Interspecies Romance / Visual Novels

  • The origins of the Furude family in Higurashi: When They Cry stem from a marriage between a human and a demon ( Hanyuu). Note: Hanyuu was older than the form seen in the 7th and 8th novels during said marriage.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend is a Dating Sim, like many others, where your character tries to romance cute guys. Only this time, replace "cute guys" with "photo-realistic pigeons".
    • Turns out to be enforced. Because of political tensions between birds and humans after the birds' rise to sapience, the heroine has been sent to a birds-only school to test how closely humans and birds can interact. If she doesn't romance anybirdy, the experiment is considered a failure, and the Hawk Party condemns humanity to destruction, starting with the heroine.
    • To help players identify with the characters, there is an option for the intro scene of each love interest to show an image what he would look like as a human (answer: Bishounen). However, it is made clear that the birds really are birds, and this is just a visual Translation Convention.
  • Dra Koi is a love story between a nameless protagonist and a dragon who similarly has no name. She picked him out as the one who would slay her, a choice he can reject.
  • Taken pretty seriously with the noted titles of Kanon and CLANNAD by Key/Visual Arts. Both scenarios are demonstrated in a rather Tear Jerker route following the Beautiful All Along path, except...just replace beautiful with animal.
  • DRAMAtical Murder has one between Aoba and Clear, an android.
  • Morenatsu is a visual novel where you have the option to romance one of 9 different guys, all of whom happen to be anthropomorphic beastmen. Since the protagonist is a human, any choice you make which leads to romance will be interspecies.