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  • Face Doodling: Sam's prank to sleeping students whenever Ridgeway High has an all-nighter, snapshot them and upload it in the internet. Carly remarks that Sam's doodles are "accurate".
  • Face Palm: Spencer balls his fist onto his face when the European swimsuit models dance goofily.
    • Carly slaps her forehead with her palm upon learning Sam's mom has no idea what iCarly is.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Gibby in iWin a Date, doubling as Comically Missing the Point .
    Carly: We have to keep the game clean and fair.
    Gibby: How would I know which one is Shannon?
    Sam: Listen. There will be 3 girls: Girl Number 1, GIRL NUMBER 2, and Girl Number 3.
    Gibby: So, which one is Shannon?
    Carly: If you want TWO go on a date with Shannon, you got TWO choose carefully.
    Carly & Sam: That is all you have TWO do.
    Gibby: O-kaaaaay!
    • Freddie in iBeat the Heat:
    Carly: What's the temperature outside?
    Freddie: A hundred and four degrees.
    Carly: Uuuuugh. (runs toward thermostat)
    Freddie: Try to make it cooler in here.
    (Carly glares back at Freddie)
    Freddie: Which is probably what you're doing.
    Carly: (deadpan) Uh-huh!
    • Spencer's overexcitement on the girl he just met at the ending of "iThink They Kissed" made him not notice that her little sister and her best friends are duct-taped against each other.
    • Combined with The Guards Must Be Crazy in the episode "iThink They Kissed", how did the prison guards not figure out that they were missing two prisoners or check inside the pants sculpture? Even Spencer realized the sculpture was deceptively heavy but didn't question it.
  • Fandom Nod:
    • The first promo for the episode "iStart A Fan War" directly uses the Portmanteau Couple Name for both major pairings both in the voice over and graphics. In-universe direct references can be easily justified by the idea that as a popular online webshow, the shipping fan groups would probably actually exist in-universe as well.
    • "iLost My Mind" has Freddie directly respond to Seddie shippers who ignore Freddie's feelings.
  • Fan Dumb: In-universe, the Creddie and Seddie shippers that go to Webicon. invoked
  • Fanservice:
  • Fanservice Pack:
    • Freddie went from being a young Stalker with a Crush to being a rather attractive young man.
    • Sam and her transformation that started around Season 3.
  • Fascinating Eyebrow: Freddie can do this. Using it more often on Carly probably would've helped him seduce her by now.
  • Feigning Intelligence: Carly tries this in an attempt to impress a very intelligent (and good looking) boy in "iQ".
  • Feud Episode: Each episode where Carly and Sam quarrel.
    • "iDon't Want To Fight", where Carly gives Sam a handmade iCarly t-shirt (possibly the first ever made, but it's important to Carly), and Sam trades it for concert tickets.
    • "iSaw Him First", where they fight over a hot guy, complete with sabotage and tricks. The actual conflict is resolved by the guy, who gets sick of their competitiveness, and then falls down an elevator shaft, and after they resolve not to fight over a guy anymore.
    • "iQuit iCarly" is probably the worst fight between them, when both girls side with different friends. Carly calls Sam lazy and Sam brings up the fact that the show is names after just Carly alone. The two refuse to apologize to one another. It ends with the girls nearly falling off the side of a building after Sam rashly jumps out onto a window cleaners platform to get a good camera shot.
    • "iKiss" is the first example for Freddie splitting with the girls, as he quit the show because Sam revealed he hadn't kissed a girl. I'm sure you wouldn't be shocked to find out they ended up sharing a First Kiss with each other at the end to fix it.
    • In "iHire An Idiot", Freddie threatens to quit iCarly after the girls hire Cort as an intern solely because of his hotness.
  • Fiction Isn't Fair: 2 main areas:
    • Firstly, how the teachers at the school behave towards the students, but don't get into trouble. One example would be in "iHave My Principals" where one of the teachers gives Gibby a detention for being too Gibby, and they introduce uniforms in about a day.
    • Secondly, Sam should have been expelled and in juvie by now, even with Carly as a Morality Pet.
  • First Kiss: The subject of an episode regarding Freddie's admittance of not having one (except for Valerie, which he refuses to count for some reason) and Sam mocking him for it on the air. In the aftermath of the fight about Sam broadcasting it to the world, Sam reveals that she hasn't had her first kiss either, and the two end up sharing their first kiss together later in the episode.
  • First Name Ultimatum: "Gibby!"
  • 555: 1-555-SEND-ME-A-SACK
  • Five-Man Band: See also the Power Trio entry below.
  • Fix Fic: Changing the end of several episodes:
    • "iKiss": Carly and Freddie kiss and not Sam and Freddie.
    • "iSpeed Date": Freddie notices Sam and runs after her, not the actual ending with Carly and Freddie dancing after not noticing Sam.
    • "iOMG": Adding a post-script which solves the cliff-hanger. Freddie gently letting down Sam then going after Carly or having Carly come after him, the same but with Carly going after Sam, or just having Freddie respond to Sam positively.
  • Flanderization - Everyone but Spencer, who could be argued started off Flanderized as the insane artist who constantly burns things, has suffered this:
    • In the first season, My Beloved Smother Mrs. Benson fit the pattern of classic OCD; in the second, not so much.
    • Sam's tomboyish vibes from Season 1 evolved into various examples of extreme bullying, anti-social and sociopathic behavior, like her running a child labor sweatshop in Season 4. After that season the writers knew they were going to have Sam continue in the Sam & Cat Spin-Off, and attempted to de-flanderize her. YMMV on how much that worked, but they have definitely toned her down for the actual Sam & Cat show.
    • A minor character, Officer Carl, went through this. In his first appearance, he was a fair minded police officer who arrested Spencer for causing a huge traffic jam and understandably got mad at him for putting up a sign that said Pee On Carl. Spencer apologizes and explains it was an accident, he even had video proof it was an accident. In later appearances on iCarly.com and the show, he is shown to be a corrupt officer. He still holds a grudge against Spencer for putting up that sign, despite Spencer pointing out he got revenge on him for the by using humiliation as a punishment for an unrelated offense. He also refused to arrest photographers who committed vandalism because they took pictures of his daughter's rabbit no charge. He then gives Carly a ticket for having a car with no license plate, and doesn't nullify the ticket when Carly explains to him the car is a prop.
    • Season 5 is horrible for this:
      • Carly has started randomly insulting people, telling off Spencer and being mean spirited, as well as becoming dumber. While she was never Lisa Simpson, she was a good student at the very least, She complained about not getting a well-deserved A in a class. As well as being generally pretty smart, she also worked hard on her schooling to get her first ever straight a's. She was also much more book smart than Sam to the point where she was accepted into a private school that even Freddie wasn't. But now she seems just barely smart enough to live. This didn't happen all at once, but gradually over time, coming to a head in season 5. Like in the space episode, she can't pronounce claustrophobic, even though she is claustrophobic. In iQ she has to fake/cheat being intelligent to try and impress a guy when the old Carly would've have been able to at least hold the conversation easily.
      • Freddie has started dismissing Carly, ignoring her, blowing her off and generally treating her like shit.
      • Sam's antagonism and fighting with Freddie was blown up in both "iDate Sam & Freddie" and "iCan't Take It". While she has screwed with Freddie in the past, in "iCan't Take It", she sabotages Freddie's science camp simply because he didn't know what time it was when she asked him.
  • Florence Nightingale Effect: Carly towards Freddie in "iSaved Your Life".
  • Flynning: Anyone who has ever seen or participated in ANY form of fencing knows it bears little resemblance to the random swinging that Freddie and Spencer were doing. While this is excusable as they were probably playing around, the actual match against Toder still had them using incorrect equipment and disregarding basic rules of the sport.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: Fred/Lucas's pooch, Tibbles, is described by a terrified Spencer as being either a huge dog or a small bear.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • In "iBeat the Heat", Freddie states that Sabrina is just a tall girl, not a kind of hideous monster; after which he triggered an accident that made his statement figuratively true.
    • In "iSpeed Date", Sam has an apprehensive reaction to seeing Freddie and Carly having a slow dance. "iOMG" makes it clear she felt hurt and jealous at seeing Freddie with Carly.
  • Forceful Kiss: Sam did this to Freddie in "iOMG"
  • For Science!!: Carly uses this excuse in "iOMG" to get Gibby to help her electrocute her brother for their semester project.
  • The Four Loves:
    • Storge (Family): Carly, Spencer and Sam all share these feelings for each other. Carly, Spencer and their father clearly love each other in "iGoodbye".
    • Phileo (Friendship): Sam and Freddie both tell each other they love the other after breaking up in "iLove You".
    • Agape (Unconditional/Self Sacrifice): Freddie towards Carly, who seems to love Carly unconditionally no matter where their relationship lies with regards to Phileo and Eros. He has proven his ability to self-sacrifice for her, being almost killed in order to save Carly from being killed herself by pushing her out of the way of a truck in one episode.
    • Eros (Romantic): Carly and Freddie.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Carly is sanguine, Sam is choleric, Freddie is melancholic, whilst Spencer fits into phlegmatic by way of being an artist who rarely interacts with anyone apart from the rest of the trio (his sister's friends), and his one single friend, Socko. He has girlfriends, but all are fleeting.
  • Freak Out!:
    • Carly is quite susceptible, most notably her hissy fits in "iThink They Kissed" and "iSpace Out". Minor variations are the instances where she delivers long rants like in "iSaw Him First" and "iDate a Bad Boy".
    • Mrs. Benson will freak out of anything, usually hauling Freddie off for a tick bath, like in "iFence".
    • Carly is an extreme claustrophobe. When locked in a small room ("iSam's Mom") or even a fake Space Shuttle ("iSpaceOut"), she can freak out quite spectacularly.
  • Freudian Excuse: Sam as part of her Anti-Hero or Draco in Leather Pants semi-villainous character build. See "iSell Penny Tees", for how her mother's behavior influences her behavior towards the children.
  • Friendless Background:
    • Sam fits this best with "iChristmas", and "iTwins" in mind.
    • Freddie also has a lot of friends besides the girls, since he is a member of lots of extra-curricular clubs in school, implied in his blog and "iMeet Fred".
    • Carly at least was shown working with Wendy for a project in "iDate a Bad Boy", as noted by Word Of God for that episode. Missy also shows up talking about their friendship when Carly lived in California. There is also the possibility that she became friendless after moving from California, until Sam showed up, and then she subsequently gained a wider circle of friends as she grew up.
  • Friendly Enemy: Sam and Freddie in Season 2 onwards, wherein season 1 they were forced to work together out of their mutal interest in Carly.
  • "Friends" Rent Control: As stated in "iPilot", their loft has 3 floors with its own ELEVATOR. There are various fan theories for how they afford this (their father pays for it, Spencer's art makes a lot of money, etc.).
  • The "Fun" in "Funeral": When a local pie shop owner dies in "iPie", Carly has to filibuster a eulogy as Sam and Freddie find the recipes for the pies in the computer to keep the shop open.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In "iPsycho", a clown had an aneurysm and died for an in-episode example. This was played for Black Humor, so it is a literal "Funny Aneurysm" Moment. invoked
  • Fun Personified: Spencer
  • Fun T-Shirt: The various Penny Tee's that the iCarly crew wear. Examples include Peanut Butter Love, Parole Baby, Danwarp Tweets, and Bacon Farm.
  • Gamer Chick:
    • Sasha Striker in the episode "iStage an Intervention" who set the record for highest Pak Rat score.
    • Sam is also shown numerous times playing rhythm games, and Carly is shown a few times as well.
  • Geeky Turn-On: Carly seemed to get pretty turned on by Freddie's tech talk in "iSaved Your Life", calling it cute and geeky, and coining the word 'cukey'.
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble - Interpretation of exactly what 'counts' for the trope can lead to this trope being played straight or averted depending on the cast combination used.
    • If you count just the main trio of characters due to their age then the show fails the trope until Gibby becomes a full time cast member in the later seasons.
    • If you count Spencer because he's Carly's brother and that the eponymous web show is filmed in their apartment, Spencer would round out the Two Girls and a Guy cast to achieve the trope before Gibby, but then turns it into an aversion when Gibby eventually shows up to make it 2 girls and 3 guys.
    • If you also count Mrs. Benson because she was the only other major character on the show from the start, then it means women outnumber the men until Gibby comes along to make the main cast 3 guys and 3 women.
  • Genre Savvy: Sam displays this in a number of episodes.
  • The Ghost:
    • Spencer's friend Socko.
    • This was the case with Carly's dad, but it has been announced that he will be revealed in the series finale 2-part special "iGoodbye".
  • "Gift of the Magi" Plot: Kind of the basis of "iDon't Want to Fight", on one side. It's Carly and Sam's 5th friendship anniversary, and Carly gives Sam a Special T-Shirt, while Sam promises to give Cuddlefish concert tickets, so she trades off the T-Shirt for the tickets to "Ripoff Rodney".
  • Girl (or Guy) Of The Week): Each character has had at least a couple of these:
    • Freddie: Valerie, Melanie. And strangely enough, Carly.
    • Carly: Griffin, Jake, Shane, and Freddie.
    • Sam: Jonah, Shane, Pete (with a Snap Back).
    • Spencer: Too many to list. Most of those relationships can only imply that Spencer has sex with the girl and she slinks off the next day never to be seen again.
  • Gilligan Cut:
    • "iWill Date Freddie" evokes this twice.
      • During Freddie's date with Valerie.
        Sam: I set up one of Freddie's little webcams and aimed it at the table.
        Carly: But that's spying. We can't spy on Freddie on his first date!
        (cue the girls slumping on beanbags watching the livestream on the monitor)
        Carly: We're bad people.
      • When Valerie "seduces" Sam to sever her ties from iCarly and join Valerie instead.
        Valerie: Don't say anything. We don't want Carly to know about this.
        Sam: Believe me, I won't.
        (cue back at the Shay's loft)
        Carly: She WHAT?!
        Sam: That skunkbag tried to steal me too!
    • "iSpeed Date": Sam refuses to go to the Groovy Smoothie with Freddie, thinking he, Carly and Spencer can handle all the guys themselves. Cut to the Groovy Smoothie with 752 guys...and the whole group.
    • From "iQuit iCarly", when the Pirates try to take over Spencer's boat:
      (cut to Spencer and Gibby being thrown into a dumpster)
      Spencer: (sticks his head out of the dumpster) ...They took over our boat.
    • "iGet Pranky": Carly tells Spencer not to go getting all prank-happy on people. Spencer says that he won't. Take a wild guess as to what happens next.
  • Girliness Upgrade: The focus of the episode "iMake Sam Girlier".
  • Girl Next Door: Carly is Freddie's female front-door neighbor he fell in love with "at first sight".
  • Girl Scouts Are Evil: In "iOwe You", the mean teenage Sunshine Girls who are rivaling Spencer for their selling spot at the supermarket. Subverted with the incredibly-shy Moe Emily who is the daughter of the hot mother Spencer is helping.
  • Go Look at the Distraction:
    • In "iOwe You", Sam tells Freddie his relative got hurt, sending him running back to his apartment, so she could cry to Carly without him seeing.
    • In "iQuit iCarly", Sam distracts Carly's group by calling out Ryan Seacrest. They fall for it, prompting Sam to occupy the scaffolding venue first.
  • Give Geeks a Chance: "iSaved Your Life" epitomizes this trope. Freddie saves his dream girl's life, and boom, Carly falls head-over-heels toward him. Carly eventually comes around to Freddie in "iGoodbye".
  • Glass-Shattering Sound
  • Godiva Hair. Non-Nude version for Sam in "iQuit iCarly".
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: The plot of "iLost My Mind", regarding Sam's Love Epiphany.
  • Good Is Not Dumb: Carly sees the best in people, but if betrayed or oppressed, will come up with a scheme like having a massive in-school riot to get the good principal back.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: Spencer with his duck pajamas. Then his duck boxer shorts. Sam and her "I love Las Vegas" underwear. Freddie's anti-bacterial underwear would be related to this trope somehow.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!:
    • Many characters have a habit of using certain words as substitutes for words they cannot get past the radar (like the Shay siblings' "Shoosh yeah!"). Can be considered an Unusual Euphemism but most of the time, it's a bit surprising what got past the radar.
    • "Cheese and rice!" Spoken by the principal himself with the matching accent for the expression it sounds like.
    • Freddie's "This is serious chiz!" was controversial enough for some people in YouTube to claim that iCarly had used a swear word. Hilarity Ensues if any non-viewer of the show saw the video and thought the swear word is Sam's last name.
    • Sam uses "Holy cheese on a chisel!" and "Holy crab!"
    • Diphead, Dipthong, Dipwad, Skunk Bag and so on.
    • Mrs. Benson's "What the YUCK?" when she caught Carly kissing Freddie passionately in "iSaved Your Life".
    • A highlight in iMove Out:
      Freddie: Oh, my go-
      Mrs. Benson: You better end that with gosh.
      Freddie: Dear gosh, please make her leave.
    • "Shoosh yeah" is a common euphemism.
  • Grand Finale: "iGoodbye".
  • Grandparental Obliviousness:
    • Carly can't stop Nevel from messing with her website because while his mom goes on a cruise, the only person in charge of him is his grandmother, "and she's hopelessly confused."
    • Averted Trope and subverted with Carly and Spencer's grandfather, who seems to be the sanest member of their family.
    • Averted with Wade Collins' mother, who practically is aware of her Jerkass son's actions and instead of punishing him, supports him whole-heartedly on it.
  • G-Rated Drug: Fat Cakes are treated as such in "iToe Fat Cakes" when the group tries to cross the border.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Starting from the second season with Freddie, it gets to the point where it's annoying with the random phrases.
  • Green Aesop: "iGo Nuclear". Played with at the very least due to it being forced upon the writers, to the point where it can be interpreted as a Spoof Aesop or a Family-Unfriendly Aesop.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Freddie suffers this in "iLike Jake" and "iDate A Bad Boy". Carly also gets this like whoa during the recut version of "iSaved Your Life". When a slutty girl comes up to Freddie and offers him weekend sex with her whilst her parents and brothers are away (or whilst her brother holds a wild no-adults party, it's not 100% clear), Carly grabs Freddie by the shoulder, embraces him and starts French kissing him so the girl will take the hint that Freddie is taken, much to his surprise.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: In "iHalloween", while the gang were broadcasting their web show in a supposed haunted house, things began to get freaky and they start to leave. Unfortunately, the door got locked. While trying to figure out a way to open the door, Carly suggests hitting it with something. Sam promptly proceeds to use Freddie.
  • Groin Attack:
    • Spencer gets this quite a bit:
      • Whacked with a ladle by Stu Stimbler's son in "iStake Out".
      • In "iKiss", when Sam threw the football to Spencer hard but not high enough,
      • In "iBeat the Heat", where Chuck Chambers hits him with a rolled up magazine.
      • In "iStart a Fan War", when someone throws his 'longstaff' from a crowd.
      • In "iCan't Take It", where he gets one from Sam while trying to stop her from beating up Gibby.
    • One of the holes in Spencer's mini-golf course in "iMight Switch Schools" involves this on a cut-out. Freddie groans in sympathy.
  • Grounded Forever: Spencer, after seeing Carly making out with Griffin, grounds Carly "for till college". He also actually follows through on the punishment until he learns An Aesop, up to and including making Carly wear a horrible sweater, and disguising himself as a janitor at her school so he can catch Griffin when he visits Carly's school to make out with her.
  • Hacker Cave: "Well, we found Nevel's nerd cave."
  • Half-Identical Twins: An In-Universe example in the episode "iToe Fat Cakes". As Carly is flipping through the channels, she comes across a Dingo Channel promo for a new show called "Twinjas", a show about identical twins brother/sister who are also ninjas.
  • Halloween Episode: "iScream On Halloween" and "iHalfoween" (although the latter is a celebration of the halfway mark from the previous Halloween to the next Halloween).
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: "iStart A Fan War" has Spencer vs Jack Black.
  • Hand Gagging: Happens in a few episodes, notably when Carly licks Sam's hand in "iLost My Mind" and exclaims that it tastes like peanuts and dirt.
  • Hands-Off Parenting:
    • At the very least, Spencer and Carly's father. Possibly their mother, if she's alive. Most of the time Carly is the one taking care of Spencer, so he doesn't really count either. Sam's mom would be a "lives with the child" version of this. Mrs. Benson is the exact opposite.
    • "iSpace Out" implied that their dad is stationed overseas for so long, he's not even aware that Spencer had dropped out of law school.
    • Spencer has his moments of parenting ("iWanna Stay With Spencer" being a prime example), and he has his moments of Hands-Off Parenting, like in "iGot Detention":
      Spencer: Did I hear you say you got detention?
      Carly: Yeah.
      Spencer: Should I be concerned?
      Carly: Not really.
      Spencer: Later!
  • Hand Signals: The broadcasters' countdown (from five with one unspoken and pointing to indicate ("you're live on the air") became Freddie's Catch-Phrase. He didn't use the others listed on the trope page because as a webcast they have no fixed time slot or Standards and Practices so "stretch", "finish it up" or "stop NOW!" weren't relevant.
  • Hand Wave: "iDate Sam & Freddie" ends with a serious talk where Carly tells Sam and Freddie they need to sort out their dysfunctional relationship and actually solve problems together. They spent the entire episode fighting constantly. The next episode ignores that plot completely and has Sam and Freddie working together just fine, ignoring and hand waving away that Sam and Freddie have 'worked' on their problem.
  • Happy Birthday to You!:
    • An initial reference was made to this trope when Carly and the gang had to come up with an excuse explaining their invasion of Ms. Briggs' home in one episode: "Let's sing our public domain birthday song!" Only the only possible justification is Busman's Vocabulary for people who produce user-generated Internet content.
    • "iMake Sam Girlier", played with this at the beginning when the gang begins to sing said song for Sam's birthday before switching to an altered version of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow".
  • Happy Dance:
    • Sam and Freddie when they win the iWeb Award in "iGo To Japan". Carly sort of sways along.
    • Carly and Freddie (...and Judge Marla?) in "iCook".
    • Carly, Freddie and Spencer halfway through "iFight Shelby Marx" after Carly and Shelby made up.
    • Carly, Sam and Freddie when they watched Nevel's Jerk Ass video that caused him to be a social outcast.
  • Harmless Villain: Nevel's evil plan is to destroy iCarly.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: If you only watched "iWill Date Freddie" (from season 1) when it originally premiered, the joke about Valerie wanting to date Freddie that Sam makes isn't harsh at all, just typical Sam versus Freddie banter. But if you've seen "iLost My Mind", then watch "iWDF", it becomes harsher and ironic. Sam tells Valerie ..."to email the address of the mental hospital she is staying in and he'll meet ya there." Implying that someone would have to be crazy to like Freddie. Fast forward nearly 4 years into the future and in "iLost My Mind", when Freddie tells( and shows) Sam that he likes her too, guess where he does it. A mental hospital. Why is she there? She thinks she is crazy for liking Freddie. Both occurrences took place live on their webshow. So it's possible that fans of the webshow in-universe also might be aware of this.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Nevel ended up being on good terms with the iCarly gang.
  • Hell Hotel: Come On Inn. It's not scary, but the fact that the room Sam reserved is dilapidated by a shootout and a crime scene, coupled by poor maintenance and a hobo waiting outside the window with easy access will sure get the creeps out of anyone.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Carly and Sam, fueling no little source of Les Yay.
  • High-School Dance: Although the actual dance is never shown, "iSpeed Date" revolves around the trio finding a date to the Sadie Hawkins/Girls Choice dance and then the aftermath of the dance back at the Groovy Smoothie. Carly and Freddie end up slow dancing together after their crappy dates leave.
  • Hidden Depths: "iEnrage Gibby" focused on Gibby's Unstoppable Rage side, as well as this dialogue.
    Freddie: You play the ukulele?
    Carly: Yeah, a little.
    Freddie: Wow, that's never been established.
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood:
    • Sam is a hilariously abusive childhood in progress. It isn't hard to imagine how bad it could be, with a father who has apparently abandoned them, a mother who is most likely an alcoholic at the least, is constantly in jail, just like most of the rest of her family. All played for laughs on the show though.
    • One has to remember, though, that Melanie apparently spends most, if not all, of the year in a boarding school. Therefore she'd turn out okay, she doesn't have to deal with Mrs. Puckett.
    • Freddie's childhood is Hilariously Abusive in the opposite way.
  • Hilarious Outtakes: iBloop, entirely dedicated to the bloopers and outtakes of the cast throughout the series.
  • Hippie Teacher: Mr. Henning. He loves nature, disproves of modern methods (or rather just major energy wasting ones), and takes students on a Root and Berry Retreat.
    Spencer: You know, when I was at Ridgeway, I had a teacher who was such a loser! He's a freaky weirdo and smells like rotten wood...
    Mr. Henning: Spencer? That's me.
    Spencer: What? (pauses) Oh.
  • Hired for Their Looks: When the Power Trio need to hire an assistant to help with the eponymous show-within-a-show, Sam and Carly hire a hunky and INCREDIBLY stupid guy. Freddie retaliates by hiring a really dumb girl though it turns out that she was a college student using the experience as source material for a sociology class.
  • History Repeats: In "iAm Your Biggest Fan", Carly recalls Spencer's present for her then 14th birthday is a lava lamp that burst into flames (and then exploded). And when Spencer makes her a gummy bear lamp for her 16th birthday...
  • Hollywood Nerd:
    • Freddie.
    • The Pear store employee Carly develops a crush on in "iPear Store". Subverted when she brings him to her apartment and it turns out his nerdy persona was all an act and he's really a Casanova Wannabe.
  • Homage:
    • "iBelieve in BigFoot" is a direct homage to Scooby-Doo (further lampshaded by Freddie) sans the dog. There are 2 males and 2 females; they are investigating a certain creature; they have a vehicle; and also turns up that the said creature is actually a guy they know, in a costume.
    • Dan Schneider stated that Sabrina's thrashing of Carly's project in "iBeat the Heat" is a reference to Godzilla.
    • "iChristmas" tops this with a It's a Wonderful Plot premise (a granted wish that gives unexpected circumstances; the protagonist is someone's Morality Chain) with hints of A Charlie Brown Christmas (Spencer's electromagnetic tree and Carly's small Christmas tree).
    • The Paintball Episode "iSaved Your Life" with its amusing homage to HBO's The Wire episode "Late Editions".
      Gibby: How my hair look, Sam?
      Sam: You look good, Gib. (Shoots him in the forehead with a paintball)
    • The Random Debates at icarly.com have taken place in a wall very much like the iconic Laugh In joke wall.
    • "iQuit iCarly" contains references to Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys, with Carly and Sam and their webshow's guest comedians Fleck and Dave sharing similarities with vaudevillian team Lewis and Clark, who were successful professionally but argumentative personally, which the special was focusing on when exploring the comedy teams' strained relationship over the differences with one another. Carly and Dave acts as the seemingly reasonable Al Lewis to Sam's and Fleck's stubborn Willy Clark (though inversely most of the time, Carly/Dave acts as the head-strong Clark to Sam/Fleck acting as the laid-back Lewis), while Freddie helms the role of the middleman Clark's nephew Ben.
  • Hormone-Addled Teenager:
    • Carly Shay full-stop, in terms of her love interests.
    • Sam follows the "tomboy" aspect of the trope to the letter, but averts the trope as a whole.
  • Hot Teacher: Ms. Ackerman and Ms. Fielder.
  • How Much More Can He Take?: "iPsycho Part 2". Definitely Gibby's CMoA, mentioned throughout this page. Gibby figures out a hidden code from the iCarly crew, and comes to the rescue. He finds the kidnapper girl's house, proceeds to break down the front door with a single blow and engage in a supremely vicious (especially for a Nickelodeon show!) fight to the death with the girl. Furniture is smashed repeatedly, a fireplace poker is used with intent to kill, they fall down a flight of stairs at top speed, proceed to perform a number of technical fighting maneuvers, and then Gibby starts to bleed. Both of them should be severely injured, but Gibby barely needs a Band-Aid.
  • Humiliation Conga:
    • Sam in "iSpeed Date". Insults Freddie about no-one wanting him only to find he had 3 girls ask him. She refuses to ask any boy to the Girl's Choice dance, until Carly convinces her to ask Gibby out because Sam embarrassed her on the webshow. Sam is then rejected by Gibby and Freddie laughs at her. She tries again to have Gibby take her to the dance, only be rejected a second time and he's got a stunning girl at his house already. Sam stumbles back to the Groovy Smoothie, only to find Carly and Freddie slow dancing together, leaving Sam completely and utterly alone.
    • Nevel in "iPity the Nevel".
  • Hurricane of Puns: Taken to the extreme in "iPity the Nevel" by the main trio, most especially their Karma Party for Nevel's "fall from grace" where they serve chicken karm-esan, karma-corn, karma-apples, and later "Karm-again!"
    Gibby: What do you serve in a Karma Party?
    Freddie: Just desserts. (Impressed by his own pun) Oh! Oh!
    (Carly and Sam cheer him on)
  • Hypothetical Casting: Miranda Cosgrove wants Tina Fey to be her Missing Mom.
  • Hypocrite: The show aired the episode "iStart A Fan War", which ended with a dual Author Filibuster (as it was directed against a group of in-universe fans but also aimed at the real life fandom by the writer Dan Schneider) against Shipping. The next episode filmed had a huge change in the Shipping makeup and basically created a Love Triangle.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Many of the episodes use this a lot. Each character even has at least one of these.
    • While Gibby walks out of the studio:
      Carly: Poor kid. It must feel bad to love someone who doesn't love you back.
      Freddie: (turns to stare at Carly)
      Carly: Sorry.
    • When the gang is cleaning up the mess of the police stakeout:
      Sam: Some people just have no manners. (throws an empty soda can on the floor for Freddie to pick up)
    • Same episode and scene:
      Spencer: Do you know what it's like to be harassed every day by some kid?
      Freddie: (turns to stare at Sam)
      Sam: (grins widely)
    • After Spencer's high-powered sculpture destroyed their longest webcast World Record attempt:
      Spencer: Hey guys, don't make me look guilty, like it was all my fault.
      Carly, Sam, Freddie: (ALL stare at Spencer)
      Spencer: Oh yeah.
    • When discussing about the Dingo Channel:
      Spencer: Aw, I hate that channel! They always make adults look like buffoons!
      Carly: You forgot to wear pants again.
      Spencer: Oh my god.
    • Same episode, when Sam forcefully invites Gibby for the Bikini Dog Food Fight:
      Sam: Come on, why won't you wear a bikini?
      Gibby: Because I have some dignity!
      Sam: Since when?
      Gibby: (leaves, but returns shortly) OK. No fighting, no dog food, but I'll wear the bikini top.
  • I Ate WHAT?!: Done many times. After coming back from a jog with his Girl of the Week, Spencer reaches for a glass of what appears to be water, then spits it out.
    Spencer: That's not water!
    Veronica: What is it?!
    Spencer: I don't know!
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Heroin!: Sugar to Gibby in "iLost My Head In Vegas".
  • I Can't Hear You: Freddie to Carly in "iFence", so she won't stop them from going to the fencing studio.
    Freddie: Uh, sorry! Can't hear you! You're breaking up. (Opens the door).
    Carly: (Gasp) But we're not talking on cell phones!
    Freddie: Byeeee! (He and Spencer run out).
  • Identical Stranger:
    • Two characters Miranda Cosgrove play—Carly Shay and Megan Parker—share the same universe, since iCarly, Victorious, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and Sam & Cat are all interlinked. This is made even funnier when you consider how different they are. Virtually the only thing they have in common (besides their appearances) is that they're both Girly Girls.
    • True for Shelby Marx, Tori Vega, and Lola Martinez, who are all played by Victoria Justice. The similarity between Shelby Marx and Tori Vega is lampshaded by Sam in "iParty With Victorious".
      Sam: She looks kind of like that Shelby Marx chick, doesn't she?
      Freddie: Nah, this girl's way hotter.
    • True for Crazy Steve and Spencer, who are both played by Jerry Trainor, as well as both Trisha Kirby and Sam, who are both played by Jennette McCurdy.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: All of the episodes start with a lowercase "i."
  • Idiot Ball: All of them.
    • Spencer is especially prone, as he can switch between intelligent protective older brother into someone who will build a machine seemingly intended to fling hammers at high velocity at head height, or a "sculpture" which seems tailor-made to catch fire at random.
    • Carly in "iSell Penny Tees". Why on earth would she pay the kids up front? They were apparently being paid $10 a day, there were at least a half-dozen of them, so she'd have paid out anywhere from $400 to $1000.
  • If It Was Funny the First Time...: Spencer's works bursting into flames is a recurring gag that was somehow toned down in Season 3, but becomes another plot device in the Season 4 premiere "iGot a Hot Room".
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Carly is a type A while Freddie has shown signs of being a type B.
  • Imagine Spot: In "iFind Lewbert's Lost Love" Carly and Freddie have a synchronous daydream on how life in the Bushwell will be much better if the irate doorman Lewbert is "a happy man". Carly, Freddie and Lewbert dance around as balloons fall. Sam breaks them out of their over-the-top fantasy.
    Sam: I really doubt balloons would rain down.
  • Implausible Deniability: In "iHave My Principals"
    Sam: I haven't done one bad thing this week!
    Mr. Howard: Oh, please! I know you put that big snapping turtle in the teachers' toilet.
    Sam: You got it on video?
    Mr. Howard: ...no.
    Sam: Then I didn't do it.
  • Improbable Food Budget:
    • Zig-Zagged: It seems like the food they waste for comedic purposes on the websow is better than the food Carly and Spencer actually eat.
    • They used quite a load of expensive cheese making the gibby with cheese and sauce.
    • Justified as their show have high viewership ratings that directly translates to advertising and product endorsement.
  • Improvised Lockpick: In "IPsycho", Sam gnaws on a duck bone into a lock pick to unlock the door out of the recording booth that she, Carly, and Freddie are trapped in by Nora.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Hotel Carlyfornia
  • Incredibly Obvious Bug:
    • In the episode "iSpy a Mean Teacher", Freddie gets a giant plastic piece of pie with a very obvious camera lens in the side.
    • In the episode "iStakeout" Carly and Sam wear glasses and a hat which are obvious cameras.
  • Informed Attractiveness: Kyle and Cort are the most glaring examples. While the majority of the earlier love interests (usually Carly's) definitely have the looks, Cort's appearance does not really live up to how Carly and Sam praise and drool over him compared to Brad. Likewise with Kyle who only had the fake-Brit accent and the insufferably sophisticated genius attitude up his sleeve.
  • Inherently Funny Words: Being a comedy.. uses these quite often.
    • Specific examples include hobo to the point it's become unfunny, Gibby being called a shirtless potato. They once used doodle as part of fladoodles an invented snack item and Yak as part of Yakima.
    • Repeated mentions of the word ointment, which the creator himself has admitted is "just a funny word."
  • In-Joke: In "iToe Fat Cakes", Carly says that it's lame that her date's sister is 18 and doesn't have her driver's license. Miranda Cosgrove is 18 and only recently got her license.
  • Inner Monologue Conversation: In "iParty with Victorious", Carly, Sam and Freddie use this to figure out how to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend. Tori lampshades this by asking to be included.
  • In-Series Nickname:
    • The iCarly trio all prefer to be known by nicknames rather than their names: Carly is Carlotta, Sam is Samantha, and Freddie is Fredward. There's also their classmate Jeremy aka "Germy," the kid with the perpetual allergies.
    • Sam is fond of coming up with Embarrassing Nicknames for Freddie, such as "Fredwad," "Fredwiener" "Freduccini" or "Fredlumps." He does retaliate a few times with lame counter-remarks though (like "Sam-jerk") which only gives Sam a reason to ridicule him more.
    • Sam is also quick to shorten the original nickname of Carly to simply Carls instead. Sam uses Carls so much that it's almost a pet name she alone has for Carly.
  • Instant Web Hit
  • Insult Backfire: Freddie in the end of "iHeart Art". He takes the insults so well because he gets $5 richer for each insult Sam made as part of their bet, to the point he doubled the $40 Spencer gave him.
  • Insult to Rocks: In "iWin A Date":
    Sam: (sees Carly's painting) Who's that? Freddie?
    (Freddie rolls his eyes)
    Carly: No! It's a clown!
    Sam: Oops. Sorry, Clown.
  • Intoxication Ensues: In "iThink They Kissed" Sam gets high from the dentist's nitrous oxide, and loses the ability to censor herself.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Freddie for Carly in "iSaved Your Life". Quite an unusual example, because Freddie himself pulls out of the relationship in order to make sure Carly would be happy, instead of potentially taking advantage of a situation where she might not really like him but just thinks she does.
  • Ironic Echo:
    • The source of Nevel's outburst is about the last jar of pickles that got shattered. While walking around Seattle suffering the consequences of his action, he sits on a bench displaying an ad of numerous jars of Schneider's Pickles while being ridiculed and shouted at by the passers-by.
    • Sam sees Carly and Freddie dancing alone in "iSpeed Date" is echoed with the end of "iOMG" by Carly watching Sam kiss Freddie.
    • The Dirshlitts trapped the iCarly gang and let them suffer a birthday party that would go on "forever... and ever... and ever..." . After Mrs. Benson and T-Bo rescue them, Carly says that they'll be going to prison, "forever... and ever... and ever..."
  • I Take Offense to That Last One!: In "iDo", Spencer is more than willing to swallow the kids' insults to him to "turn off" the bride Jodi, except...
    Carly: Come on! You don't really want Spencer!
    Spencer: I'm a mess.
    Carly: Such a mess!
    Sam: He has no job.
    Spencer: Who would hire me?
    Freddie: He doesn't hang out with anyone his own age.
    Spencer: I've never been popular!
    Carly: He drinks milk in the shower.
    Spencer: All naked and wet!
    Carly: Oh, and he has not a steady girlfriend since high school.
    Spencer: Oh, maybe not a steady girlfriend per se...
    Sam: And look at his flat butt.
    Spencer: TOO FAR!
  • It's All About Me: Lampshaded by Freddie in regards to Sam in "iHurt Lewbert".
    Carly: Lewbert's gonna be okay. Well, not okay but at least back to the way he was before.
    Sam: Oh, good. We could've been in so much trouble.
    Freddie: Can't you ever think of anyone besides yourself?
    Sam: I could, but I choose not to.
  • It's a Small Net After All:
    • When looking for information on baby chicks for a science projects, Freddie types "chicks" into the search engine and gets "Chickapedia."
    • You also have to wonder how two girls doing random stuff (and not that kind of stuff) gets tons of viewers.
      • Youtube has all kinds of videos of girls just doing random stuff and getting millions of hits. iCarly just attracts a peripheral demographic as well as their schoolmates, which often features Carly and Sam with bare feet, coconut bikinis, swimsuits, and all sorts of Fetish Fuel.
  • It's a Wonderful Plot: "iChristmas." Somewhat unusual in that it's about someone else other than the person actually experiencing it having key personality traits absent (Carly wishes for Spencer to be "normal").
  • It's Personal: Trying to take down iCarly.com is one thing.. hurting Carly herself will get your ass kicked by Sam.
  • It Is Pronounced Tropay: "Not Suzie. It's Su-ZAY."
  • iPhony: The characters on the show, just like in other Dan Schneider shows, use Pear company products, which is a parody of Apple.
  • iProduct: iCarly.
    Freddie: i, Internet... Carly, you...
  • It Makes Sense in Context:
    • A group of "bullies" invade Spencer's prize boat; said group are members of the Pirates baseball team.
    • Sam blows her nose on a handful of noodles, which Gibby and Guppy unknowingly eat later.
    Gibby: Whoa! I'm in love with this sauce! What is it?
    Sam: Uh, it could be a lot of cheese sauce...
    Carly: But it's not'''.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Freddie pulls out of the relationship with Carly in "iSaved Your Life" because he doesn't want to take advantage if Carly wasn't thinking straight about being smitten over being indebted to him.
    • Aside from iDate a Bad Boy, another example is "iStart a Fan War". Freddie is evidently jealous about Carly's flings with other boys, but the latter has him rather being supportive that Carly likes Adam and reprimands Sam to pacify the riot she made. Though Freddie's schadenfreude toward the Romantic False Lead is still there.
  • Japanese Ranguage: The voice-operated Japanese lamp turns on and off by saying "RANPU!" like an angry Japanese man.
  • Jerkass: Sam in her less sympathetic moments, Lewbert the doorman, Nevel, Wade Collins.
    • This quote by Sam says it best:
      "Niceness disgusts me. It took me years to get used to you [Carly]."
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Despite her actions, even the school system is forced to listen to Sam and understand why Carly and Freddie puts up with her. Sure many like Mr. Howard and Miss Briggs hates her rebellious ways, but Sam does have her way on reminding them who's also a really JerkAss, even worse than Sam.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Sam, usually under Carly's influence.
  • Just for Pun: Both Shay siblings. They are even aware of the cheesiness of their joke.
    • In "iNevel", Spencer is repairing his commissioned statue made of butter.
      Spencer: "Don't worry, Mr. Toasty, soon you'll be back and butter than ever."
      (Spencer looks around the room)
      Spencer: "Thank god no one heard that."
    • In "iFind Lewbert's Lost Love", Spencer is annoyed because of the recent remote control thefts.
      Spencer: "What kind of burglar will break into people's apartments just to steal TV remotes?"
      Carly: (stifles laughter) "A remote control freak?"
      (Spencer sprays whipped cream on Carly's nose bridge)
    • In "iEnrage Gibby", Spencer tries to convince Veronica that he is not really "dead", much to the fright of the girl.
      Spencer: "I am Spencer's twin brother, S-pun-cer!"
      Carly: "If you had a twin brother, why would his name need to sound similar to yours?"
    • In "iFix A Popstar", Wade Collins is brought up on the webshow.
      Carly: "One might call him... hobnoxious." (laughs)
      Sam: "Ohohoho, Carly..." (looks away in horror)
    • In "iQuit iCarly", as they introduce Fleck and Dave.
      Sam: "Their videos are hi-larious."
      Carly: "Which is the opposite of low-larious." (chuckles)
      Sam: "I begged her not to say that."
      Carly: "I should have listened."
    • In "iRue The Day", Spencer asks Carly which of two pairs of luminescent socks he should wear when the Plain White T's come to iCarly. She distractedly tells him to wear one of each. He loves the idea and congratulates his little sister for "thinking out of the socks." Then he laughs at his own pun, while the trio simply stares.
    • "iPity The Nevel" has quite a few. Notably, Gibby asks Freddie what kind of food you have at a Karma party (a party where you celebrate the misery of your enemies) and Freddie answers "Just desserts." Even Sam slaps him five for that one.
  • Just Friends: