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Impact Silhouette: Puppet Shows
  • In the episode of The Muppet Show featuring Rudolf Nureyev, Miss Piggy tries to seduce the guest star in a sauna. He gets away from her while leaving a Nureyev-shaped hole in the wall.
  • In an episode of Sesame Street, after Cookie Monster has a nightmare about cookies, Ernie shows him a plate of cookies. When he sees the plate, Cookie Monster runs screaming out of the bedroom, leaving his outline in the door.
  • In another Muppet sketch, Farley does this after Herry Monster interrupts his lecture on things you can do with your mind: "Now I'm planning again. I'm planning to run!"
  • In The Muppets, Walter is asked to perform alongside the Muppets at the big fund-raising telethon. However, he has an attack of stage fright right before he's due to go on and runs through a brick wall, leaving his outline in it.

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