Interspecies Romance: Music

  • 'Star Girl' by McFly was about an interspecies romance between a human and an alien. According to Tom Fletcher, the song was based on a dream he had where he romanced an alien woman.
  • 'Interspecies Love' by Kevin Blechdom. Aliens again.
  • "My Beloved Monster" by Eels.
  • 'Herr Mannelig'. She's a mountain troll.
    • Though the 'romance' in this case is pretty one-sided.
  • Sadly, parental disapproval averted Herman's and Sally's inter-crustacean romance in the Smothers Brothers' comedy song "Crabs Walk Sideways".
  • The whole point of E.T / Futuristic Lover by Katy Perry.
  • From the improv game show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, there's the song "Bubbles", which was made up one-word-at-a-time and is about a man romancing a sea monster.
  • "Fish and Bird" from Alice by Tom Waits, tells the story of two Star-Crossed Lovers: a bird and a whale. As ridiculous as the premise sounds, it still manages to be deeply sad.
  • Orangutan/human in Megadeth's "Public Enemy Nš 1" video (implied), just watch Ellefson's face ;)
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