Hypocritical Humor / Advertising

  • Mr. Whipple in the Charmin commercials. He spends half a minute warning women not to squeeze the Charmin. Then later on, he is seen squeezing said Charmin himself.
  • Kotex ads feature a woman talking sarcastically about how other tampon commercials are helpful, while proving them to be just the opposite.
    Woman: And they use that blue liquid stuff so I'm like, 'Oh, that's what it's supposed to look like.'
  • One State Farm commercial has a mime come up to a State Farm salesman with a woman and her infant son and tell them how beneficial State Farm is. The baby then starts talking about how freaky it was for a mime to talk.
  • In a Geico spot, a rep is showing the Geico gecko footage of him as a two-dimensional hand-drawn cartoon plugging the product. The CGI-animated gecko does a Face Palm and quips "So you've turned me into a cartoon. Lovely."
  • The ADT medical alert commercial with the old woman protesting, "That's not for me! That's for some old person!"
  • This Michael Jordan Hanes underwear commercial.
  • The Daily Show has an ad on Facebook where Trevor Noah takes turns pandering to and insulting his FB audience.