Jerkass Scale / Sonic For Hire

We all know that Sonic For Hire is a cast full of Jerkasses, so we decided to do something that involved measuring which characters in the series have the highest instances of Jerkass. For this scale, Tails and Season 4 Tails will be scaled differently, as Tails normally isn't too much of a direct jerkass than he was in Season 4 after he blew up Sonic's mafia office.

Top Tier:

  • Season 4 Tails
    • Tails in Season 4 has an extremely high jerkass scale. He is very gloatful and rude to many of the other staff. Sonic had described him as "all kinds of a jerk right now" in "Mega Man" and some things Tails did included throwing a shake at Sonic after he worked at BurgerTime, ran over Elliot and drove off after taunting Sonic by asking him if he wanted to go to Elliot's mom's house, sending a bomb to his apartment, and peeing on Sonic on screen for the "Two Bad Characters" screening. This actually got Tails to be widely hated by fans, at least until season 5 when he became his old self again.

  • Sonic
    • The main character of the series is a huge jerkass to many people, including his friends and enemies. Characters have died because of him, both directly and indirectly.

  • Kirby
    • Kirby is a psychopath and will threaten to kill any of the main characters just for fun. He also kills servants and creatures just for the fun of it. Most of this is Played for Laughs, but it is quite disturbing to see Kirby killing characters. He's an extreme Jerkass about it and will act impulsively, including swallowing Princess Potato for no reason and burning down the Tapper bar.

Upper Tier:

  • Gilius Thunderhead is like the Glenn Quagmire of the series, only far more perverted and slightly less of a jerkass (and that's saying something).

  • Eggman

Middle Tier:

  • Link
    • Link is a moderate Jerkass, especially when he makes gay jokes about Tails.

  • Tails
    • Normal Tails isn't too much of a jerkass, but he is responsible for Sonic being poor in the first place. He also betted against Sonic to lose against Mike Tyson.

Lower Tier:

  • Earthworm Jim

  • Mario
    • Surprisingly for a powerful villain, Mario isn't a real jerkass. He's never mean to his crime pals, although it is implied he is annoyed by Princess Peach and shrugs off things. He said that Sonic is "a real asshole", which was something that Tails agreed with. He did pee on Sonic's corpse in Season 6, but unlike Season 4 Tails, Mario did it when Sonic was dead. Mario was vengeful, but that was because of Sonic messing with Mario's business.

  • Knuckles
    • Knuckles isn't really a jerkass in any of his appearances. In fact, he was the butt of three of the most jerkass characters in the series in "Two Bad Characters", especially Sonic. In Season 6, Knuckles did express some discontent in owning BurgerTime and decided to join Sonic and his gang, telling the BurgerTime Chef to "Fuck off".

Bottom Tier:

  • Wreck-it Ralph
    • Wreck-it Ralph actually doesn't try to screw people over. He is seen as "a jerkass who didn't allow Sonic a place to stay", but it was because Sonic fucked his sister. Earthworm Jim even points out that "everyone loves Wreck-It Ralph." He even helps Sonic and Co. out with the riddle about the Creator ... unfortunately he was probably pulling their leg to get revenge on Sonic for fucking his sister.

  • Bomberman
    • Probably the least jerkass of them all. His brother however was a bad guy in Mega Man Dies At The End. He gaves Sonic money for helping him clear bombs and gave some more money. Soniqua ended up killing Bomberman though.