Horrible: Let's Play

After Something Awful started making Let's Plays much more common, it was inevitable that people would start to make bad ones. Of course, there will occasionally be horrible ones filled with annoying voices, bad skills, and occasionally cheating.

Important Note: Merely being offensive in its subject matter is not sufficient. Hard as it is to imagine at times, there is a market for all types of deviancy, no matter how small a niche it is. It has to fail to appeal even to that niche to qualify as this.

Second Important Note: A Let's Play isn't horrible just because Retsupurae or Chip Cheezum riffed it. There needs to be independent evidence to list it. (Though once it is listed, they can provide the detailed reviews or, in special cases, the sole link.)

Examples (more-or-less in alphabetical order by name of LPer):

Whether you like his Let's Plays or hate them with a passion, there are videos even his fans won't defend.
  • DarksydePhil's playthroughs of the first three Metal Gear Solid games, in order: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear Solid. He constantly berated the games for its controls or unintuitiveness, when it was clearly his fault for ignoring tutorials, important cutscenes and people giving him advice on what to do. He attempted to brute force his way through everything, never considering stealth. It even took him 25 minutes to beat Sniper Wolf in the first MGS. He even tried to battle The End with close-range firearms. He brought close-range firearms to a sniper battle.note  Ironically, he tried to use the sniper rifle on every other boss without even using the scope. This goes about as well as can be expected. The only thing he even paid attention to in all of the games were the female characters' breasts and buttocks, and constantly made juvenile and unfunny sex jokes, even in the most serious moments (moments that you shouldn't be laughing at or joking about). He shrugged off all comments that pointed out his mistakes as trolling and even insulted his fanbase a couple of times, which caused him to lose a significant amount of subscribers. A compilation of the worst moments of these LPs can be found here, here, and here.
  • His playthrough of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, while not as bad as the other MGS "playthroughs", is still quite bad. He struggles to defeat some of the easiest bosses, like Blade Wolf and Sundowner. Him fighting Sundowner is especially painful, as he doesn't cut the shield where it shows him to, and keeps trying to charge at the shield, despite being repeatedly told over codec not to attack the shield, and he keeps calling the battle a "puzzle" and cutting the shield a "puzzle slash". He also spends quite a few videos on the Monsoon battle, not thinking to use the parry function, and constantly blames the game for his mistakes as always. Watch a montage of the worst bits here. The only thing people will give him credit for is that he liked the music enough to not complain about it.
  • His playthrough of Assassins Creed II, seen in two parts here and here. When he's not completely fumbling the simplest of platforming sequences and calling Ezio an "idiot" and "asshole" for not climbing properly, freaking out because he can't find a Glyph (bright shiny thing on the wall), or completely fumbling the glyph puzzles, his crude sense of humor is on full display, with awful sex jokes and cringeworthy impressions of a stereotypical Italian accent seemingly every five seconds. According to Phil, "Requiescat in pace" translates to "My dick is bigger than yours". That about sums up his "humor" here.
  • His playthrough of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is even worse than the above, with him spending most of it getting even angrier (to the point of pounding his table in rage on quite a few bits) and crying even more about how "shitty" and "buggy" the controls are and blaming them, Ezio, and even Ubisoft for every single mistake he makes, and saying that the game "sucks his fucking cock" and is "bullshit". At one point he complains that the game "doesn't explain shit" after looking through the menus trying to find out what an assassin tower is, completely missing the user manual option that was right in his face. He complains later about how a guard "suddenly" showed up on his mini-map, even though the guard was clearly there all along and he could have known he was there if he had just paid attention. Then at the very end, he even whines about how long the credits are and complains about having to see credits for regions outside his own. And after all that, it still ended up as #7 on his top 20 games of 2010, continuing his amusing trend of praising games right after talking an unbelievable amount of shit about them.
  • His playthrough of Assassins Creed III caused another fanbase meltdown, leading many to swear off the channel permanently. The reasons why this occurred were numerous (though some were no fault of his own). After being unable to leave his condo during Hurricane Sandy, Phil and his girlfriend Leanne (who was unable to take a train back home) bought the game and began playing - a sharp contrast to his previous playthroughs, which mainly had him provide solo commentary. Much like the Snake Eater playthrough, he ignored basic commands and got stuck on several missions for multiple parts. This, combined with Leanne telling him what to do (and their getting into verbal sparring matches over the situation) led to widespread hate comments. Even Phil telling everyone to tone it down in a channel update did nothing to abate the flames, and some fled the channel for good. Witness the atrocity here.
  • His playthrough of The Witcher 2 attracted a periphery of hatedom from various forums, but it was his own fanbase that really attacked for completely ignoring the tutorial section, spending many videos trying to figure out how to do basic actions in combat, and generally raging at the game for his own mistakes. He ended up disabling the comments for most of the playthrough due to this widespread backlash.
  • His playthrough of Dark Souls is pretty painful, especially if you're a fan of the game. Pretty much every aspect of what's wrong with him is here, from him refusing to try and learn the game's mechanics to constantly dying from his own mistake (and while constantly blaming the game). By the end of the game he had to rely on summoned phantoms to get him past boss fights just because he wouldn't try and learn anything about the game, which is counter to the whole point of it. There's even a compilation of how bad it is.
    • His Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 2 Let's Plays are on a similar level. His Demon's Souls Let's Play has been compared to a Twitch Play (because he's constantly looking at his stream chat for advice; at one point he did this at least once a minute), but his Dark Souls 2 is almost the exact same.
    • An example would be his battle against the Ruin Sentinels (by-and-large considered a hard boss for beginners, but one that gets significantly easier once you learn about Adp and where a good shield is). He complains that he's blocking their attacks but still getting hit for full damage when everyone can see that his shield isn't raised because he's blocking too late. He ends up inflating his death count into the low 30s by the time he gives up on the boss.
  • Even in one of the easiest video game genres, Racing and Driving games (especially arcade racing games), Phil manages to completely fail on the most basic of driving controls or mechanics with him sometimes stupidly crashing in to oncoming traffic and continuing to do so without ever reversing to recover or simply turning away from the oncoming traffic. His "struggle" on a certain mission of Driver: San Francisco has him retrying, repeatedly screwing up, and rage quitting... for over 32 minutes! What's worse? He blames the game for his screw-ups, continuously shits on the programmers and developers for the "bugged driving mechanics" and not to mention his hideously unfunny jokes involving obviously offensive things in the most unprofessional manner possible.
  • One day, Phil decided to take fan requests and do a playthrough of Spider-Man for the PS1. At first, it didn't seem too bad, he was enjoying the game. Then he gets to the level where you chase Venom and due to his refusal to adapt to the controls, ends up losing multiple times and raging. From this point, the rest of the playthrough is crying about how "terrible" the game is and claiming the people who requested it were trolling him. The entire time he takes his opinion as fact and tries to "sympathize" with people that grew up with the game, believing they only liked it out of nostalgia, and basically told fans he doesn't care what they say by claiming he didn't read any of their negative comments. As for stupid moments, he spent at least 3 videos on the Mysterio boss fight (one of the easiest in the game) and didn't understand why the game wasn't reading his memory card, not realizing he had a PS2 memory card in the slot instead of PS1. You can see the highlights here. His constant shit-talking of the fans, whining about the game (specifically the camera controls for the Playstation 1) and especially his forced passive-aggressive laughter, raspberries, and clapping will get you on your last nerve.
  • On his playthrough of Bayonetta, he gets stuck in the part at the very beginning where you have to follow after the angel that takes Enzo (or "Fat Bastard" as he calls him). Even though the game makes it abundantly clear where it flew off to, Phil runs to the opposite direction and tries shooting everything in sight and repeatedly trying to jump over walls that he can't jump over, and whines about how the game "didn't make things clear", and is "broken". He gets stuck on this part for seven and a half minutes. Another notable example of his stupidity is when Bayonetta examines a faraway ledge and says in text that she needs to use her witch powers to get over there (with "witching powers" blatantly highlighted in red), but still doesn't understand what he's supposed to do and once again claims that it "made no indication on what to do", and forgot that you could run on walls even though the game specifically tells you about the wall-running mechanic right before this, and even has a boss battle where you use it. This time, he gets stuck for eight minutes rather than seven. He also sticks with the whip as soon as he gets it for the rest of the playthrough, and hardly ever thinks about changing his strategy despite hundreds of comments telling him to stop using the whip and use a different weapon, and NEVER thinks about using any of the more elaborate combos that the game goes out of its way to reward you for using. He also spends an entire video raging at a side-mission that he is failing simply because he isn't trying to come up with different strategies on how to beat it, and blames his failures on the developers. And just to ruin every last second of Bayonetta for you, he NEVER SHUTS UP during the cutscenes, not bothering to listen to what's going on, claiming nobody cares about the story, only to turn right around and bitch and moan that he has no idea what's going on. Watch people rip him a new one here.
  • His most infamous moments are when he plays fighting games, especially Street Fighter. Keep in mind that he's been playing Street Fighter for more than a decade way before he did Let's Plays and he's still not competent in them. His attitude is the worst, often times complaining that he's losing because the inputs are being "unresponsive", the opponent is cheating or the online mode is laggy (never mind that he has a really good connection) and will yell at the screen about what a scrub the opponent is for using "cheap moves" even though those scrubs are kicking his ass; he will also insult other players by telling the viewer what a loser his opponent is for having so many rounds playednote . Perhaps his signature complaint is his inability to block when he's "not doing anything", even though button presses on his arcade controller are clearly audible on his microphone just before he gets hit. He's also a tournament player where he openly insults other contestants and boasts about being the "top pro Street Fighter player in the U.S." because he technically won a tournament that used a glitched port of Street Fighter.
  • His let's play of Ratchet & Clank is extremely frustrating to watch through. He continuously uses the wrench on powerful enemies when he should've used his guns more often. And as usual, he blames the game's camera, clipping, and so forth for his own clear to see mistakes. Worst of all, he continues to use the same tactic that didn't work the first time on most of the enemies and his complaints of checkpoints will test your patience. Watch the train wreck here.
  • His playthrough of The Last of Us (watch here) is also quite frustrating to watch, especially the Winter segment. The rest of the playthrough is full of incompetence (let's just say he hasn't gotten any better at stealth since his Metal Gear Solid playthroughs) and bad, juvenile humor (it's not shown in the linked video, but he even makes tasteless jokes during Sarah's death scene), but the Winter segment is when it really hits the fan. In the bit where you (as Ellie) need to get past several goons and make your way across a gap via a thin board up against a rockface, requiring Ellie to slowly sidestep across with her back to the wall, he tries to run past all the enemies and get across the gap, and wonders why he keeps getting shot up during the slow process. (Of course, he blames Ellie for taking too long, even yelling "What an IDIOT!" of her - continuing his trend of blaming fictional characters for his own mistakes.) A little later, he runs around a lodge, with enemies chasing him, looking for an exit and complaining that he can't find it - even though it was in plain view. And that's not even getting into his bizarre Troy Baker rants.
  • His playthrough of Batman: Arkham Asylum, found here, is atrocious. He flounders in combat sections and fails at puzzles, that much is to be expected, but the worst part of it is he is constantly held back by little things that aren't even meant to be puzzles. For example, at one point you get a neato gadget that lets you cross gaps. Phil has seen a big gap which is preventing him from getting into a particular section of the level where he knows he is supposed to go. Does he use the line launcher? Yes, after he kerfuffles around for ages, complaining, trying and failing to get random trophies, and complaining some more. And don't even start with what happened when he was supposed to save Gordon from Harley Quinn. (Strangely enough, he didn't actually complain about that one, although he did say the "puzzle" was "tricky").
  • His Let's Play of Final Fantasy X Remastered is easily one of his worst. Non-stop, unfunny, disgusting sexual harassment and rape jokes and comments on mostly Lulu and other female characters, constant pop cultural references without any lick of sense, and annoying seal laughter at every "jokes" he makes almost right off the bat. What's worse? He still manages to fail to learn the basics and consistently (and we mean consistently) blaming the game for his faults. Doesn't sound bad right? He does this in nearly THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE LP. It gets even worse. On emotional cutscenes especially the ending, he still finds a way to ruin with his terrible Running Gag of making inappropriate comments in the most mean-spirited fashion. It's that unbearable. Watch the compilation here, here, here, and here
  • His Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas playthrough (seen here) is mostly him complaining about... well, everything. He complains about and makes fun of most of the music (at one point he basically says that anyone who likes reggae has bad taste). He complains about the game being random (isn't the largely non-scripted nature part of the appeal of Wide Open Sandbox games?). He complains about the driver AI being programmed against him, even when he's driving in the wrong lane. He complains about the fact that there's "too much driving" in a game called Grand Theft Auto ("It's supposed to be Grand Theft Auto, not Grand Drive Auto!"). He complains about having to drive too far between save points and missions, all while refusing to buy any safehouses because they're "too expensive". He complains about... you get the drift. And his general incompetence is in full display, frequently doing things like sending his vehicle off a cliff, crashing into cop cars and getting arrested, struggling to complete even the basics of flight school (which is quite tricky, but not as bad as he makes it look), setting himself on fire, and accidentally killing his AI teammates - and every single time, he blames the game. Then there are various little amusing bits where he misses obvious details, such as when he can't find the baseball bat in the "Cleaning the Hood" mission, when he thinks Mike Toreno is driving the van in the "Outrider" mission (and blames "him" for failing the mission), when it takes him a while to realize that having the plane's landing gear down affects how it flies, and when he thinks that the flight school exercises are actually CJ using a flight simulator (or as he calls it, a "video game"). That said, despite everything, he managed to beat "Wrong Side of The Tracks" first try (granted, it's not hard at all when you figure out what to do, but...). He's also played the other Grand Theft Auto titles so you would think he would have gotten use to the gameplay by now but no, in Grand Theft Auto IV, he literally ran right into a speeding car and wondered why he died.
  • One of the worst moments in the Metal Gear Solid playthrough above was his racist comments towards Mei Ling. Now imagine that times a million and you have his Sleeping Dogs playthrough! The racist Asian jokes do NOT STOP, every other scene involves faux-Chinese and mocking Chinese culture. Add to that far too many gay jokes (he made a comment about Wei Shen being a gay gigolo and keeps hammering it in again and again and again and again!). The gameplay of course is not much better, at one point he forgets how to throw enemies, checks the controller layout, and doesn't see that the Right Trigger is throw and whines that he won't be able to throw enemies for the rest of the game. Here's the compilation.
    • Then there is his playthrough of Dead Space 2. This playthrough is very infamous. At one point during the playthrough, he made many racist comments towards Jewish people, all while speaking in a fake German accent. Eventually, after many people complained about it, Blip.tv (the site showing his playthrough) fired him. Watch it here.
      • And as if that wasn't enough, he at one point posted a video that addressed his racism accusations, and he claims that he is not racist. Watch the video here.
  • His playthrough of One Piece: Pirate Warriors for the PS3 stands out, if only for one thing: in the beginning of the playthrough, Phil states that he's read and watched the story. Not a few minutes later, he calls Luffy the "Monkey King" (not as a joke). He then makes lots of other stupid errors, such as saying that Buggy never appeared again after his first arc and having no idea who Mihawk is, making him a liar. Oh, and he remarks about Nami, Vivi, and Robin's cleavage at every chance he gets. Watch a compilation here.
  • Similar to the above One Piece playthrough, Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z had Phil claim he was a huge fan, having watched the show in Japanese. This was immediately debunked when he called Buu "not canon" and called Raditz the "original Vegeta". Along with that, he completely failed at the game, often considering calling on his fanbase to play with him online for the hard battles. He would endlessly complain about certain characters being too tough (notably Cell), showcasing more of his lack of DBZ knowledge that he claimed to have. The compilation is here
  • His Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy playthrough is agonizing to sit through. Phil couldn't figure out how to use the spin kick to navigate himself through several platforming segments and to defeat certain enemies, mistook Precursor orbs for "Geyser Rocks", didn't know that colliding with Dark Eco boxes drains health, all while blaming the game to no end, even going so far as to trash and openly make a mockery out of Naughty Dog for their so-called "failures". Watch it here.
  • His Jak II playthrough lead to yet another fanbase meltdown. Right off the bat it was in trouble when Phil couldn't figure out how to properly double jump and kept dying in the TUTORIAL STAGE! As he (somehow) got through the game, he got angrier and angrier, insulting everyone that likes the game (very similar behavior to the above Spider-Man playthrough). He endlessly whined about the "lack of checkpoints", showcasing how much of a scrub he really is. The most notorious segment was the race with Errol, which took 38 minutes because he kept restarting at a single "failure". In the midst of this, he sang a song about how people who bought the game should be killed and pissed on (keep it classy, Phil). See if you can survive the compilation: Part 1, Part 2
  • Fans of classic Survival Horror games aren't safe either from his playthroughs of early Resident Evil games such as Resident Evil 2 (obligatory fail compilation here). It's a colossal train wreck. The playthrough features a lot of his usual annoying quirks, such as failing to adapt to the game, his constant sex "jokes" (he "jokes" about Ada getting molested by a monster, and comments on Claire's "titties" when he gets to the part of the game where Claire gives Sherry her jacket), crude language, racism towards Asians (Ada is a target of this as well), and belching. His video cut out several times over the course of the playthrough, even moreso during Claire's scenario. Some other annoyances:
    • He tries to make fun of the game for being dated and having dated mechanics, as well as the graphics in pre-rendered cutscenes.
    • He gets into fights that he doesn't need to, and tries to fight monsters that he could have just tried to run around (he may have suffered some damage, but that would have been preferable to losing both health and ammo).
    • In Claire's scenario, he uses the powerful grenade launcher on zombies, one of weaker monsters in the game.
    • He gets stuck on the shelf puzzle in Leon's scenario, misinterpreting the clue to solve it.
    • In several instances, he believes that he has gotten into Unwinnable situations, and just resets the game instead of trying to figure out what to do.
    • He lugs around items that he doesn't need to, like Ink Ribbons(which you never need outside of save rooms and should really be stored in the storage boxes when you are done saving your game). This leads to him complaining about the inventory management in the game, when it's his responsibility to arrange his inventory.
    • For both Leon and Claire's scenarios, he turns an evacuation warning over the speaker system in the laboratory and the factory into a horribly annoying Overused Running Gag.
    • He gets impatient and angry over the parts of the game where Claire escorts Sherry to safety, showing complete disregard for her.
    • He also shows disregard and disdain for Ada, and especially during the scene where she "dies", rooting for Annette to shoot her.
    • And finally, over the pretty cool credits theme songs for both scenarios, he provides more crimes against ears with an improvised "song" about how both Capcom and the RE series "suck dick" now. The irony is that he bashes Resident Evil 6 even though he heavily praised the game when it came out, decrying reviewers for "not playing the whole thing".
  • His playthrough of Dynasty Warriors 8 begins with the intro, which he...ahem...cleverly improvises the different people fighting as supporters or those against the results of the George Zimmerman trial all while speaking in a ridiculously offensive "Asian" accent. Ya know, the people of the THREE kingdoms. This is the best his entire playthrough has to offer. He attempts to go through the tutorial and fails to learn how to use the weapon switch and rage meter efficiently. He proceeds to be amazed by powerful attacks he's seen in the previous game (Cao Cao's first musou being a highlighter), refuses to learn how to use weapon switching to his advantage resulting in him taking several minutes to take a single officer down, and of course, attempting to fight Lu Bu at every opportunity he has. Phil also acts surprised when either he or Panda Lee falls, it means they both lose the level, despite this being in every single Dynasty Warriors game since the first one. He continually spams a single attack for any weapon (Especially Huang Gai. WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!), one of the supposed criticisms of the series. And the worst part? He doesn't even finish the game, instead just finishing Wus story and saying he's done with it.
  • His playthrough of Black Mesa has to be a contender for one of the worst he's ever done. He generally sucks at the game, but the thing that cemented this playthrough's awfulness were six words: "What the hell's a crouch jump?" He misses the tutorial prompt telling him how to do a crouch jump, and begins attempting to stack objects on top of each other in order to get to places that he can't reach because he isn't using the crouch jump. He even gets stuck on the part where you need to platform along the pipes to get across a gap for over twenty-five minutes. The worst part, though, is when he finds out what the crouch jump is. His followers on Twitter informed him of it, and he interpreted it as being a bugged jumping mechanic. I repeat: He thought the crouch jump was a bugged jumping mechanic. Watch the obligatory TIHYDP here.
  • His playthrough of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is utterly painful to watch. It shows that Phil clearly hasn't learned a thing from his previous playthroughs of GTA. He fails the most basic of missions, he crashes and spins out constantly, and of course, he blames the game every single time he screws up (hell, part 11 of his playthrough is outright titled "Bugged Quad Racing Machanics"!). You can find the obligatory TIHYDP here.
  • Phil's playthrough of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is worse. He completely talks over the cutscenes and rushes through the game without listening to the story at all. He does even more sexual jokes with Mickey Mouse's voice,reads the text dialogue for no reason,and makes Kairi look like a bitch. He didn't even know what Kairi's lucky charm was the second when Kairi explained what it was! He completely ruins the game for everyone by complaining that the controls were lagging, the game was glitching,and he CONSTANTLY fails at the game! He couldn't even beat one of the easiest bosses in the game because he didn't do anything right. He complained that a Heartless kept falling and he couldn't kill it. He was in Traverse Town and he could just jump down after the Heartless! He still focuses on girls looks when they appear, and he makes fun of the Final Fantasy characters. What's worse is that he didn't get the titles of the other two games right. He called Re:Chain of Memories "In Response to Chain of Memories." And called 358/2 Days "Three hundred and fifty eight divided by two days." He bashed Oblivion because he thinks it lowers all of your stats,and he complained that there were too many boss fights during the credits! His girlfriend even bashed the game and trolled it's fans. You know what Phil did? He banned everyone from the chat because they were arguing with his girlfriend.
    • When asked about doing Re:Chain of Memories, he refused as he just called it "supplementary material" and immediately decried it for being about cards without actually playing it. When told that it was important to the story, he complained that Square-Enix didn't number the game and that if there's no number, then it shouldn't be important to the story. Funny considering he has no issues playing sequels that aren't numbered (Arkham City, multiple Assassin's Creed games, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword).
  • Hyrule Warriors was just plain embarrassing. While he does a lot of things that would make any player slam their head into the wall (Making sexual cracks at Cia being the most expected one and not realizing he needs to use items at first to even damage the giant bosses, not to mention his usual annoying mannerisms like moaning "oooooh!" every time he uses a special attack, and constantly singing along to the game's soundtrack), There are two particular things that stand out. First, in the final battle against Cia, Phil eventually decides to ignore the minor enemies on the way to Cia. Including the generals. He then complains about having to stop everything he has to do because the main camp is being overrun. Oh, and to make matters even worse, he manages to unsuccessfully pull off the strategy of luring enemies to the center and then using the great fairy, increasing the entire enemy armies morale, so the enemies are not only guaranteed to make it there without his protection, they take out the main camp fairly quickly. Which of course, leads to him complaining about it being taken even though he was there. The second thing is the final level as Ganondorf. It takes him several deaths against Zelda or Link to realize he needs to beat both of them at the same time, takes a couple more to form the blatantly obvious strategy of bringing one to near death and killing the other first before killing the first, and one more to actually pull it off. You'd think his experience with Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8 would help, or at the very least his failure after trying to rush Darunia earlier would teach him not to do the same against Cia, but then you remember who Dark Syde Phil is. Here's the obligatory TIHYDP.
  • Uncharted will leave fans of the series cringing, if not downright angry: He dies on simple jumping and QTE sequences dozens of times, has the game bail him out on puzzles rather than solve them himself, and constantly moans about the camera and controls not working properly or not being explained because he wasn't paying attention. Combat is even worse: He goes the wrong way during chase and vehicle sections, rarely takes cover or aims, never figures out how to avoid sniper fire, blind-fires shotguns and uses them as long-distance weapons, and thinks "cover" means "invincible", resulting in needless deaths and nonstop complaining about how the game is unfair and too hard. Naturally, Phil also makes disturbing sexual comments and jokes whenever Elena is on-screen. Here's the TIHYDP.
  • Super Mario 3D World, which was a co-op with his buddy John. The two of them seem to have no cooperative skills and often do things to screw each other over, and die and get Game Overs so many times in the game (which is reasonably easy for the most part) that it's honestly cringe-worthy. It was also put on hold during a period where Phil was angry at Nintendo and the copyright situation on YouTube. Here's part one of the TIHYDP
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent is especially painful to watch, mainly due to Phil's complete lack of attempt to immerse himself into the game and instead actively sporting a 'tough guy' persona to laugh and mock in a grating fashion towards any of the game's attempt to scare or startle him. This is especially painful during the infamous 'water monster' event during the flooded Archives area, where he assumes that the developers got lazy and didn't bother to render a model for the monster and openly mocks them for their 'failure'. Apparently, the idea of creating a monster that is invisible to the human eye in order to create the fear of the unknown went flying over his head. And as per the norm for Phil, he rushes through the game instead of taking his time to enjoy the story and the environment, and sees the flashback events as a major annoyance than an opportunity to learn more of the game. And let's not get into the moments where he complains about the dark, in spite of the game being called. The Dark Descent. Here is the TIHYDP compilation video.
  • His playthrough of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Re MIX was terrible. From not even leveling up to fighting the Absent Silhouettes while underleveled. When fighting Roxas, Phil attacked during the desperation move and died saying that he was dodging. He kept forgetting the most basic things in the story, and made a big deal over Riku's height when he reached The World that Never Was. He had no sympathy for Axel's death, and Axel and Roxas's goodbye. During the Luxord fight,he immediately pressed X during the part where you had to get an O command,and he did the same at the part where you had to get four O commands. He bashed Leon's Gunblade, saying it was a terrible idea and kept making a huge deal over how Leon's name wasn't Squall. When Tifa appeared after Cloud ran off during the Hollow Bastion invasion, Phil said she was stupid just because she showed up late,and made a comment about her breasts and how they were bigger in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The way he kept saying Anti Form was annoying as it sounded like he was saying Anta Farm and even though he read the plot synopsis for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, he still didn't understand anything. When he fought Armored Xemnas, he failed to use the building reaction command because he kept jumping around like a moron and kept falling before that. The finale was increasingly terrible to the point where he failed the Reflect the lasers part and his commentary going all cringe worthy with stupid death jokes and standard Phil sexual jokes. He said that he is indeed going to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep sometime in the future. SebastopalQueen, the creator of the Kingdom Hearts I TIHYDP (see above) released a follow-up, with another one in the making set to be 7 hours long.

  • DrunkGoomba's LP of Ace Combat 4. The quality is awful and does not improve over the course of the videos; his gameplay is mediocre, often pulling rookie mistakes and falling for basic enemy tricks, and subsequently complaining about them much to the chagrin of the viewer; his commentary is awful and irrelevant, often rambling about utterly pointless topics in his high pitched voice, which after a while becomes extremely grating and painful to listen to. There are few complete Let's Plays for this game, and this clearly isn't one of the good ones.
  • EvaXephon is one of the most infamous LPers. His Livestream of playing games are generally terrible (he dies so many times that it isn't funny), and his tales are often worth a few laughs...
    • He's been getting banned from every stream site because he pirated and streamed Red Dead Redemption before its release. Everyone who hated him, and the people he banned who kept trying to tell him to stop streaming it, reported him to Rockstar.
    • He streams games before release date... like Just Cause 2, where he played the pirated game and dies on every single attempt to kill one of the bosses.
  • Imperial Terra is another hated Livestreamer, when he wants someone to watch his stream. He spams his thread with images that are generally not work safe, rather than just letting it run its course. Although on average, video game streams on 4chan are normally frowned upon due to the amount of spam that the topic creator makes to garner attention.
  • iJustine's Let's Play of Portal 2. She gets stuck on the easiest puzzle of the game for eight minutes! The worst part is that this is after the puzzle that demonstrates the way portals work to you. iJustine got sick of everyone telling it like it is (e.g. "This Sucks"), and set the whole Let's Play to private. However, you can watch a tolerable version here and it's still available (all parts) on Viddler starting here.
    • The staggering idiocy is brought into full view in this video. On the right: iJustine. On the left: the video author's 12 year old sister who has no knowledge of the Portal series and little gaming experience in general (certainly less than iJustine claims to have). Watch and be amazed.
    • Not to mention that she manages to ignore most of the plot while playing it. There may as well have been none. She even ignored the famous "lemon rant", one of the funniest parts in the entire game! To paraphrase a quote of hers: "Who's Caroline? I thought I was Caroline."
    • At no point does she refer to any of the characters by name, calling Wheatley "Mr. Eyeball" and GLaDOS "the potato". This is extra insulting since she has the subtitles on-screen telling you the character names! Whenever she does refer to something by its proper name, she "corrects" herself and says the made-up name. She basically has a party in the middle of one video and they all end up talking over the aforementioned lemon rant, and given her lack of reaction to the rest of the dialogue, it probably made no difference.
  • The Tower Of Heaven Let's Play by Lijik is considered by Retsupurae to be the worst LP they tackled. It's not hard to see why; with his annoying voice for the dialogue, his obnoxious remarks during gameplay note  and his constant slandering, the video is aggravating to watch. What's worse is that after a user criticized him for his smug attitude, he retorted back by saying he'll go back in time to make sure this never happened. If your heart can take it, here's the link to the aforementioned riff.
  • The now long-gone early works of Linkrulezall. Blatant Hypercam 2 watermarks that sometimes cover important details (made even worse by his frequent references to said important details), single-digit framerates, audio that was way too quiet (to the point where the game audio was downright inaudible, and you could barely hear his commentary), and banal commentary that consisted mostly of Link being a Captain Obvious. Topping all that off, he had a habit of failing to finish many of the Let's Plays he started (the only one he finished was his WarioWare, Inc. LP). To be fair, he has gotten better.
    • The ultimate lowlight was when he made a "Boss Guide" of Super Noah's Ark 3D, when he only uploaded one part, and it was plagued by all the same problems mentioned above, but with a framerate of about 1 FRAME PER 3 SECONDS!
  • MasterknightDH's LPs are severely flawed. His speech is difficult to interpret since he suffers from extreme Elmuh Fudd Syndwome (think PsychedelicEyeball slurring), and his commentary tends to be either banal or whiny about his perceived 'game balance' issues. That alone is terrible, but he also has a colossal ego; he can't take even the slightest criticism or insult, and usually ends up shutting off comments or ratings. He's also infamous for his rant videos, where he demonizes anyone who disagrees with him (at one point even saying that the girls who live in his area deserve to be RAPED because they have the gall to mock and dislike him).
  • MaxiMaxi10 has 1,551 videos, half of which are him just doing random crap around the house. His Let's Play videos are where we get into the majority of this entry. He does camcorder LPs where his camcorder's at a bad angle and you see the right third of the screen. His commentary's boring, and you often find yourself watching the action figures on top of his shelf to see if they'll be more interesting. Even worse, whenever he's criticized, he pulls a Christian Chandler and blames all his faults on autism.
  • This Let's Play of the Oregon Trail by ObviousPuppet and Xuntasi. There seems to be nothing but extremely obscure references to god knows what, spoken in the most juvenile and mean spirited ways. Every single comment seems as though it were made by a pair of poorly educated middle school bullies and the duo is trying very hard to find things to hate about the game. Combine this with bottom-of-the-barrel Vulgar Humor and it just becomes painful and nonsensical to watch.
  • Quadraxis14's early LPs of Contra III and Kaizo Mario World. Contra III was filmed on an awful camcorder, and features an inexperienced Quadraxis stumbling over commentary and making really awful jokes. Kaizo Mario World was recorded competently, but he constantly reloads save states (causing his emulator's save state screen to flash on the screen constantly) and still hasn't gotten humor down. Retsupurae riffed on several of his videos, and ended up admitting in his God Hand LP that he's greatly improved. For his part, Quadraxis found the riffs hilarious.
  • Queenie Z. Whether it's her severe Girl-on-the-Internet syndrome, her unfunny commentary, her constant use of outdated memes, or her shrill voice (with retainer sucking to boot), you'll share the RPer's pain.
    • Retsupurae has covered the first two parts of her Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem LP. If you check the videos out, you'll notice that Part 2 has over 30,000 fewer views than Part 1. For added irony, the video description of the former says "You're watching Part 2? Didn't Part 1 scare you off?"
    • She's gotten somewhat better over the years; while it's unlikely she'll ever live down the aforementioned LP, she has apologized for it and considers it something of an Old Shame. However, her YouTube account was closed some time ago. It wasn't Retsupurae's riff on her LP of Eternal Darkness, or the hatedom she earned from said LP, that drove her to close her account; according to Queenie Z herself, it was due to copyright infringement for using clips from Elfen Lied and the Tales of Symphonia OVA in some of her videos.
  • Rijno has been cited by some as the worst Let's Player on YouTube. Between recording his TV at bad angles, his annoying nasally voice, and constant pointing out of things we've just seen (OKAY!), who can blame them? Retsupurae has seen Rijno's work, such as a review of Brave Fencer Musashi.
  • SuperCrazyHealthBar is a famously awful LPer. Despite his excellent picture quality, many of his videos suffer from severe audio clipping and his commentary is abysmal, consisting mostly of him rambling aimlessly about things that don't have anything to do with the game, occasionally dipping into a weird demonic growl and shouting at the screen. He's so terrible that Retsupurae believes him to be a troll, although it's never been very clear.
  • The now-closed YouTube channel teddybearmassacure. His video quality and skill was subjectively decent, but everything else was abysmal. Many of his videos had loud noises in the background and obnoxious co-commentators that sounded like ten-year-olds. His commentary, meanwhile, was irritatingly banal, with "jokes" consisting of Seltzerburg-style pop-culture references and stale memes. He would've probably been small-time if Retsupurae hadn't dredged out one of his older videos. His improvement over the years before he closed his channel was minimal at best.
  • The entire play through of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis by YoVideogames is extremely painful to watch. The player winds up overlooking or plain forgetting about certain key items several times, forcing him to backtrack just as many times and leads to time being wasted because the player didn't bother to edit it out. The player also winds up trying to be fancy with conserving ammo by attempting to avoid as many enemies as he could, which leads him to blindly running into zombies and other monsters and takes unnecessary damage because of it, which also leads to a ton of deaths that could have been avoided and it also leads to the player redoing sections of the game over again without editing it out. The lack of edits to save the viewer's time is very infuriating and gets even worse when you see that the player DID attempt to speed up (literally) the process of the viewer catching up a few times but then just forgets about it for the rest of the LP. On top of that, because the player never bothered to read the instructions (game manual and in game manual), which leads to moments where he ignores explosive hazards that he could have used to kill zombies in one blow and how to combine gunpowder for different effects and saving inventory space. The puzzle sequences aren't any better as the viewer is forced to watch the player bumble about in solving them for over 5 minutes. While the player tries to excuse his bad playing style on lack of play time on the game for several years, it goes out the window when he declares the game to be bad at the end of the LP and blames it on all the screw ups he had to endure.
    • Similarly, the Let's Play of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has Max of YoVideoGames piloting the control for most of the time. Since Max tends to stop playing the game for weeks or months, he tends to forget even basic moves. Not to mention it took him literally weeks to learn how to use the lock-on and block properly; watching him fighting Lizalfos and Stalfos is particularly aggravating. Max also unnecessarily complicates almost everything and screws up even simple puzzles. If it wasn't for Matt helping him for most of the game (in the beginning he refused any help and tips at all), a Rage Quit was almost certain to happen