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Interspecies Romance: Advertising
  • Spuds McKenzie: what a playah! What a dog playah! What a dog playah with human
  • The "twist ending" to a recent AirWick air-freshener commercial is that the talking elephant housewife's husband is a many-stinky-shoed centipede. In fact, many of that ad campaigns pairings are interspecies romances. Same-species romances are the minority.
    • If you are asking, the other ones are chimpanzee-skunk, giraffe-boar and penguin-bear. The last one's sons are pigs.
  • Fruit By The Foot has a commercial with a female lizard getting attracted to a young human male after mistaking the long strip of gum stretching from his mouth for a prehensile tongue.
  • Pretty much all of the Orangina ads, but especially the big musical number with the bear and the deer.
  • This ad and this ad imply that the Kia Soul hamsters find human women attractive.
  • There's a commercial for a Dora the Explorer mermaid Dora toy, which shows a mermaid girl whose mother is a human and father is a giant fish.
  • This ad for the Bank of Queensland pairs a human hunter with a deer.
  • Direct TV's recent ads feature a man married to a human-sized living marionette. They even have a son.
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