one of these and that it will give him an advantage against Allah Gold.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: After expressing discomfort due to decapitating The, Allah Gold is comforted by the D, who tells him that the business of vengeance is very familiar.
  • Do Wrong, Right: Allah Gold seems annoyed that the war has not done a good job of disrupting the Republic.
  • Drugs Are Bad:
    • Used by The Plum Of when she tells Allah Gold he's too high to own an expectation value.
    • Vanquish Is seems to be worried that the Hopeless Situation Warriors will become addicted to cocaine.
    "Wait until the gram the person discovers. Will use very long hours."
  • Eats Babies: Implied. "Is that baby on the hoof?"
  • The End Is Nigh: Speaker D appears to believe this.
  • Epileptic Trees: The translation is so bad that any theory about what the translated dialouge "actually" means basically boils down to this. Explaining why the tropes on this page tend to contradict each other.
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: Religious symbolism abounds in this movie- perhaps more than the original. Allah Gold, the Presbyterian Church, references to the "salvation activity", the D's line, "The judgement day of world come quickly, general." D also uses the phrase "Good of good," a possible Shout-Out to the Nicene Creed.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Space General implies that he thinks this. "Beat, we are great and black influences."
  • Famous Last Words: "Very Good." Said by two of The Space General's robots when they see an approaching elevator, thinking that it will crush Allah Gold. He manages to avoid it and it ends up crushing them instead.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: According to Speaker D, the Parliament is supporting war by voting.
  • Fire/Water Juxtaposition: The D seems to see the Wish Power as this. He says that the Dark World is like "the fire of water."
  • Foreshadowing: Allah Gold asks the Ratio Tile "Is you make the ghost?" while on the Space General's airship. While the Ratio denies this, it could be foreshadowing Obi-Wan's eventual becoming into a Force ghost in the canon films.
  • Gaia's Vengeance: One possible interpretation of D's claims that Reach the Man was killed by "his land". Presumably, this is due to him creating life.
  • The Ghost:
  • Go for the Eye: Ratio the Tile instructs R2 to destroy the last Airship Robot by "beat[ing] it the in-between eye".
  • Good Is Bad And Bad Is Good/You're Insane!:
    • This exchange.
    Ratio Tile: "The peaceful is willing to, D the superior is a bad person!"
    Allah Gold: "To me hero's is just bad person!"
    Ratio Tile: "Friend you are crazy!"
    • The Presbyterian Church seems to believe this, as they punish Allah Gold for his track record of "long peace" by denying him a title.
  • Gratuitous German: The Pudding would be aller strong and big than anyone.
  • Growing Up Sucks: Played with. Ratio the Tile comments "I was old" after Allah Gold uses his powers to jump out of an elevator.
  • Handicapped Badass: Ratio Tile claims to be this, though he shows no signs of being handicapped. Despite calling himself disabled, he is determined to solve.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: When confronting The, who is "a big", Ratio Tile surprisingly reveals that he and Allah Gold are "for the big." However, they still proceed to fight him regardless.
  • Hen Pecked Husband: It Gets the Rice blames Allah Gold personally for the war, telling him it "represented your mistake."
  • Honor Before Reason: When Allah Gold says that Ratio Tile owes him seven times, Ratio reminds him that it's actually nine times, although the preceding events don't count for some reason.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: When confronting Space General again, Ratio Tile claims everybody is good. He also has no problem with letting Allah Gold - who thinks that the best way to put an end to war is to have less freedom and start more wars - participate in peace negotiations.
    • Before his second fight with the Space General, he says he has “contacted good” after speaking with the silver, red-wearing landing delegation.
  • Ho Yay: This video combines several scenes of Ho Yay.
  • Hulk Speak: Ratio Tile expresses how civilised he is.
    Ratio Tile: "Looking me am a civilisation person."
  • Human Sacrifice: The would like to sacrifice Allah Gold.
  • Hypocritical Humor: A super battle droid calls Reach the Man a "stupid robot" before said robot defeats him and another droid of the same model rather embarrassingly by spraying oil in their faces and lighting them on fire.
  • Ice-Cream Koan: This gem:
    Speaker D: Allah Gold, if a person wants to comprehend, then he must the square who study it the square, but a little bit much more than only concerning. If you like to be a leads more astutely, that you must accept this more great power. But want the caution hopeless situation, Allah Gold. You only ask for help me then can become the the knowledge of the dark of the study hopeless, in the fire of water.
    Allah Gold: You say what?
  • I Have Many Names: A few characters.
    • Obi-Wan is alternately called "The Willing to Compares" and "Ratio the Tile." The opening scroll also calls him "Ratio Prosperous."
    • Anakin is usually referred to as Allah Gold, or sometimes simply Gold. After his turn to the Black Influence, he is referred to as The Peaceful Is Willing To by the Hopeless Situation Warriors, or Reaching the West of Reaches by The Speaker D. Several times, The Plum Of calls him simply Line.
  • Immediate Self-Contradiction: Allah Gold creates one when asking to join the Parliament of the Presbyterian Church.
    "Let me enter the Parliament, do not let me."
    • The D remarks that Allah Gold is “affirmative to have doubted.” He also uses the phrase "a little bit much more."
  • The Insomniac: Reach the Man apparently had to be killed by his land before he could go to bed. Could also be an example of The Sleepless.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: Apparently how Vanquish Is managed to get into The Pudding's throne room.
    Vanquish Is: "Surprise."
  • It's What I Do: When The Speaker D warns Ratio tile and Allah Gold that The is "a big", he reassures the Speaker that he and Allah are "for the big."
  • Lame Comeback: Not that the original insult was all that witty, but Space General's comeback is just bad.
    Allah Gold: "Space General, you and not equal to I think severe."
    Space General: "Smelly boy."
  • Like Is, Like, a Comma: Many characters talk like this:
    • "Like, reach the man, good good good let us counter-attacking."
    • "Like, this time do not calculate in fact."
    • "The Presbyterian Church like, enjoys you not."
    • "Like, record, you owe me a."
  • Large and in Charge: The villains often talk about their desire to become "strong and big." Clearly, size equals authority and power in this universe.
  • Large Ham: Space General's voice actor has a lot of fun with his role in the dubbed version
  • Mercy Kill: Possibly. Speaker D claims that Reach the Man (Darth Plageuis) was killed by his land so he could go to bed.
  • Moment Killer: When The Gets The Rice and Allah Gold kiss, Blow the Skin complains they are kissing too loudly.
  • Moment of Awesome: Despite being a disabled Hopeless Situation Warrior, Ratio Tile goes toe-to-toe with Allah Gold in a lightsaber duel and wins.
  • Mood Whiplash: This can happen in the dub, whenever a serious, silent scene is interrupted by a ridiculous, poorly traslated line. For instance, the dramatic scene where Drop is executed is followed by the line "You make out quite good."
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After helping The Speaker D kill Text How Big, Allah Gold experiences a brief pang of conscience:
    Allah Gold: I did what?
  • New Job as the Plot Demands: D is cited as holding at least 6 different positions throughout the movie, being called both the Speaker and Prime Minister of the Senate (and at one point declares himself no more than a member of the Senate, but Text How Big calls his bluff), as well as being the Governor of the city of Coruscant (but only the city), as well as being Emperor of the West (long before he actually becomes Emperor in the real movie) and at the end he forms the Empire of the First Choice. Later on, his troopseses refer to him by the title of "Big King."
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Ratio Tile explains that Allah Gold has been denied a title because the Hopeless Situation Parliament does not like his history of "long peace."
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: When informed that Ratio Tile and Allah Gold have landed in his airship, Space General immediately orders his troops to kill them.
  • No Party Given: Averted. Characters identify themselves as Republicans more than once.
  • No Periods, Period: Possibly averted with Ratio Tile.
  • Non Sequitur: Happens constantly, due to the poor translation.
  • Not So Different: Allah Gold accuses The Plum Of's tone of resembling the Abruption Doctrine.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • Apparently there was some kind of fair the day before the movie began. For some reason, it is very important that it is now the day afterwards. Maybe that's where the good elephant comes from?
    • When summarising a combat report that Allah Gold missed, Ratio mentions that he is apparently depraved. He doesn't elaborate and changes the subject quickly.
    • Allah Gold apparently made some unspecified mistake in the past, which It Gets the Rice blames for starting the war.
  • Obligatory Swearing: Particularly bad since the original film had no swearing in the first place. Here however, Ratio the Tile drops The F-bomb more than once.
  • Older Than They Look: The Space General may be older than he appears, even as a cyborg. He refers to himself as "old man" when telling his troops that he'll fight Ratio Tile alone.
  • Old Windbag: The Hopeless Situation Elders of the Presbyterian Church are this to Allah Gold. Shortly after organizing a strategy for an important battle, Allah Gold's first thought is, "Is really boring."
  • One Steve Limit: Averted by R2. Not only does he share his normal name with all the other astromech droids, he's also referred to as "Reach the man", which is also the name of...the original film's Darth Plagueis.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: It turns out that, despite showing no signs of it, Ratio Tile is a zombie, as revealed when Space General mentions that he died to settle an unspecified struggle.
  • Overly Long Gag: An unintentional example. Having the Jedi be referred to as "Hopeless Situations" is funny at first, but the word "Jedi" is said a lot in this movie, so it really can get grating after a while.
  • Parrot Exposition: After The Plum Of dies in childbirth, this exchange between a medical droid and Ratio Tile:
    "Check result, she complete health but we can't explain why she quick dead."
    "Does she die quickly?"
    "We must proceed the surgical operation right away, talent extrication child."
  • Plant Person: Allah Gold thanks Ratio Tile for cultivating him after revealing he is an Artificial Human as mentioned above.
  • Pluralses: Not only that, but Pluralseses also make an appearance.
    • Allah Gold talks about how he does not like "politicseses".
    • He later speaks to Vanquish Is about the "dreamses" he's been having.
    • At one point, Text How Big talks about the "troopseses".
    • At the very end of the movie, the droids are referred to as "childses."
    • The unexpected -es suffixing pops up in non-plural words as well. The Pudding commands Allah Gold, "Doing you needses must its matter," and Text How Big feels Allah Gold "cans not handles" the task of spying on the D.
  • Product Placement: Doubly subverted. The original movie did not have any products from outside the Star Wars universe. This movie referred to D as "Big King"...the name of a sandwich from Burger King, who was promoting the original movie. Doubly subverted as, at the time, the sandwich of that name was discontinued.
  • Raging Stiffie: It sure must be pretty embarrassing for Allah Gold when The Pudding tells him that he is "already at full cock"
  • Red Light District: Space General may be hiding out in one. When Ratio Tile goes to find him, he's given directions to "the pimping mainland."
  • Related in the Adaptation: Blow The Skin calls R2 "my kid" at one point.
  • Religion Is Magic: The Force does not exist. There is only The Wish Power. Let alone the fact that the Jedi Council is translated as the Presbyterian Church.
  • Right Hand Versus Left Hand: Speaker D apparently had to beat the Republic's Intelligence Bureau to the telephone in order to figure out where the Space General was hiding.
  • Robosexual: Senator seems to be this, as evidenced by his sudden declaration that Blow the Skin "is my wife" in the penultimate scene, something that even Blow the Skin seems shocked about.
  • Run, Don't Walk: A rare example outside of a video game. The Plum Of can't walk on a road meant for running about.
  • Run for the Border: Vanquish Is states that he must leave the country after being defeated by The Pudding.
  • Satan Is Good: Allah Gold wants to hold tight a devil to win the war.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Turns "I have the high ground" into "The geography that I stands compares you superior." Which also has the opposite meaning of the original line.
  • Serious Business: The D and Ratio Tile both say that Allah Gold's exasperation might lead him to the dark world.
  • Sex–Face Turn: Vanquish Is plans a Fan Disservice variant when he insists that “[he] must hold tight the Space General” to end the war.
  • Shout-Out: Accidentally borrows a turn of phrase from another staple of the Science Fantasy genre (except here, the violence is human-on-sentient-robot, not vice versa):
  • Skewed Priorities:
    • Despite needing R2 to activate the elevator, Ratio the Tile's first priority is to find out if he "is fucking."
    • Instead of being relieved not to have died when Space General's airship nearly crashes, Ratio Tile complains that "the nobody greets" when they land.
  • Space Jews: The Hopeless Situation Warriors might literary be this, depending on how you read Ratio Tile's statement that "Our faith believes in our religion, but is not to believe in a certain person."
  • Spell My Name with a "The": Most of the characters at one point or another; Allah Gold and Ratio Tile, for example, are often shortened to "the Gold" and "the Ratio", respectively, while Speaker D is commonly referred to simply as "the D". Possibly the most triumphant example, however, is Count Dooku, who was renamed to simply "The" (although Ratio Tile also addresses him as "Drop" once).
  • Spiritual Sequel: Episo pe II, an equally bad Recursive Translation of Attack of the Clones. It even translates "Anakin" and "Obi-Wan" into "Gold" and "Ratio." It's not clear if its actual subtitles are poorly translated, but the plot synopsis on the back certainly is. This Opening Scroll - read out by Stuart Ashens - demonstrates this nicely.
    Imprbity trade the federal strike
    against the mape of the starthe
    empressten years, day that own the
    not of the commonrunowner line
    peaceful anner the gold grow upped,
    and become a hero juedy warrior, but
    should be student of ao ratio king-
    kano the ratio have aiready promoted
    to be the teacher.

    Two warrior were returned jte aegos amudala
    the rece by call to reach to
    pull the impress at the same time,
    becaust her life suffer the political the
    separtion the numeator the threat,
    nape star is in the federal parliament
    of congressman representative
    scheme parties person assassinate
    amydala reach to pull the impress.

    However be their relation to have the
    clash with power, two choice of right
    human faceses is not lonely figure
    loudly presonal destiny, still
    prospect... that have whole the
    intergalactic republic...
  • Start X to Stop X: Allah Gold suggests that "less freedom with more wars" will make it easier to end war.
  • Take That: Chewbacca is simply referred to as "Drag Along".
  • The Drag-Along: Chewbacca's name was literally translated as "Drag Along."
  • The Reach the Man Behind the Man: This translation makes R2 a Sith Lord, given that both he and Darth Plagueis are referred to as "Reach the Man."
  • The Power of Hate: Though the Sith from the original are known to fuel hatred into strength, D seems to take it a step further here: he declares to the Senate that "My power has always been to have no like!"
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry: After learning The Peaceful Is Willing To has joined the Dark World, The Plum Of tearfully tells him "You let me feeling sad!"
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: A possible interpretation of Allah Gold's fall to the Dark World, see above to No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and Hen Pecked Husband.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: When trying to fly into The Space General's airship, only to notice the rapidly closing gate, Ratio the Tile says "I feel far from good."
  • Toilet Humour: "The good elephant in airship dropped what things?"
  • Token Good Teammate: D claims to be this, as he reveals that he also belongs to the Hopeless Situation Presbyterian, despite disapproving of their plot "to rule." Though this might be mostly because he is already the Prime Minister / Governor / Speaker / West Emperor / Big King, and simply fears that the other Hopeless Situations will betrayal him.
  • Transgender: Ratio Tile is a man, but his period arrives during his fight with Allah Gold.
  • Translation Train Wreck: Does not even begin to cover it. Let's see what some of the names were translated to:
    • Jedi Council -> Presbyterian Church
    • Jedi Knight -> Hopeless Situation Warrior / Hero's Ground
    • The Dark Side -> The Dark World / The Black Influence / The Evil Augury
    • Sith -> West
    • Sith Lord -> South Host / Big
    • Separatists -> Abruption Doctrine
    • Anakin Skywalker -> Allah Gold / The Peaceful Is Willing To / Line
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi -> Ratio Tile / The Willing to Compares
    • Count Dooku -> The / Drop
    • General Grievous -> Space General
    • Chancellor Palpatine -> The Speaker D / The Pudding / Prime Minister
    • Padmé Amidala -> The Gets the Rice / The Plum Of
    • Yoda -> Vanquish Is / Particularly Reach the Master
    • Mace Windu -> Text How Big
    • C-3PO -> Blow the Skin
    • R2-D2 -> R2 / Reach the Man
    • Chewbacca -> Drag Along
    • Bail Organa -> Senator
    • Darth Vader -> Reaching the West of Reaches
    • The Galactic Empire -> The Empire of the First Choice
    • The Force -> Original Dint / Wish Power
  • Translation: Yes: Obi-Wan's line "Don't try it!" simply becomes "Is!"
  • Tyop on the Cover: The setup menu on the DVD suggests that instead of a Translation Trainwreck, the "languange" of the subtitles is "Englsih", not English.
  • Unexplained Recovery: Reaching the Man Cloth Space (Darth Plagueis) apparently lost his power and died at some point, somehow got better, and then was killed a second time so that he could go to bed. It's possible that he is alive yet again now, since the D refers to him in present tense. Though Allah Gold did say that he could "come back from the brink of death."
    • Ratio Tile also seems pretty fine for somebody who - if the Space General is to be believed - has already died.
  • Unfortunate Names: Everyone and everything related to the Jedi, who are translated as "Hopeless Situations," giving us names like "Hopeless Situation Warrior," "Hopeless Situation Parliament" and "Hopeless Situation Presbyterian."
  • War Is Glorious/War Is Hell: Allah Gold seems to think that "less freedom with more wars" is a good thing and also seems to treat battles as a game. Then again, he also seems to believe that starting more wars will make it easier to end war, makes reference twice to wanting to end war itself as a concept, has a history of "long peace", and is involved with peace negotiations, so where exactly he stands on this subject is rather confusing.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: As mentioned above, Allah Gold seems to want to abolish the concept of war in its entirety, but ends up becoming a West to do it.
  • Word Salad Philosophy: Many, many mangled sayings come off as this.
  • Word Salad Title: Due to being mangled in the translation, of course.
  • Working Through the Cold: The Pudding has an intense duel with with Vanquish Is mere hours after telling the Parliament that he became disabled and sick.
  • Worthy Opponent: Space General refers to Ratio Tile formally as “Section Ratio General” and says he is “really a day of brave.”
  • You Can Say That Again:
    • Allah Gold says this word-for-word to The Pudding.
    • "He cans say that again that system is very," said Text How Big when deciding to send Ratio Tile after the Space General.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: The D tells Gold that he has "completed [his] usage." Though he doesn't kill him after this. He just gives him a new mission.
  • Your Cheating Heart: The Gets the Rice accuses Allah Gold of having an affair, but he denies it.
    • Of course, an earlier scene had D telling Allah Gold, "This will be an unprecedented affair."
    • He also stated that his tutor (implied to be Reach the Man) told him about an affair concerning the Dark World.
  • You Owe Me: Allah Gold to Ratio Tile after the former rescues the latter on the Space General's airship. Incidentally, the Ratio (whether out of sheer generosity or by a Freudian slip) manages to get himself deeper into debt:
    • Allah Gold: "Like, record, you owe me a. You owed seven times."
    • Ratio: "Is nine times, in fact. Like, this time do not calculate. In fact."

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