Idiot Plot: Newspaper Comics

  • Newspaper comic Watch Your Head had a long-running subplot about Handsome Lech Quincy's impending marriage to his pregnant girlfriend Erika. Whenever Quincy was in focus, we would hear about preparations and get evidence that the less-than-brilliant Quincy saw no reason to give up his womanizing ways. After about a year of this, the entire thing comes crashing down at the altar when local Jerk Ass Omar points out that the bride has been allegedly pregnant for over a year and has not even gained an ounce of weight in that time!
  • 9 Chickweed Lane is only able to work as well as it does because all the major players are imbeciles; we start with the incompetent fool OSS colonel who set everyone up to fail and end with the idiots who kowtow to his deception, bullying and idiocy.