Idiot Hero: Theatre

  • Siegfried from Richard Wagner's Ring cycle is told that he has to learn fear and is embarassed that he appears too stupid to learn it.
    Anna Russell: "... he’s very young, and he’s very handsome, and he’s very strong, and he’s very brave, and he’s very stupid…. He’s a regular Little Abner type."
  • The title character in Wagner's Parsifal (Percival) is a "pure fool" who can only be enlightened by understanding others' suffering.
  • Cyrano de Bergerac: The ideal of a Gascon Cadet: You can do anything stupid as long as is heroic enough. As one cadet declares at Act IV Scene III:
    The First Cadet: ... Gascons should ever be crack-brained...
    Naught more dangerous than a rational Gascon.
  • Hope Cladwell and, to a lesser extent, Bobby Strong in Urinetown. The problem is that they're hopelessly naive in a deeply cynical musical.
  • In Pokémon Live!, Ash comes across as this since he is solely focused on obtaining the Diamond Badge, oblivious to Misty's feelings, and seemingly obsessed with Pokémon. However, in "I've Got A Secret", Ash sings about how he must move on from Pikachu's "departure" to follow his dream and become an adult. He gets over his idiocy by the end of the musical.