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Impact Silhouette: Advertising
  • The Kool-Aid Man loves to crash through walls, and every time he does he leaves a big him-sized imprint. Comedian Dane Cook states that this is in no way "cool", and wonders how the kids from the commercials can drink from his giant juice bowl when debris might have fallen in.
  • An ad for the police force show side-by-side the impact silhouette of a typical cartoon rabbit, and a burglar forcing a door, with respective slogans: "Call a cartoon channel." and "Call us."
  • There is a Priceline commercial where William Shatner creates a Shatner-shaped hole in a wall.
  • In a Tetris 2 Commercial, a girl holds up Tetris 2 games, but the games explode and send the girl flying off and crash through the wall, leaving a girl-shaped hole in the brick wall.
  • In one of the videos where the boy played it on the car to make it happen, all cartoon characters crash through something, leaving a Pikachu-shaped hole in the TV screen, Jimmy Neutron Shaped Hole on the Window, Timmy Turner, Cosmo, and Wanda-shaped holes in the roof, and a SpongeBob-shaped hole in the bushes.
  • In a 2003 Hawaiian Punch commercial, Punchy is shown punching people through various walls, leaving person-shaped holes in them.
  • This billboard. Or double billboard. One with a man running away from the viewer, and the one on the building in front of it...

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