Hypocritical Humor / Stand-Up Comedy

  • In one of his stand-up routines Irish comedian Ed Byrne noted that there was an increasing strain of anti-immigration rhetoric entering Irish society ... before pointing out that, given the prominent history of Irish immigration to other countries, the Irish might not have much of a leg to stand on about this:
    Ed Byrne: You cheeky bastards! What kind of brass balls do you have, as an Irish person, to complain about immigration? We've been populating the globe ever since we worked out how to get into a boat!
  • Russell himself, from Russell Howard's Good News.
    Russell: (After a clip of someone accidentally break their arm) What twat breaks his arm like that?
    Cue Russell looking down at his broken wrist and hand.
  • From Woody Allen's stand-up routines. "My ex-wife was childish. See if you don't think this is childish. She'd come into the bathroom when I was having a bath, and sink my ships."