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Hot Blooded: Web Original

  • OH WHAT THE-! Sir Ron Lion Heart isn't on this list yet?!
    • He is now. And that is just ULTRA OMEGA FANTASTIC!! YEAH!!!
  • Musclebomber2021 was often like this with his Let's Plays.
  • Lydia in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, who will remain known for this, her courage, her memes, and her gambits.
  • While The Nostalgia Critic is sometimes calm, logical, and would probably like to think of himself as usually sane, he's this in a nutshell when he gets upset or angry.
  • Like the above, Linkara maintains a calm, collected and analytical demeanour, yet his catchphrase is "I AM A MAN!!!", followed by a punch. He got it from some comic where a character did the same.
    • The comic in question was the terrible "Superman At Earth's End".
  • Fred Figglehorn is so Hot-Blooded, he probably has ADHD.
  • Saede, Ti'Cira, and Satkia in The Gungan Council, for obvious reasons. It's a good idea not to mess with them.
  • Xandus at the beginning of Mall Fight 2 was quite passionate with being a daemon prince.

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