Jerkass: Web Original

  • Trolls, obviously.
    • Being a trolling-based site, Encyclopedia Dramatica is all about this. From showing all the spoilers at the top of the Harry Potter page to redirecting you to shock images when you search for "kittens", the wiki is the very embodiment of this trope.
  • In the League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions, Kiehart and Cyber-9 qualify.
  • Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog gives us Captain Hammer, an egotistical gloryhound "superhero" who shows contempt for everyone around him and turns into a pathetic wimp the moment he first encounters something that actually hurts him.
  • Cortez and Player from The Leet World, although Cortez mellows a bit over the course of the first season, becoming more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Master Chief. Enough said, really. Travis from the same series has his moments, but is nowhere near as extreme an example as the Chief. Cameron and Cody as well. Mostly Cody.
  • In If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device, Tzeentch is Jerkass God personified, who's mostly running around the galaxy taunting and ruining people's lives for the kicks. The Emperor may qualify as well with how he treats Kitten and Magnus, although there are shades of Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and Inquisition qualifies as an organization, willing to kill, main and burn planets just because they don't get things their way.
  • Too many characters in Red vs. Blue fit this trope to name at once, most notably Sarge and Church, though both eventually turn into Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
    • A more serious example would be the Director, who has a serious lack of empathy for almost anything.
    • But they all pale in comparison to Felix, who likes to brutally taunt people, has habit of twisting knives, and attempts to manipulate a rebel army into getting themselves killed and nearly succeeds.
  • Gordon Freeman is depicted having this kind of personality in Freeman's Mind. He hides it well by being a Heroic Mime, but his inner monologue holds nothing but contempt for almost everyone that crosses his sight.
  • James Potter in the fanfic series "Adventures with the Potterz." [1]
  • Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Joey saying "Yugi is such an asshole!" is practically a Catch Phrase.
  • Quite a few characters in Survival of the Fittest at times. One of the most notable was Monty Pondsworth of v4 pre-game, who is a schoolyard bully with mommy issues. Many characters don't like him for a reason. Whilst Monty never actually made it onto the island, two characters in particular have taken his spot as the top jerkasses in V4. The characters in question being Philip Ward, the resident school bully who whilst not technically a player, has commitied some truly dickish acts including stealing Dominic Stratford's stuff, beating Maria Graham to a pulp, and wearing a Sonic the Headgehog T-Shirt. and Maxwell Lombardi, a smug, egocentrical if somewhat well-dressed English "gentleman". Unlike Philip though, Maxwell quickly wasted no time in crossing the Moral Event Horizon after he kills Augustus Mac Dougal and realises that Evil Feels Good...
  • Jerry's dad and son in Jerry.
  • Global Guardians PBEM Universe: The Aryan is a Flying Brick crimefighter who also happens to be a white supremacist. He absolutely repudiates violence against non-whites (except, you know, when they are non-white criminals), and saves the lives of non-whites as often as he does whites (he believes that by doing this, he is showing himself and his race to be "good examples), but is nonetheless a racist asshair and is quite vocal about his views on race relations.
  • Almost all of the good guys in A Very Potter Musical qualify, but Harry takes the cake. He's got an ego the size of the sun, constantly rubs it in the faces of all the other characters, and thinks the fact that he's Harry Potter makes him entitled to everything. By contrast, Voldemort's actually a pretty nice guy. Ron, too, especially since he explicitly says "I know I've been a Jerkass lately" when apologizing to Hermione.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal gives an alternate origin story for Don Quixote in which he was actually a real hero, but also a Jerk Ass to his biographer Sancho, resulting in the unflattering biography we know today.
  • Tom from Echo Chamber.
    Tom (to Zack): If you get in front of the camera, I will stab you. I will actually stab you!
  • Black Kitty from Goodbye Kitty. He always tries to kill White Kitty out of bitterness of being The Unfavorite (but thankfully, it always backfires).
  • Stupid Mario Brothers:
    • Bob and Joe of RMA Studios.
    • Wario and Waluigi in earlier seasons.
    • Snake can sometimes be this too but then becomes Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
    • Mario himself has even shown this throughout the show, but it shows up most prominently in Season 4.
  • Spc.Crota has a tendency to make offensive comments.
  • Every character in the web series Sanity Not Included is a jerkass, but extra points go to Lyle for having the last name McDouchebag to emphasize this.
  • Jonas from The Platoon Of Power Squadron has quite the mean streak. There was even a comment on one of the earlier episodes when the team's powers weren't yet clearly defined asking if his power is “being a dick”.
  • Sonic from Sonic For Hire is an extreme jerkass. 85% of the other characters in the show have their jerkass moments too.
  • Microsoft Sam of Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors can be quite the butthole, especially when provoked hard enough.
  • The Meme character Scumbag Steve, obviously. He is especially amoral at the matters of girls, drugs and parties. His iconic hat has achieved even more meme status than himself, though, to the point that if you crop the hat into a picture of any human/animal/inanimate thing, that human/animal/inanimate thing will automatically become a jerkass. The real guy behind the picture is actually a lot less scummy, though he's since embraced the meme in a self-deprecating way.
    • An example is "Scumbag Alkohol" which describes all the stupid things you may do when drunk (for example texting to your ex that you love her and stripping naked in front of the whole party) and features a picture of a vodka bottle wearing the hat. The vodka bottle is treated as if it's a sentient being who talks to you and suggests you to do all these things, convincing you that they are good ideas.
    • Other examples are alarm clocks and even your stomach which are treated like people from foreign countries who want to teach you about their culture even if you are not at all interested, thus playing you "the song of their people" at very inappropriate times (that is, beeping in case of the alarm clock, growling/farting in case of your stomach).
  • The singer that's not saying the Pokemon names in this parody video of the Pokerap with 718 Pokemon ... it's Played for Laughs though.
    • "Water is a type of Pokemon!"
  • Steely Dan in Vaguely Recalling JoJo. Dio and J. Geil cannot forgive him for hurting and lying to Enya Geil. He also treats his part-time worker abbd Jotaro like crap.
  • In the YouTube Poop "Link is on Strike", Link plays this straight, if not taking it to an extreme. Sure, Link has dealt with a lot of garbage before, but that doesn't justify Link's behavior in this poop. He insults everyone, and even when King Harkinian tries to make peace offerings, Link still refuses. Even after...well, you might know if you watched the video...he still refuses. To put it simply, Link is a manipulative bastard.
  • Mr. Plinkett on RedLetterMedia. Both the one in Half in the Bag and the Mr. Plinkett Reviews. Half in the Bag's Mr. Plinkett started out as an Asshole Victim and Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk, but was flanderized into The Chew Toy. While the one from "Mr. Plinkett Reviews" is more of an Affably Evil Caustic Critic.
    • Jay and Mike from Half in the Bag, they're VCR repairmen who con Mr. Plinkett. Instead of fixing his VCR, they can get drunk and talk about recent movies.
    • The Grawboskis are Abusive Parents and have a very unstable relationship.
  • A jerkass has a brief appearance in 20 Reasons Why NOT to Be "In Da Club" by Matt Santoro. A man named John is chatting it up with a girl at a club, and an unnamed man suddenly comes in and mentions that John has herpes. John is not happy.
  • RWBY:
  • DevinWithDevin from Epics Gameshows is this. He competed in the 2nd season of Epic's Minecraft Survivor and spent his time being a bully that left contestants really hurt due to his comments. Some comments didn't air due to how bad they got.