I Thought It Meant / X to Z

Just to clarify:

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  • Xanatos Gambit is not about the real name of one of the X-Men.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess is not about a game of chess that goes as fast as Xanatos wants it to.
  • The "X" in "X" Makes Anything Cool is not meant for you to substitute with anything you'd like. Not everything can make anything cool.
  • X Meets Y is not a more flexible version of Boy Meets Girl.
  • Sigma might hold the opinion that X Must Not Win, but "X" is not limited to the protagonist of this game.
  • X-Pac Heat is not what is given off when you burn Sean Waltman to a crisp, though it does describe the feeling of wanting to burn Sean Waltman to a crisp.
  • The Xylophone Gag is an old cartoon gag, but it's not the one where a character rams into a piano or xylophone head-first, and, upon looking up, has the instrument's keys sticking out of their mouth as a sort of prop-induced Wild Take of pain.