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Insistent Terminology: Web Original

  • The Annoying Orange:
    • That's little apple!
    • We're not pistachios. We're mustachios.
  • In Echo Chamber's "Trope Of The Week" episode Unresolved Sexual Tension Dana and Tom are trying to discuss their characters separately from themselves, in order to keep themselves distant from their roles. It leads to a lot of "I will... I mean she will..."
  • The leaders of the seasteads in In Golden Waters prefer to be called "captains of industry" and not pirates, slavers, or robber barons.
  • Old Man from The Legend of Neil: "You may call me... '*Old* Man'."
    • It also applies to Old Man's brother... who is also named "Old Man".
  • In Lovelace One Two, Andi is "Miss Gannett-Moore", not "Miss Moore" or "Miss Gannett".
  • Noob has a Captain Ersatz of Jack Sparrow, who, obviously, insists on being called "captain".
  • Tasakeru: The intelligent mammal species are called "sentients". Only non-intelligent species are referred to as "animals".
  • Tobuscus' friend, Gabe, would like everyone to know that his nickname is "Gabe-uscus", not "Gaybuscus". Too bad Toby insists on pronouncing it without the pause. Parodied in Tobuscus Animated Adventures when he insists on the pronunciation even as Zombie!Toby is eating him.
  • Larry Damone, in the Whateley Universe, is a mutant with the codename "The Man Called Vengeance". He can't get people to stop calling him just "Vengeance". His team leader Fantastico calls him "Vengie", which really bugs him.
  • In Aelan mythology from Ustal Naror islands: not winged unicorns, horned pegasi; not beings of eeriness pretending ancients, gada beings of eeriness.

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