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  • Painting the Medium: The names of The Felt are always in lime.
    • Along with Snowman and Doc Scratch (and later Lord English's) names are green except for the o (black, white, and an animated pool ball cycle, respectively).
    • Later, Dave starts complaining about it when Rose talks about THE TUMOR and the Green Sun.
    • Bro physically destroys Dave's Strife battle commands not once, but twice.
    • Terezi ended up scratching Homestuck Disc 2. Since then, animations and panels have been notably glitched-looking. After the "scratching", Doc Scratch takes over as narrator once more. For our convenience, he changes the site format to a green color theme, so we could read the white text. That was nice of him. While this is happening, the audience is treated to the interior of Felt Manor/Doc Scratch's house, as seen at the top of the page. Eventually, Spades Slick walks in, and proceeds to give Doc Scratch the hitching post drubbing we saw earlier.
    • When Caliborn starts attacking the giant radio tower in his session with a crowbar, the entire contents of the page are shaken and jumbled up with each hit. If you turn the sound off at this page, the sound of the crowbar hitting the tower stays. The second time he does it, the [S] in the page's command is replaced with [FUCK YOU].
    • Trickster text flashes brightly in multiple colors - with the exception of Dirk, who serves as the Only Sane Man in the situation.
    • When John is about to be sucked into Lord English's Treasure, his text becomes progressively illegible.
    • When Caliborn stuffs the expansion cartridge with stardust, it causes the game to become glitched again. This seems to affect the characters as they can't remember what happened right after they were transported in front of John, when Rose tries to explain what happened, nobody can understand it because the text is glitched. It has been decoded, though.
  • Palm Tree Panic: The Land of Light and Rain, except it doesn't have palm trees. There is plenty of sand and water, though.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Even the protagonist thinks so.
  • Parasol of Pain: BARBER'S BEST FRIEND, which kind of has to be seen to be believed.
  • Parasol Parachute: An imp absconds off of John's roof via umbrella.
  • Passive-Aggressive Kombat: Spoofed.
  • People Jars: Here.
  • Percussive Prevention: Rose stops Dave from embarking on the suicide mission to deliver The Tumor to the Green Sun by beaning him with a ball of yarn.
  • Phosphor-Essence:
    • The troll's inverse version of vampires, "rainbow drinkers", glow a bright white.
    • When Rose goes Grimdark, she gains a black glow to show her immense power.
  • Piggy Bank: BOONDOLLARS go into your CERAMIC PORKHOLLOW.
  • Plot Armor: Played straight. There are several loopholes that allow dead characters to come Back from the Dead, like being resurrected as their dream selves that live on Prospit or Derse, reaching their God Tier, time travel, alternate timeline duplicates, and prototyping a Kernelsprite with their dead body.
    • Most directly present in-setting in the form of God Tier immortality, which grants them Resurrective Immortality against any "unworthy" deaths (that is, any death that isn't either suitably heroic or suitably just.)
    • Due to the plot element of Weird Time Shit, readers often have knowledge of conversations or actions that may or may not have happened yet, depending on the perspective. Most notably, Karkat trolls the kids backwards in time and thus has plot armor that lasts until his first conversation with them has taken place (from his perspective).
    • Almost literal in Lord English's case. As the Lord of Time, inevitability always works to his advantage. In fact, EVERYTHING that has happened in the first five Acts (more than half the story) has retroactively lead to his rise to power.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: The journey across the Yellow Yard will take three years according to Jade... coincidentally putting her and John at 16, same age (or close) as the kids from the post-Scratch universe, as well as the age they would be if time in the comic flowed normally compared to the Real World. With the timeline weirdness that occurs in the Furthest Ring, it also happens Rose, Dave, WV, and the Trolls.
    • The Post-Scratch story starts two and a half years later than the Pre-Scratch one did, and so the Post-Scratch kids are two and a half years older, meaning that the Running Gag of trying to give them a terrible name on their 13th birthday can't continue. Despite this, they look identical to the kids and trolls sizeways in their "symbolic form", though look noticeably older in "hero mode"
  • Poe's Law: Dave's Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff webcomic is described as "a webcomic ironically maintained through a satirical cipher" with "legions of devoted fans, most of whom are totally convinced" of his sockpuppet persona's sincerity.
    • When Karkat tries to warn everyone about Gamzee's rampage in a transtimeline memo, Feferi can't tell if he's serious or if all the memos have been jokes.
  • Portmanteau: Given the sheer number of random places and concepts requiring some form of new terminology, there are pretty much an endless assortment of these to choose from, many of which one might not even notice at first.
  • Portal Cut: Briefly considered by Roxy in the alpha session concerning the fenestrated walls, before being shown to be untrue concering the fenestrated walls. More likely than not a Mythology Gag, considering how often this turned up with the windows in Problem Sleuth.
    • Demonstrated later on by Dirk and a sendificator.
  • Poster-Gallery Bedroom: John, Karkat, and in the biggest example, Jake.
  • Potty Emergency: Dave undergoes one after a cleaning mishap sends his toilet crashing through the ceiling.
    TG: its like fucking christmas up in my bladder here 
    TG: and where do i find my toilet
    TG: oh look here it is
    TG: amputated in my room
    TG: gagged with a towel like a fucking prison hostage
  • Power Gives You Wings: A consequence of Dave's sprite prototyping when putting on one of the queen's rings.
    • Trolls grow wings if they hit their god tiers as well.
  • Power of Love: The Heart aspect invokes this in part.
  • Powered by a Forsaken Child: Or should we say Painted With A Forsaken Child. Turns out that Alternian paint sets use the blood of culled wrigglers.
  • Pre Ass Kicking One Liner: Here.
  • Precision F-Strike:
  • Pre-emptive Declaration: Miss Mail Lady gets a letter from Jade about where to go; however, the actual location is considerably less damaged than the picture illustrates.
    • Snowman does this in the Midnight Crew intermission.
    "Hold still, Slick. Something in your eye."
  • Product Placement: For the author's own merchandise.
  • Promoted Fanboys/Fangirls: Andrew takes some art submissions to use in flash updates, and the entire sound team qualifies.
    • Rufioh's voice patterns are based on those of Dante Basco, who played Rufio in Hook and also happens to read Homestuck. Rufioh's appearance is also based on the Hook character.
  • Pseudo Crisis: "I won't be coming back." It's just her dream self won't be coming back, actually; she herself will be fine. Only an example as Hussie stopped there for the day; the resolution was solved the next day. It turns out to be Foreshadowing, though, since by the time it actually comes to go on that mission, all the kids' dream selves have died, meaning that whoever goes has to (apparently) make an actual heroic sacrifice.
    • John's dramatic impalement in the chest on this page is a lot less worrisome for those who remember that players who've reached the God Tiers can only die heroically or justly, and getting sucker-stabbed by the Big Bad is very unlikely to fall into either category. Or, who remember that we've seen a panel that shows John, in his godhood, that takes place after that battle.
  • Psycho Serum: The Spiral Sucker compels its user to lick it before it's even consumed, and when Jane licks it, she engages Trickster Mode, which turns her into a mind-numbingly saccharine Stepford Smiler with extreme Green Thumb power.
    • In much earlier pages than that, the Mind Honey certainly counts.
  • Pun: You slay them all with your RAPIER WIT.
  • Punched Across the Room: Dad decking a Shale Imp through a wall.

  • Quip to Black: Dave, Dirk, and Sollux all get a few off every now and again.

  • Race Against the Clock: Multiple uses, all of them involving specific countdown clocks and lots of really, really big meteors.
  • Rage Against the Author: Taken to the logical extreme. The Big Bad, Lord English, not only kills Hussiebot, but he kills Andrew Hussie himself.
  • Rainbow Speak: universe and universe, for example. Often, these differently colored words are also converted into animated GIFs and have a sort of supernatural sparkle to them. Then there's this particularly memorable piece of Angrish: SHE HAS WHAT!?
  • Raised by Wolves: All of the trolls. Jade as well, in a more literal case - her guardian is Bec, a dog.
  • A Rare Sentence: Via Hussie himself on Twitter.
    a line i seriously just wrote in reality: "People were less prepared for a double juggalo presidency than they ever imagined.
  • Readings Blew Up the Scale: Kanaya's "flighty broads and their snarky horseshitometer" explodes when Kanaya watches Rose blow up her first gate. It simply couldn't take this much horseshit.
  • Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic: In a more roundabout way that usual, exemplified during the first text log of post-Scratch Lalonde: she is the only character to make accidental misspelling in her text and then correct them with an asterisks (something way more common in real life texting). Even she only appears to do this because she is drunk. Or maybe on purpose. Of course, we've been shown that all kids are pretty intelligent for their ages, and can all be safely described as "nerds", so it's not as unrealistic as it first appears. And trolls write in another alphabet altogether anyway.
  • Reality Warper: The aspect of Space, which also caries over to First Guardians.
  • Recap Episode: 3 thus far. Hussie began a fourth a few updates before the end of Act 5 Act 2, but comically decided against it.
  • Record Needle Scratch: This occurs several times, the first time being here.
    • Here, an actual in-universe record is involved.
  • Recurring Riff: Several songs have become these, most notably Sburban Jungle, but also Doctor and Upward Movement.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Jane's irises change to bright red when she's being mind controlled.
  • The Red Stapler: Both for actual merchandise as well as products featured in the comic, like Faygo and Gushers.
  • Red Herring: After the introduction of one of Homestuck's most powerful villains, Lord English, we are soon introduced to the alpha kids, including one Jake English. His shirt's icon closely resembles Lord English's skull, and apart from having the same surname, the alpha kids' title of the Nobles would make Jake's noble title "Lord English". Then, we are introduced to Caliborn, who is essentially a young Lord English. He receives the cursed juju Lil Cal, which eventually becomes a Soul Jar that contains him during all of its timeline.
  • Reprise Medley: "Descend", (played at the end of Act 4) and, to a lesser extent, "Eternity's Shylock"/"Eternity Served Cold" (the end of Act 6 Act 3).
  • Resentful Guardian: Rose and her mother hold up a passive-aggressive oneupmanship contest with each other. Rose sees her mother as being resentful in nature, and her somewhat quirky personality as hateful. May or may not be a huge misunderstanding on her part.
  • Resurrective Immortality: There is guaranteed immortality for any Sburb player who reaches God Tier which can only be achieved by a player arranging to be killed on their Quest Bed. They simply cannot be Killed Off for Real unless the death is deemed just or heroic. They'll be dead for a few minutes, and then they'll jump right back up again without any blood on their clothes. In theory they can come back even if their corpse is annihilated (and it has been more or less proven that they can come back after being incinerated.) They also won't succumb to old age.
  • Retconjuration: John tries utilizing Lord English's secret treasure by putting his hand through it. It allows him to access any point in time of any of Homestuck's continuities, shown by featuring dozens of panels concerning previous events now containing glimpses of John's arm. What's interesting about this is that the original panels found within the comic have been replaced with the ones present in the updates in question - including the animated sequences.
    • As of the 11/26/14 update, it's happened again. When John made all of the oil disappear, tiny puddles of it ended up all throughout the story (with certain images being replaced, like last time).
  • Retroactive Preparation: The Appearifiers and Sendifiers easily facilitate this. The Bunny was intended to be this trope by Jade and her penpal from the future. While it definitely helps the Kids against Jack, it's also what caused Jack to be such a problem to begin with.
    • A more subtle example: The Trolls help the Kids in their preparations for the Scratch by passing on information from their future selves. They then tell the Trolls what they need to be told in the past.
  • Revive Kills Zombie: discussed since Grimbark!Jade uses it as a threat against Kanaya.
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder:
    GT: Yeah but come on its not like youre from a century in the future.
    TT: Well. No.
    GT: Nor am i a quaint man of the past. Pardon me but do i SOUND like some trollycar bellwether toiling in the heart of the mustache belt from the ruff n tumble year of nineteen aught nine???
    TT: ...
    TT: He said unironically.
  • A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma: WV comments to himself that women are "a riddle draped in a mystery wrapped in post-apocalyptic shroudwear."
  • Rivers Of Blood: Karkat's Sgrub Baby Planet, the Land of Pulse and Haze.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge/Roaring Rampage of Rescue: The [S] Game Over flash contained many different varieties of these:
    • Kanaya and Karkat going against Gamzee to save Terezi. Dave going against Jack and PM to save Jade. HIC going against Aranea. Rose going against HIC to avenge Kanaya. Terezi going against Aranea to avenge Karkat. Jake trying to perform a Heroic Sacrifice for Jane and Roxy saving Rose. Not to mention John beating CALIBORN to a pulp in a fist fight.
  • Robot Hair:
    • Jade Harley, Dirk Strider, and Andrew Hussie all have robots of themselves complete with matching hair that appear to be carved/shaped out of the same metal used for the body.
    • Aradia Megido's soulbot has synthetic hair that is the same long, curly hairstyle that she had when she was alive.
    • The herd of robotic Maplehoofs have the same mane as their living counterpart.
  • Rooftop Confrontation: John's 'Boss Fight' vs the Ogres on the roof of his house.
  • Room Full of Crazy: Many characters have scribbles all over their walls. John's is the only true example of the trope however; the rest are mild or intentional for Sburb.
  • RPG Mechanics Verse: Sburb and the incipisphere, naturally. But more oddly, the real world also RPG mechanics in its sylladex system, and post-scratch Earth has many more elements taken from Sburb. Of course, since all the trolls & kids we've seen come from worlds created by Sburb...
  • Rule of Animation Conservation: Flash is used for a) exposition via walkarounds in which one interacts with the environment, b) minigames, c) atmospheric detail via music or sound, or d) epic cinematic moments. Andrew seems to like the last usage best; as of late the other three types of flashpages have been greatly reduced. Simple .gif animation, on the other hand, is so common it's not even worth mentioning anymore (unlike in the early days of Problem Sleuth).
  • Rule 34: Bro Strider runs an extremely lucrative smuppet porn site.
    EB: hey, i don't have a problem with your weird sort of alien hate-love thing!
    EB: it is just that, uh...
    CG: WHAT
    EB: i am not a homosexual.
    EB: it is like, when a boy likes another boy.
    EB: or i guess hates, in this case.
    EB: yes.
    EB: shrug. it just is.
    • Karkat is also confused by the concept of incest, and doesn't find it disgusting, since trolls do not have siblings and are all technically interrelated due to Bizarre Alien Reproduction.
    • Spineret Mindfang seems to have a thing for lowbloods, particularly lowbloods of unknown caste (or maybe just squicking her kismesis by defying social conventions).
  • Running Gag: Too many to list. Just go here, or we could be here all day...

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