Jerk With A Heart Of Gold / Web Original

  • Raimi and Oran from Broken Saints.
  • In DC Nation, most of the Outsiders fit this like gloves. Travis is a street kid turned Green Lantern who sometimes forgets there are actual people involved when he starts planning. Green Shield has the Arrow family's moxie with a side order of caustic sarcasm. Caleb and Amelia Zukov love to put up a good show of not giving a shit about their teammates, but God or Hell help you if you if you go after the team...especially if Caleb doesn't particularly like them.
  • Hashimoto Daichi in Greek Ninja. He's arrogant, selfish and self-centered, and yet somehow... he's not.
  • Strong Bad from Homestar Runner. He tries to cheat to win contests, bullies around his brother Strong Sad, and left Cloud Cuckoo Lander Homsar for dead, but he does get along well with his co-stars.
  • Matthew Santoro is this in his early videos. He's usually not very nice to Hugo, but he decides to change his ways and gives Hugo a hoodie with his name on it for Christmas.
  • The "Misunderstood D-bag" meme is all about this; describing a behaviour usually associated with douchebags or generally unpleasant people, then giving a reasonable explanation that frequently makes them a good guy.
  • My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series: Twilight is shown to be a racist, condescending, and selfish jerk, but at least she tries to keep some sense of order in Ponyville and will do the right thing in the end.
    • Also Thrackerzod (Sweetie Belle) is an Eldritch Abomination in the body of filly and is trying to kill Twilight, because of some yet to be fully explained reasons involving a secret war in the dream world that somehow involves Twilight's soul. But, she still seems to have a soft spot for her friends and "family", even though they more often then not just hinder her plans and annoy her.
  • The Nostalgia Critic. He ridicules old movies and TV shows, shoots characters who get on his nerves, and though enjoyable to watch, definitely isn't a nice guy. When he goes to rip up "Follow That Bird", he spends most of the review squeeing like a Fangirl over all of the characters, finally culminating in this loud declaration:
    • He then proceeds to cry, run away, and pay one of his alter-egos Chester A. Bum to finish the review for him.
    • The Critic's biggest Berserk Button? Trying to mess with children.
    • And in reality, Doug Walker is nothing like his character. A few people have suggested that because he's so likable and dorkily charming that it rubs off on the Critic and makes him more 'heart of gold'-y than what was intended.
      • And shall we put his Distaff Counterpart The Nostalgia Chick up here too? She's condescending, has her moments of being utterly deranged, abuses her best friend and hides all of it behind an overly cute, girly persona. But she nearly always tries to find at least one good point in the crap she reviews, she's smart as hell, she clearly thinks Nella's adorable like the rest of us (just have a look at the ends of her "My Little Pony" and "Ever After" reviews) and, as is with Doug/Critic, Lindsay's likability shines through easily.
      • Really, aside from the obvious evil characters (Ask That Guy, Sage, Mechie), we could put the majority of That Guy with the Glasses here.
      • Hell even Bennett the Sage seems to have two sides to him. He ACTS like he's the Devil (And doesn't know for sure from time to time whether he is or isn't) to people like Jesotaku, the Nostalgia Critic and Linkara, but beforehand had an Anime Abandon with Linkara out of goodwill and even indulged him on a few things, and his Eva Abandon review ended with him need revalidation from someone else.
    • Linkara kind of averages out somewhere around here. He can be a jackass, a cheat, a liar, a bully and just generally a tool, but still cares deeply for the spirit of his magic gun, and at least tries to do the right thing.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Church is surly, rude, and generally hates everyone around him. On occasion, however, he's shown he genuinely cares about his friends, going as far as to utter a Big "NO!" when Caboose - a character with an IQ of -12 who had done nothing but annoy him since they met - is killed (he got better). In the season finale of Reconstruction, he stays behind to help Washington, who he seemed to dislike more than anyone because of his freelancer status, even though Church would be destroyed by the EMP and staying meant certain death whether or not Wash succeeded.
    • Sarge is a crazy Blood Knight, who is constantly taking his squad on suicide missions, often abuses Grif, and has an Irrational Hatred for the blues, even long after they made peace with each other and he himself has fought beside them and been willing to come to their aid. But deep down, he does genuinely care about both teams and their allies, and at the end of the day, will risk life and limb to save those in need.
    • Grif is an unrepentant snarky slacker (and proud of it), who bemoans doing the slightest bit of work, constantly complains about having to be where he is, makes fun of his more devoted team mate Simmons, and is very good at getting on peoples' bad side. But he is also a loving brother to his younger sister, and though he hates to admit it, does care about his comrades on some level and will risk his life fighting alongside them. As Sarge himself (who Grif definitely doesn't get along with) put it, despite his constant bemoaning at being stuck with them, Grif's had many chances to just walk away and no one would have stopped him.
    • Wash belongs here as well. He's a genuinely good guy who's just had the crap kicked out of him by the universe, to the point of extreme cynicism. The first time (in some great amount of years) he's shown genuine affection by the Blood Gulch crew, he's stunned, and from that point on, is a solid good guy.
    • Agent Carolina, who started out as just a vengeful and apathetic former agent, only tolerating The Blood Gulch Crew to get back at her former boss and (implied) father. But eventually, she strikes up a genuine friendship with Church and the rest of the team, and once she starts to get over her personnel issues, show that she is a genuinely caring person deep down.
    • In Season 12, Felix takes a level in jerkass, constantly berating, snarking, and abusing the remaining members of the Blood Gulch Crew, as opposed to his starry eyed fanboy treatment of them before. However, this is only because he knows they aren't prepared for war, and wants them to be prepared for when they have to face Locus and the Federation. He still cares deeply about them, and it's implied he also cares about Vanessa and her rebellion, though he takes great steps to avoid showing it. Except, as Episode 10 reveals, no, he doesn't. At all. He was Evil All Along, and working with Locus to get the Federation and the rebels to kill each other off. He absolutely hates the Blood Gulch Crew, and despised every moment he had to spend with them. He even mentions this trope by name, and laughs at them for believing it to be true. The fanboy act was a ruse to get information out of them so he could help Locus coordinate an attack on their crash site, and he doesn't care at all about Vanessa or the rebels. He then tries to gun the entire team down in cold blood with disintegration weapons so their story can never be told. Wow.
  • RWBY:
    • Weiss has a razor sharp and unrelenting tongue, but at the end of the day is shown to care about her teammates. Her initial bickering with Ruby has turned to them being Vitriolic Best Buds and Blake's being an ex-member of the White Fang? After some time to cool off and think about it she decided she just doesn't really care.
    • When we finally meet Uncle Qrow in Volume 3, he definitely is a straight-cut example of this trope. He's a surly, acerbic alcoholic who trashes Atlas robots for laughs and displays Brutal Honesty to the point of outright rudeness. However, it's very clear from his interactions with his nieces that they're his entire world. He even sits down and plays video games with them, and gives them cute nicknames!
    • We also meet Weiss' older sister, Winter. Even though Winter is a bit callous and aloof (even Dope Slapping Weiss at one point), she cares deeply for Weiss and acts as a mentor figure to her, even teaching her how to use her summoning Semblance.
  • Rhett McLaughlin could qualify as this when he tells the true and hilarious story of Link's snowboarding accident. Link was clearly in a lot of pain, but Rhett could not stop laughing.
  • Simon Drake from Shadow of the Templar can be an insensitive bastard to say the least, especially when he's laid low by injury or lack of caffeine, but cares deeply for his teammates. And also for his sort-of boyfriend Jeremy, no matter how many times he insults him.
  • Sean "Lucky" O'Cann of Survival of the Fittest acts like a bit of a prick, but has been shown to be genuinely warm and affectionate at other times. It's how he deals with his insecurities, for the most part.
  • Kodiak of the Whateley Universe. He chases girls, he pushes people around, he was in the Alphas when Don Sebastiano ran it. But he's been looking for Ms. Right and is sticking with her; he pushes people to see if they'll stand up to him because he has the spirit of the bear giving him superpowers; and as soon as he could kick Don Sebastiano out and fix the Alphas, he did so, even though it meant he could lose his spot as the head Alpha in doing so.
  • Simon Lane, aka Honeydew from the Yogscast. Lewis Brindley (Xephos) too, to an extent. They're often seem pushing one another off cliffs, making questionable jokes and burning things for the hell of it but they call each other friend at least once every video, Simon's the first to reassure Peculier when he doubts his abilities as a hero and they often show genuine concern for the NPC's they help out along the way. And then there's their reactions when somebody they like dies. This is part of their persona; they're much nicer in real life.
  • Steg, a popular YoutubePooper, says that although he seems to act quite angry on the Internet, he's pretty nice when you get to know him. And he has a sense of humour.
  • Played with in Ultra Fast Pony. Pinkie Pie deliberately invokes this to convince the prickly loner Cranky that he actually likes her. It doesn't work. (In the context of the whole episode, Cranky comes across as less of a jerk than Pinkie does. To be fair, he was not the jerk in that scenario to begin with.)
    Cranky: I hate you so much.
    Pinkie: Oh, come on, Dixie, that's just your brain talking. You gotta listen to your heart!
    Cranky: My heart also hates you so much.
  • Carmilla. She may be a rude, aggressive vampire who has spent centuries as The Dragon to the Big Bad, but she really does care about Laura and her friends. Notice how frustrated she was when LaFontaine was kidnapped, and in season two when Perry walks into the room clearly traumatized and smelling like blood, Carmilla gets to her feet immediately just like Laura does.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: Mackenzie Zales, Brittnay Matthews, and Shay van Buren... when each are not being an outright Alpha Bitch.
  • The Courier in Courier's Mind: Rise of New Vegas, is an Ax-Crazy, vengeful, foul mouthed, cynical, egotistical, Jerk Ass with a Hair-Trigger Temper. But, as much as it annoys him, when someone needs be the hero and step in to save the day, he'll almost always put whatever he was doing aside to do what he thinks is right, will almost always listen to his Morality Pet EDE even if he thinks he's too sentimental, and god help you if you insult his friends.
  • Torresminha in the The Six Cats Parade. She is a gray tuxedo cat who frequently plays too roughly with her children (especially with Jessica), but she really cares for them.
  • RWBY Abridged turns Ruby Rose into a snarky, egotistical, Jerk Ass who often blows off her dimwitted, but well intentioned sister Yang and responds to Weiss's insults with even worse insults. But, she also stops street crimes on her own, even though she has nothing to gain from it, does still care about her sister in spite of how much she frustrates her, and does ultimately risk her life to save her teammates.
    • Weiss is basically her cannon counterpart with the added twist, that she isn't even training to be a hero by choice. None the less, she will still protect her teammates and even offers to let Ruby back out of fighting alongside them, while it's not too late.
    • Jaune Arc of all people is turned into an egotistical Casanova Wannabe who talks down Pieria for "dressing like a hussie" and acts like an Ungrateful Bastard to her, despite being nice to him. (Not that she can't pay it back in full.) But at the end of the day, he still comes through for his team and ends up saving their lives, and is genuinely polite and respectful to the women he does take an interest in.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd is a man with an extremely short temper and legendary foul mouth who won't hesitate to throw down with somebody at the slightest provocation, but he's also repeatedly been shown to be a decent and fun-loving guy when he's not raging and continues his reviewing of bad games because he loves his fans. He'll even give compliments to the bad games he reviews if he feels they deserve it, and even point out the flaws of the games he does like.
  • In Roll To Breathe Black Cavalier is stand-offish at best and a bully at worst, but she never intends to hurt people and really does care for whatever relationship she has on the team.