Its All About Me: Fanworks

Cross Over
  • Robin calls Sasuke out on this in the DC/Naruto crossover Connecting The Dots while taunting him. When Sasuke drops into a rant about how "No one knows my pain." and losing his clan, Robin shuts him up by pointing out that in the DC universe, that is considered getting off lucky.
    Sasuke: "Oh? And what about losing your entire clan? Do you know what that is like?"
    Robin: "No." (shrugs) "Do you know what it's like to lose your entire planet? Your entire species? Neither do I, but I know plenty who have, and none of them are as big a loser as you are." (laughs). "So you've lost a lot. But have you ever sacrificed something? Or do you just think you deserve everything outright? Cause seriously? That's like a little baby whining for toys he can't have."
  • Maxima from the side story to Mare of Steel that features her; she doesn't care that her hoarding of food is causing her subjects to starve, and she doesn't care if her chosen mate loves her back or not.
  • In Mass Effect Human Revolution, Caim sees nothing wrong with inflicting suffering on others in order to save himself from his own.

Death Note

Doctor Who
  • In "Fragments" the 10th Doctor wishes he could die without regenerating so he could be the last Doctor, treating 11 as a villain just for being the next Doctor. For this he gets transported into the body of his clone and is able to be with Rose.

''Fire Emblem Awakening
  • A complain raised at Henry's behavior in the now Lost Forever Future of Despair comic is how lots of his inner thoughts can be resumed in "me, me, me, ME", like him neglecting a baby Yarne and basically killing himself out there when his one year old son desperately needs him, all because he ~can't deal~ with Panne's death.

Harry Potter

  • Eridan in Hivefled was so terrified of not being normal that he managed to convince himself that sex was supposed to be unpleasant rather than confront his Asexuality.

Kim Possible
  • In Not Quite Heroes, Dr. Drakken rants about another villain invading and robbing his lab (the same way he and Shego routinely invade and rob other people's labs), explicitly stating that this case is different "because this time it's happened to me".

Love Hina
  • Rampant in An Alternate Keitaro Urashima:
    • Granny Hina's none too pleased that she can't force Keitaro into becoming manager of the Hinata Inn. Nor is she too thrilled with anyone else standing up to her — constantly trying to make herself out as the victim because they won't do whatever she pleases. And for all her talk about 'helping' her tenants, she still takes off to continue her grand tour ASAP, leaving Haruka in charge of her mess.
    • Naru's case of this is so severe that when Makoto suffers a major Humiliation Conga, she shows absolutely No Sympathy and thinks that it 'serves her right'. Not because of how Makoto's own actions led to what happened, mind. No, she's just pissed that due to Makoto losing her duel, she had to apologize for attacking Keitaro over her own mistake. She doesn't CARE that Makoto's literally lost everything because she's too hung up on the slight dent to her ego.
    • Kaolla Su gets into this, too. Anyone showing discomfort at her wacky antics is 'a meanie', and she helped spark an incident which led to an innocent boy getting hospitalized just because he asked her to stop harrassing his sister.

  • In Perfection Is Overrated, many of the SUEs exhibit such behavior. Hitomi uses Mind Control to force her victims to commit horrible crimes for her amusement, then kills them afterward. Sekai uses her allies as expendable troops while planning on harvesting the Himes' powers. The Usurper expects the SUEs to serve as his pawns and advance his plan to defeat the Himes, while planning to possess the victorious SUE's body afterwards.

Mega Man

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • The Elements of…Love?: Trixie, after witnessing Princess Twilight’s superior magical ability, acknowledges Twilight as being better at magic then her and, quite understandably, wants to become Twilight’s student in order to improve herself. Not so understandably, she insists on living in Princess Twilight’s home, assumes she’ll be waited on hoof and hoof by Twilight’s servants, and throws a fit upon realizing Twilight doesn’t have any servants (Due to Twilight herself completely averting this trope). Trixie then continuously orders Spike around like a servant despite Twilight repeatedly explaining he’s not a servant, can’t remember his name is Spike, not Spine, and presumably doesn’t care that Spike is suffering from heartbreak due to Rarity being in love with Twilight and not him.
  • Checker Monarch, the Big Bad of Getting Back on Your Hooves. She outright tells her minion Helping Hoof that she doesn't care who gets hurt by her actions, so long as it doesn't effect her. The Diamond Dogs she hired as her minions ultimately prove to be less selfish than she is! This stems from her Social Darwinist worldview that the strong rule the week: since she can manipulate everyone around her with her special talent for Manipulation, she's the strongest, therefore she can do whatever she wants. Justified, as she's based off of real life sociopaths, and thus a Narcissist.
  • The Lunaverse:
    • Corona seems fully convinced that everyone's distrust and fear of her is due to lies spread by Luna rather than anything she might have done. It's kind of bizarre. She kidnaps ponies to ensure loyalty, thereby demonstrating that she knows the effect it has on others, yet she expects ponies to love her regardless. Perhaps she was hoping Stockholm Syndrome would take.
    • During most of Carrot Top Season, Applejack is convinced that Carrot Top is participating in the contest solely to hurt her and her family. She refuses to consider that Carrot Top might need the money to fix up her own farm - all she's concerned about is how this may harm Sweet Apple Acres.
    “Carrot Top, think fer a minute!” Applejack looked flustered. “All this is gonna do is take down both of us! Dang it, ah don’t know if ya’ve got some vendetta ‘gainst ma or what, but this ain’t worth it!”
    It’s not about you! thought Carrot Top.
    and later...
    “No! No, of course not!” Applejack shook her head. “Ya just bet yar farm ta try ta beat ma. Carrot Top, did ah do somethin’ ta make ya mad? Is this a grudge?”
  • The Pony POV Series has General-Admiral Makarov, the Big Bad of the Shining Armor Arc. He's a Narcissist to such a degree that he'll sentence someone to a Fate Worse Than Death for not knowing his name. He's actually one of Pandora's creations, which became a Black Hole Sue, convinced that it was perfect and therefore every story should be about it, no matter who suffers for it.
  • Vengeance of Dawn has the titular Breaking Dawn. She's very self centered, and most of her motivations stem from the fact that she thinks that deserves everything Twilight has more then Twilight does.

  • Naruto:Asunder: Naruto has this to say to Madara about the Uchiha/Senju feud:
    "Oh I know your story. Your clan decided to start a blood feud because "Daddy" didn't take you out for ice cream. You Uchiha really need to learn how to grow up. The world is way more than about you idiots."

  • Cori Falls's renditions of Jessie and James are good at making each other's angst all about themselves; the two biggest examples are James in "Thorns of the Rose", when Jessie is obviously upset about something and all he can do is cry over how she supposedly doesn't love him anymore, and Jessie in "Blood on the Moon" when James's bad mood makes her weepy and insecure even after she starts chastising him for it!