Horrible: Fan Film

While it's simple to make a Fan Fic, a Fan Film takes a lot more work. That still doesn't keep some of them from being this awful, although the same can be said of some original movies.

BEWARE: Most of these will not be safe for work, eyes, sanity, or any combination of the previous three.

Important Note: Merely being offensive in its subject matter is not sufficient. Hard as it is to imagine at times, there is a market for all types of deviancy, no matter how small a niche it is. It has to fail to appeal even to that niche to qualify as this, and any descriptions that fail to imply anything but offensiveness will be deleted.

Examples (more-or-less in alphabetical order):

  • Bludshot the Hedgehog (Original videos no longer exist, but several commentaries like this one do)

  • Call of Duty: MW3 Collab
    • Fandom: Modern Warfare.
    • Synopsis: See below.
    • Comments: An obvious troll video, but it deserves to be on this list. Two of the clips in the "collab" are short gameplay clips being looped endlessly while a version of "Scene Girlz" by Broke NCYDE with the volume cranked up way too high plays, one of the clips shows a conversation between two horribly-drawn characters while that same song plays, and another one of the clips is simply a white background with text reading "fuck hooker". The only clip that looks like it had any effort put into it is the one where Mega Man and Proto Man are fighting in front of the MW3 logo.

  • Calvin and Hobbes ButterFinger Commercial

  • The Death Of Batman
    • Fandom: Batman.
    • Synopsis: Batman has to face up to the idea of having put an innocent man in prison and ruining his life. And get anally violated.
    • Comments: This film takes an interesting premise (A vigilante facing up to a mistake and examining how much power is given to a man who has no real authority) and completely ruins it. The acting is awful, Batman is completely out of character (He makes quips that Spider-man would laugh at him for, he gets taken down by an untrained amateur), the plot makes no sense (Batman apparently just apprehended the kid because he was nearby and at no point in the long process from arrest to incarceration did anyone ask any questions) and it ends with Batman dead but no one identifying the body as Bruce Wayne. On a side note, Christian Bale's sister has a small role in it. One wonders if Bale was making sure that this wasn't his family's only contribution to Bob Kane's world.

  • Garfrield Da Cat [sic] 1 2 3 4 5
    • Fandom: Garfield.
    • Synopsis: A series of badly done flash movies lasting an average of 1 minute apiece, featuring Garfield, Jon, and Odie.
    • Comments: EVERYTHING is poorly drawn. The voice acting is badly recorded, and the characters' mouths are often just waving circles not even in sync with the dialogue. It relies heavily on Vulgar Humor. The backgrounds are borderline nonexistent, often being composed of simple shapes or cheap gradients. It's badly coded (the creator even included notes from the template he used, despite the blatant "DO NOT INCLUDE THESE NOTES IN YOUR MOVIE" text at the top). It often makes no sense whatsoever (In the fifth installment, Garfield's arm flies off with a bomb he throws). Many animations and bits of voice acting are blatantly recycled, and it's quite obvious whenever the creator put in new dialogue over it. Topping it all off, the fourth one isn't even a Garfield movie, but a Shrek movie. The quality isn't any better.

  • Grandma's Kisses
    • Fandom: Sponge Bob Square Pants
    • Synopsis: A mockbuster of Grandmas Kisses Dub and a shitty YouTube Poop-like video of the episode at the same time.
    • Comments: There are two parts that EXTREMELY blatantly rip off Greenday12688's beloved dub ("Black people!" becomes "Beaners", "The rockets...and oranges...DAVID HASSELHOFF!" becomes "The fireworks...playground balls...PAMELA ANDERSON!") and the rest is just an irritating voice proclaiming SpongeBob's love of cookies and what appears to be a zero given shits YouTube Poop. The icing on the cake is the truly baffling description ("Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, you will now!").

  • Guilderland Mew Mew

  • Gyro: Dark Chronicles: Episode 12 3 45

  • kif kroker kicks bear frombear in the big blue house and falls down (Original video no longer exists)

  • Mr. Morton dies
    • Fandom: Schoolhouse Rock.
    • Synopsis: "The Tale of Mr. Morton" has an alternate ending where he falls down the stairs and dies.
    • Comments: A two-and-a-half minute video with exactly three seconds of original content. Until the very last three seconds, it's simply the original video filmed poorly with a camera in front of the TV, with bad audio and occasionally the microphone in the shot. The last three seconds consist of marker drawings that wouldn't look out of place as Stylistic Suck played so fast it's impossible to tell what's going on, with no music and some kid vocalizing a cracking sound over them. The top comments on the video talk about how it's a complete waste of time and it has nearly a 4:1 ratio of dislikes to likes.

  • Pooh's Adventures (too many to list here, but you can check out the wiki.)
    • Fandom: The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, along with any cartoons the creator feels like throwing in
    • Synopsis: A series of YouTube vids that have become so widespread that they can almost be considered a genre unto themselves. They all follow the same exact formula: Take an existing cartoon (anything from a 10-minute short to a full-length feature}, splice in footage with as many cartoons as you like, and clumsily edit dialogue to make it seem like they're all part of the same story.
    • Comments: Every one of these movies is a chore to sit through. The added footage completely ruins the pacing of the original story with the added characters contributing nothing except glaringly obvious statements. To make matters worse, there are no attempts to dub the new dialogue in any way; it's all done in captions with no sound at all. The added characters possess none of the personality they normally would, largely because there's so many characters thrown in that none of them can be properly focused on, but also because they're simply being added to an existing narrative that was already complete. This Tumblr is devoted to making fun of them all.
      • The sad thing about it all is that it all stemmed from something that was very cool. YouTuber Tony WDA made Animated Crossovers which, like Pooh's Adventures, would integrate characters into scenes from animated movies, though primarily Disney films. The difference being that the additions weren't distracting and didn't negatively affect the pacing, and if it did affect the pacing it was usually to put an interesting angle on a scene, such as integrating Timon and Pumbaa's scenes from The Lion King 1½ with the stampede scene from the first movie. Unfortunately, due to a multitude of reasons, his videos can no longer be found and it's a shame that it's been outlived by something as mediocre as this.

  • The Search for Tecna
    • Fandom: Primarily Thomas the Tank Engine and Winx Club, though Bratz and Doctor Who are thrown in there as well.
    • Synopsis: After a prophecy in his dream, Percy must save his cousin Tecna, who has been mysteriously captured by evil fairies and a guitar-wielding train.
    • Comments: While the crude Original Character art, well trodden plot, and odd choice of crossover can be good for a laugh, this movie is a technical trainwreck. Audio levels are wildly inconsistent, so the viewer must choose between missing dialogue from some characters or enduring Sensory Abuse from others. Voice direction is nonexistent; many bad takes made it to the final cut, and most of the cast now regard it as an Old Shame. Worst of all, most of the video consists of clips and screenshots taken directly from the shows, which is a problem for two reasons. First, the major differences in background between the shows make it difficult to discern where anything is taking place, which, in tandem with the audio problems, makes every scene near impossible to follow. Second, this practice has gotten several parts taken down for copyright violation, leaving the remaining parts even less comprehensible than they would be normally. Basically, this movie is a Mind Screw because They Just Didn't Care. And while most of the entries on this page last about 1-20 minutes, The Search For Tecna lasts SIX HOURS!

    • Fandom: The Slender Man Mythos.
    • Synopsis: Marble Hornets, as done by Uwe Boll.
    • Comments: A Shoddy Knockoff of Marble Hornets. The acting would make Tommy Wiseau wince; every character is wooden and unconvincing. The minimalist terror of Marble Hornets is replaced with stupid horror clichés; stock creepy music plays constantly, one character inexplicably wanders into the woods while rambling to himself about Slender Man, and the camera work is laughable. The special effects are abysmal, with unconvincing gore and distortion effects. Where it's not being stupid, it blatantly plagiarizes the source material, with characters named after Marble Hornets characters, and a note that repeats verbatim what was said in "Entry #####". Finally, there's no respect for the source material. Slendy speaks, gives a Motive Rant near the end, and is defeated with a cell phone camera. An insult to the entire Mythos, and easily one of the worst things it's ever spawned.

  • Snake Kills Raiden
    • Fandom: Metal Gear.
    • Synopsis: The Colonel informs Snake that Raiden (who is now a Catholic priest) is molesting children at Disneyland, and that he needs to be stopped. Snake finds Raiden, tells him "Everyone who played Metal Gear Solid 2 hated your bleach-blond ass", and then shoots him repeatedly. The blood from the gunshot wounds in Raiden's head spell out "Snake was here", and then Snake laughs endlessly.
    • Comments: A pointless revenge video that was made only because the guy who made the video hates Raiden. Now, anti-Raiden videos/shorts can be funny if done right (see some of the Raiden-related shorts from the MGS Flash Collab for example), but this is not done right at all. It's not even the least bit funny. The "animation" (if you could call it that) is simply pictures taken from the internet (some of them even have the site logo in the corner), but with open mouths poorly drawn on them, and whenever the mouths open and close, the whole picture moves along with it. The voice acting is poorly-recorded, poorly-done, and hard to understand for the most part (for example, Raiden sounds like he has some sort of weird accent, and it's hard to understand most of the stuff he's saying). Snake's voice changes constantly, in some parts his voice sounds really deep, whereas other parts he sounds like a 10-year-old boy trying to do a deep voice. Sometimes, the vocals are totally absent and a silent flapping of mouths takes place. Also, they're not using an actual picture of Raiden through most of the video, instead they're using a picture of a girl cosplaying as him. Here's what the reviewers have to say:
      • "This was in no way shape or form funny, well-made, or worth submitting. Basically, it sucked."
      • "I was going to cut you some slack, but god.... FUCKING SHIT!!! Cataclysmic is the only word I can use to describe here. This was so bad it could make a nun cry. Have you no sould MAN!!?"
      • "The 10 year old voicing, the poor excuse for animation... I'm a diehard Metal Gear and I'll happily tell you this is 100% pathetic."
      • "thats the worst thing i ever saw...ever... horribly cut and past animation, I don't even know what youwere saying. english definatly wasn't your first lanuage huh? learn to use flash, learn to speak better, and try no to eat the microphone when your talking into it."
      • "As much as I would like to say that your Animation's shit, the voice acting is worse than mine, and the idea is just ungodly unbelievable... Oh wait, I just did."
      • "waste of time that was a pointless waste of time.Raiden is awsome.Hes better than a lot of video game charactors.plus in number 2 it was about time they took snake away for awhile.Hes to big of a bad ass.Have you seen raiden in metalgearsolid 4?"

  • Spongebob Style
    • Fandom: SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • Synopsis: A parody of Gangnam Style, with a kid singing about how cool Spongebob is.
    • Comments: First of all, this shouldn't even be called a song. It's just some kid rambling about Spongebob while an instrumental version of Gangnam Style plays. He's not even singing, he's just talking. In some parts, he's not even going to the beat either. He also sounds like he's crying, and like he's just making up all the lyrics as the music goes, instead of writing or rehearsing it beforehand. seinfeldspitstain of Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour fame made this parody.

  • This day aria Applejack (Original video no longer exists)