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Idiot Plot: Web Comics
  • Sonichu has several.
    • Sonichu #1: Rosechu could have escaped on her own, considering she is just as powerful as the title character. But no, she willingly became the Distressed Damsel.
    • Sonichu #4: If Chris-Chan hadn't done... whatever it was... that got him suspect of solicitation, this issue wouldnít even have a premise, let alone a plot.
    • Sonichu #8: All of it. Whether itís Sonichu confusing drawings with reality, Rosechu trying to counteract 4-cent garbageís pornographic drawings with her own pornographic photographs, or Magi-chanís inability to warn Blake ahead of time the danger he was in, everybody has dropped quite a few IQ points this issue and thatís saying something.
    • Sonichu #9: Dating Education, starting from the fact that the title concept doesnít make any sense and only going worse from there.
  • The entire plotline of 8-Bit Theater, so very much. Fortunately, it's played for laughs the whole way through and is an endless wellspring of humor.
  • Subverted by Achewood; Ray is incredibly foolish by any objective standard, but his impulsive and thoughtless (albeit confident) behavior is invariably rewarded by the rules of the world in which he lives. (He gains his initial riches by selling his soul, for crying out loud, which results in only a brief detour in Hell before allowing him to enjoy his riches for the entire run of the strip.)
  • The author of The Order of the Stick has commented that this is occasionally necessary for the sake of the story, usually in response to people arguing a more efficient way of doing things based on the D&D mechanics the strip universe runs on.
    The strip is ABOUT the trouble these characters get in; if a tactic would result in an effortless solution to their latest problem, there would be little point in showing it, see? The characters are woefully inefficient as a result...

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