Horrible / Let's Play

After Something Awful started making Let's Plays much more common, it was inevitable that people would start to make bad ones. Of course, there will occasionally be horrible ones filled with annoying voices, bad skills, and occasionally cheating.

Important Notes:

  1. Merely being offensive in its subject matter is not sufficient. Hard as it is to imagine at times, there is a market for all types of deviancy, no matter how small a niche it is note . It has to fail to appeal even to that niche to qualify as this.

  2. A Let's Play isn't horrible just because Retsupurae or Chip Cheezum riffed it. There needs to be independent evidence to list it. (Though once it is listed, they can provide the detailed reviews or, in special cases, the sole link.)

  3. This page is not for bad episodes that were made by well-received Let's Players. Those entries should go to the Web Original page instead.

  4. Try to avoid adding users just because of their popularity, their statusnote  or they feature gimmicks you don't like (unless they don't appeal to any niche). Users that aren't well known or produced very few videos shouldn't be added here either, they shouldn't be discouraged. Unless if this is the case, these people need to have some sort of notability first. Also, if a Let's Player has a huge Hatedom but they also have an equally large fanbase, they don't count either. If they were considered this, they wouldn't have those fans.

Examples With Their Own Pages:

Other Examples (more-or-less in alphabetical order by name of LPer):

  • The “retired” EvaXephon. His livestreams were generally terrible (he died so many times that it isn't funny), and his tales are often worth a few laughs…
    • Probably the most damning part of his time as an LP'er (besides his lack of talent and poor attitude), was that he often pirated games and then streamed them before their release date.
      • He pirated and early-streamed Just Cause 2, where he played the pirated game and died on every single attempt to kill one of the bosses.
      • Even more infamous was when he pirated and streamed Red Dead Redemption before its release, which led to him getting banned from nearly every stream site. Everyone who hated him, and the people he banned who kept trying to tell him to stop streaming it, reported him to Rockstar.
    • He managed to inflame this site when curators caught him trying to delete this entry on the grounds of his "retirement". Twice.
    • He still livestreams games, albeit under a different handle (he considers his time as Eva an Old Shame), and more rarely. While he no longer pirates games due to his having joined the industry and his attitude has improved a bit, he's still mediocre at best at playing games.
  • GoldGleeGamer1's Lets Play of Final Fantasy VI just has to be seen to be believed: He skips weapon and armor upgrades in favor of buying expensive healing items (when healing with magic is less costly and a more practical method), wastes tents to heal up right outside of towns with Inns or even free healing spots, goes through several videos without realizing that characters who have had their equipment removed have not been re-equipped (even with that fact pointed out to him several times), repeatedly attacks enemies with weapons that heal them while claiming "There's nothing else I can do about it," does not bother to learn the basics of learning and using magic, and his lack of editing leaves long stretches of nothing but random battles or getting lost. Worst off, it isn't a Self-Imposed Challenge or a blind run since either of those would make his playing far more excusable. You can tell his co-commentator, who has experience with the game, is getting more and more frustrated and trying harder to be nice about things as the game goes on, especially since he's the one doing the majority of the commentary (but that's fine because GoldGleeGamer1's is terrible anyway). If GoldGleeGamer1 was doing the entire thing on his own, it would be completely unwatchable and a prime example of how not to play the game.
    • His "Let's Play" of Super Smash Bros. for N64 consisted entirely of a single run of Classic mode with Mario and showed a complete lack of any kind of understanding of the game mechanics. Without using anything regarding smashing, dodging or blocking he wonders why he keeps dying to easy CPU fights and multiple times to Master Hand. Leave a comment pointing this out and he'll delete it, calling it an "offensive" comment.
    • His Let's Play of EarthBound repeats all of the same mistakes as Final Fantasy VI and even if it's a blind run, shows he has absolutely no clue what he's doing in a JRPG. His guest commentator from FF6 returned for a few videos but quickly disappeared, making the videos themselves absolutely unwatchable due to the blatant save state usage, utter lack of commentary (or commentary that isn't entirely Captain Obvious talk), and GoldGleeGamer1 being completely clueless.
  • You wouldn't think it would be impossible to get any enjoyment out of an LP of one of the Jackbox Party Packs, due to the inclusive, humorous nature of the games. Then along comes Ice Poseidon, who not only fails to get a single question right while playing Trivia Murder Party, but is utterly dumbfounded at the idea that anyone could be familiar with beloved works like Death of a Salesman and A League of Their Own, and actually Rage Quits because he isn't allowed to play one of the minigames.
  • iJustine's Let's Play of Portal 2. She gets stuck on the easiest puzzle of the game for eight minutes! The worst part is that this is after the puzzle that demonstrates the way portals work to you. iJustine got sick of everyone telling it like it is (e.g. "This Sucks"), and set the whole Let's Play to private. However, you can watch it here and it's available archived on Viddler starting here. YouTuber ForeverPandering also has given his thoughts on her playthrough in three videos chronicling the embarrassing debacle.
    ForeverPandering: Two choices lie with your decision about what she is: she's either being retarded for the money, or she's being retarded and getting money. You choose. I really don't want to consider that she's actually being this stupid on purpose.
    • Not to mention that she manages to ignore most of the plot while playing it. There may as well have been none. She even ignored the famous "lemon rant", one of the funniest parts in the entire game! To paraphrase a quote of hers: "Who's Caroline? I thought I was Caroline."
    • At no point does she refer to any of the characters by name, calling Wheatley "Mr. Eyeball" and GLaDOS "the potato". This is extra insulting since she has the subtitles on-screen telling you the character names! Whenever she does refer to something by its proper name, she "corrects" herself and says the made-up name. She basically has a party in the middle of one video and they all end up talking over the aforementioned lemon rant, and given her lack of reaction to the rest of the dialogue, it probably made no difference.
  • Imperial Terra is another hated livestreamer. When his streams aren't getting enough popularity, he spams his thread with NSFW images, rather than just letting it run its course. Although on average, video game streams on 4chan are normally frowned upon due to the amount of spam that the topic creator makes to garner attention.
  • LijikLetsPlay's LP of Tower Of Heaven features a Genre Throwback to the Game Boy era with a great soundtrack, as played by an utterly condescending miser. Throughout the whole video, he read the dialogue as obnoxiously as he could, and passive-aggressively insulted the game's fans ("Oh no! I have to time jumps! Oh, it's so difficult!")—all because people thought the game was Nintendo Hard. While Lijik has since deleted his account, the Let's Play is so bad it managed to turn Retsupurae away from playing the game. To quote a YouTube comment:
    "I actually played this game a while back and I gotta say, his voice impersonation does not fit with the god thing that talks to you, especially when you finally meet it face to face at the end. This guy did his best effort to make this game seem awful."
  • The now long-gone early works of Linkrulezall. Blatant Hypercam 2 watermarks that sometimes cover important details (made even worse by his frequent references to said important details), single-digit framerates, audio that was way too quiet (to the point where the game audio was downright inaudible), and banal commentary that consisted mostly of Link being a Captain Obvious. Topping all that off, he had a habit of failing to finish many of the Let's Plays he started (the only one he finished was his WarioWare, Inc. LP). To be fair, he has gotten better.
    • The ultimate lowlight was when he made a "Boss Guide" of Super Noah's Ark 3D, when he only uploaded one part, and it was plagued by all the same problems mentioned above, but with a framerate of about 1 frame for every 3 seconds.
  • MasterKnightDH's (formerly known as Nesshelper) LPs are severely flawed. His speech is difficult to interpret since he suffers from extreme Elmuh Fudd Syndwome (think PsychedelicEyeball slurring), and his commentary tends to be either banal or whiny about his perceived 'game balance' issues. He also can't take even the slightest criticism or insult, and usually ends up shutting off comments or ratings. He's also infamous for his rant videos, where he demonizes anyone who disagrees with him (at one point even saying that the girls who live in his area deserve to be brutally raped because they have the gall to mock and dislike him).
  • MaxiMaxi10 has 1,551 videos, half of which are him just doing random crap around the house. His Let's Play videos are where we get into the majority of this entry. He does camcorder LPs where his camcorder is at a bad angle where you can only see the right third of the screen. His commentary is boring, and you often find yourself watching the action figures on top of his shelf to see if they'll be more interesting. Even worse, whenever he's criticized, he pulls a Christian Chandler and blames all his faults on autism.
  • This Let's Play of the Oregon Trail by ObviousPuppet and Xuntasi. There seems to be nothing but extremely obscure references to god knows what, spoken in the most juvenile and mean spirited ways. Every single comment seems as though it were made by a pair of poorly educated middle school bullies and the duo is trying very hard to find things to hate about the game. Combine this with bottom-of-the-barrel Vulgar Humor and it just becomes painful and nonsensical to watch.
  • Quadraxis14's early LPs of Contra III and Kaizo Mario World. Contra III was filmed on an awful camcorder, and features an inexperienced Quadraxis stumbling over commentary and making really awful jokes. Kaizo Mario World was recorded competently, but he constantly reloads save states (causing his emulator's save state screen to flash on the screen constantly) and still hasn't gotten humor down. Retsupurae riffed on several of his videos, and ended up admitting in his God Hand LP that he's greatly improved. For his part, Quadraxis found the riffs hilarious.
  • Queenie Z. Whether it's her severe Girl-on-the-Internet syndrome, her unfunny commentary, her constant use of outdated memes, or her shrill voice (with retainer sucking to boot), you'll share the RPer's pain.
    • Retsupurae has covered the first two parts of her Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem LP. If you check the videos out, you'll notice that Part 2 has over 30,000 fewer views than Part 1. For added irony, the video description of the former says "You're watching Part 2? Didn't Part 1 scare you off?"
    • She's gotten somewhat better over the years; while it's unlikely she'll ever live down the aforementioned LP, she has apologized for it and considers it something of an Old Shame. However, her YouTube account was closed some time ago. It wasn't Retsupurae's riff on her LP of Eternal Darkness, or the hatedom she earned from said LP, that drove her to close her account; according to Queenie Z herself, it was due to copyright infringement for using clips from Elfen Lied and the Tales of Symphonia OVA in some of her videos.
  • Rijno has been cited by some as the worst Let's Player on YouTube. Between recording his TV at bad angles, his annoying nasally voice, and constant pointing out of things we've just seen (OKAY!), who can blame them? Retsupurae has seen Rijno's work, such as a review of Brave Fencer Musashi.
  • While Spoony's Until Dawn stream was controversial, it doesn't compare to his Alien: Isolation stream. Whenever he screwed up, he would often blame the game. He ignores advice the people in the chat give him, and even banning a few for doing it, and sometimes insulting them. In a moment of hypocrisy, he'd make a tasteless joke about being in an abusive relationship with his girlfriend, but then exploded on a viewer that made a similar crack. People have gone so far as to compare this LP to something DSP would make, and there was even a This Is How You Don't Play made of it.
  • SuperCrazyHealthBar is a famously awful LPer. Despite his excellent picture quality, many of his videos suffer from severe audio clipping and his commentary is abysmal, consisting mostly of him rambling aimlessly about things that don't have anything to do with the game, occasionally dipping into a weird demonic growl and shouting at the screen. He's so terrible that Retsupurae believes him to be a troll, although it's never been very clear.
  • The now-closed YouTube channel teddybearmassacure. His video quality and skill was subjectively decent, but everything else was abysmal. Many of his videos had loud noises in the background and obnoxious co-commentators that sounded like ten-year-olds. His commentary, meanwhile, was irritatingly banal, with "jokes" consisting of Seltzerberg-style pop-culture references and stale memes. He would've probably been small-time if Retsupurae hadn't dredged out one of his older videos. His improvement over the years before he closed his channel was minimal at best.