->"[[LampshadeHanging Just when you thought]] ''Series/WillAndGrace'' [[HoYay/LiveActionTV was the gayest show on TV]], [[UpToEleven along]] [[SerialEscalation comes]] ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway''"
-->--'''Drew Carey'''

!!UK series:
* Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles have been {{Ho Yay}}ing it up since those magical times they spent in Merry Ol' England.
* From John Sessions mounting Stephen Fry during a game of props to Mike [=Mc=]Shane planting kisses on Tony Slattery and Brad Sherwood to anytime Paul Merton and Tony Slattery were on the same episode. The third pairing leading to one of the most infamous Party Quirk moments of the Britline series - Four words: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_eEAo-SSBE Tony Slattery, the Chippendale.]] Just watch Paul when Tony enters at 1:28.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4OfIQ5vRkA Greg and Clive, anyone?]]
* Tony Slattery with ''[[AnythingThatMoves anyone and everyone]]''.
* Caroline and Josie.

!!US series 1:
* The American version of ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' sometimes has homoerotic joking around among its usually all-male cast; one skit featured Colin Mochrie kissing all the other actors, and Wayne Brady routinely sang love songs to male audience members. Host Drew Carey has called the series "the gayest show on TV."
* The letter H, anyone?
* And somehow the [[http://www.collegehumor.com/video:106174 Richard Simmons]] episode went unnoticed. Ryan and Colin managed to keep it together (but just barely). Wayne however [[HeroicBSOD 'blue screened'.]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTxkxG3DF4k This bit]] with Richard Simmons is notable for being one of the only times over both the show's runs that Colin [[{{Corpsing}} breaks character]].
* There was also an episode where Greg was offended by something Drew said, and [[ItMakesSenseInContext when they made up]] with a hug, the audience went "awwww." Then they went from the hug to something a little more provocative. After they went back to their respective chairs, Greg delivered the following line:
--> '''Greg''': I've had Drew's ass, and now I want more.
* And the Party Quirks where Colin was groping everyone.
** The fact that Wayne gets back up so Colin could grab him, even though he was already out, adds to the subtext.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K09KN2hb938 This segment of Hollywood Director]] ends with Wayne straddling Greg and Greg's legs wrapped around Wayne.
* After the infamous "Maltese Burger" kiss, Ryan says to Colin "I think that's the first time I've ever kissed you ''on here''." Those two have had the most kisses between them, with Ryan usually initiating them. Colin would sometimes lead, which would lead to an infamous kiss during Whose Line where Colin kissed him after Ryan tries to kiss him, including the line "We’ve worked together 20 years, you can’t kiss me?!" said by Ryan.
** By last tally, Colin has kissed ''every'' regular male contestant at least once, as well as the host. The man gets around.
** Colin said once in a interview with Wayne, that he has kissed every male player at least three times. I've never seen a female player kissed.
** There was that time they had Kathy Giffin on the show, and Ryan planted a big wet one on her, and Drew gave her points for kissing Ryan. When Colin protested, saying he and Ryan kiss each other all the time, Drew replied, "That's because you ''like'' to kiss him." Ryan added, "It's gotta be on the ''show''."
* Apparently, Wayne can [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8pzTftQkWQ get around]] too...
* After Drew made the comment about Whose Line being "the gayest show on TV", Wayne, Colin, and Ryan all point to their wedding rings, and then point at Jeff Davis, who then kisses Colin.
* It hard not to think it was possible the writers of the cards were trying for this. In one LMAD, Ryan was a Ravenous Boa Consrictor and Colin was turned on by danger. This leads to Ryan tongue being flickered about an inch from Colin's face.. and Colin's face during the whole things was just too convincing.
* After the "Let's Make a Date" where Ryan was a motorcycle stuntman joined at the butt with Colin:
--> '''Drew''': Y'know, Ryan, could've been worse. Could've been worse. Coulda made you ''porn star'', joined at the butt with Colin.\\
'''Colin''': It'd be the first time we've made ''money'' off it. (Ryan taps him and gives him a "Shut up." look)
* "Welcome back to ''Whose Line Is It Anyway?", the show with more... same-sex, mouth-to-mouth kissing than any show in the history of television."
* In the "Dubbing" with Chyna, Ryan and Colin were both kissed by Chyna, and the victor of a dance-off got to keep Chyna as their girlfriend. However, after Colin danced, Ryan said, "That dancing, it inspired me..." [[RunningGag and kissed Colin on the lips.]]
* In the episode where Drew gave out $100 bills as prizes, Colin kissed both Wayne and Ryan during "Let's Make a Date"; after the game, Drew beckoned for Colin to come get his prize money, and when he gave it to him, Drew kissed Colin on the lips.
--> '''Drew''': How bad you want it, Mochrie? Come on, get your dirty money!
* A "Let's Make a Date" featured Ryan as Colin's ex-wife sprouting from his neck. While Ryan was playing a female character, it still involved two dudes and erotic behavior, especially when Ryan seductively licked Colin's ear.
* In a playing of "Dubbing" in the style of Theatre/WestSideStory, the audience member was about to kiss Colin but Ryan stepped in at the last moment and kissed Colin's head for her. After the game:
--> '''Ryan''': I asked Colin if he knew it was me, he said "yeah", I asked, "How did you know?" He goes, "I know your lips."
* A "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion, "When a kiss is out of line":
--> '''Wayne''': Your kid's been beatin' up my kid! (Colin kisses Wayne on the lips)
** Immediately afterwards, Colin remarked, "Can we get ''women'' on this show?"
* A "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion, "Things that will cause a Drew Carey spit take". At that, Ryan and Colin kissed.
* As mentioned on the [[Funny/WhoseLineIsItAnyway Funny]] page:
--> '''Drew''': 1,000 points- (Ryan's holding up two fingers) What? Okay, 2,000 points. (Ryan looks pleased; Drew mouths, "I love you.")
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXyvbC4F2bk Oh yeah...]]
* Colin and Ryan, as the amount of times they kiss each off, all the times Ryan sticks up for Colin, and the fact Colin always plays the Ryan's wife/girlfriend in the games produces so much HoYay, Drew lampshades it by saying "Just when you thought ''Series/WillAndGrace'' was the gayest show on TV, along comes Whose Line Is It Anyway." Which prompts them all to show off their wedding rings...
* [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday "By the way, we're not a couple!"]] "...When did that happen-" [-"SHUT UP."-]
* Creator/RobinWilliams, completely turning the skit homoerotic: "Oh, 'work hard, work hard'. '''Last night you didn't say that.'''"
** "I WANT IT TO BE FILLED WITH '''''LUST!'''''" - to Robin - ''"[[CampGay You remember!]]"''
* ''Song Titles'' would often wind up like this due to the limited nature of [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment song titles.]]
* Subverted when Drew makes a comment about Whose Line being the show where one can never be too rich or too gay, and all four male contestents point to their wedding bands. Drew then quips [[SarcasmMode he's never known a married gay man]] (This was years before gay marriage became common).
* During a "Scenes From a Hat" playing, one suggestion was "In-Laws that would make you question your marriage." Wayne and Brad walked out, with Wayne saying "Hi, this is Tipper, I'm [[UsefulNotes/AlGore Al]]...", before spoofing the overly-passionate kiss between Al and Tipper Gore.
* [[http://youtu.be/0dCJxurpKNo This game of "Party Quirks"]] had Ryan as "All the characters in a gay western". It becomes HilariousInHindsight in light of ''Film/BrokebackMountain''.
* In the "Greatest Hits" about songs of the flight attendants:
--> '''Colin''': You know, one of my favorite styles, as you know, because... we spend a lot of time together, unnaturally almost...\\
'''Ryan''': Ssh ssh ssh...
* Before one "Weird Newscasters", Drew gave Ryan his quirk, and what he was given didn't thrill him. Drew asked him, "Would you rather be sucked into a black hole in the camera?" (which was Wayne's quirk), and Ryan replied suggestively, "We'll talk about that later."
* In the "Party Quirks" where Colin put his hands in everyone's pockets, he did it to Greg, who replied, "I'm gonna lock the door and not let anyone else in, is that okay?"
* After the "Let's Make a Date" with Greg as an angry Jerry Springer guest:
--> '''Drew''': 1,000 points to Ryan, 1,000 points to Colin, and Greg, you get to go on a real date with Wayne Brady! ''(Greg and Wayne turn towards each other, hold hands, and pretend to be lovestruck while inches away from each other)''
* In "Bartender", if Drew asked the audience that a performer was in love with something, he'd inevitably take a suggestion of the bartender.
--> '''Brad''': ''(to Wayne)'' We should fall in love more often.
* In the "Scenes From a Hat" from the "100th" episode, one suggestion was "outtakes from the first 100 episodes". Wayne and Greg came out and pretended to be making out.
* In the episode where Wayne reveals that he's ticklish, Drew remarks seductively, "Good to know." Later, when Colin played the ''Batman'' villain "The Tickler":
--> '''Drew''': Wayne's got a tickly butt!\\
'''Wayne''': Yes, I have a tickly butt.\\
'''Drew''': And ever since Colin found that out, every chance...\\
'''Ryan''': Not only ''on'' the show...
* One "Party Quirks" had Colin reading Drew Carey's diary:
--> '''Colin''': "Today I just sat there. I watched the four of them perform for me in such a way [[RagingStiffie I didn't think I'd be able to walk!"]]
* One of the outtakes from the first season had Drew's and Colin's lips ''almost'' touch but backing away at the last second.

!!US series 2:
* The letter H gets ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7dCbo_Cyi8 upgraded]]'' in the second revival season.
* Three minutes into the 2013 revival, and Colin, as a sex robot in "Let's Make a Date," kisses Ryan. Some things never change.
** Colin first kisses Wayne in this sketch, and you can see Ryan applying lip balm, preparing for what he knows is inevitable. Let's face it--it wouldn't be Whose Line without those two makin' out.
* In a game of 'Dubbing' with Maggie Q, Colin made Wayne and Ryan have a kiss-off. Naturally, they went for it.
* Jack Osbourne has no problem laying on the Ho Yay with Ryan in the revival series.
* [[{{Series/Glee}} Darren Criss]] was certainly mentally prepared for the Dubbing scene, from [[LargeHam hamming it up]] as a robo-droid to 'malfunctioning' and trying to 'kill' Wayne, then switching to ''embracing'' him in a heartbeat.
--> '''Greg''': (mimes holding a book) By the power vested in me by the state of California...
* As if in retaliation for Ryan getting with one of the studio cameras in a previous ep, we have Colin getting together with Gary Anthony Williams during Scenes from a Hat in the episode with Scary Spice.
* Coming from [[{{Series/Supernatural}} a show with its own fair share of]] HoYay, Creator/MishaCollins was apparently prepared for his guest appearance here. At least till he raised both legs for Colin, forcing Aisha to hit the buzzer and end it there.
* A revival edition of "Newsflash" feature a montage of various kisses, many of which are of same-sex couples of either gender that capture some great reactions from the crowd and the players. [[spoiler:Then the clips of Colin kissing and bring kissed on the show start playing...]]
* In [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SimaOUmSV50 one playing]] of Scenes From A Hat, one of the scenes is 'Inappropriate times to give someone a kiss'. Cue three same sex kisses - all featuring Colin.
* The fourth revival season made sure to raise the bar even further:
** Joey Fatone of {{Music/NSync}} fame ends up alongside Ryan in drag as a "glamorous divorcee" he's supposed to seduce. Ryan attempting to replicate the spaghetti kiss thing from ''Disney/LadyAndTheTramp'' leads to one of the most intimate kisses you will ever see on tv.
** Brett Dier of ''Series/JaneTheVirgin'' fame turns out to be a much more animated character in RealLife, and Wayne asking him for suggestions slowly grows longer and more elaborate as there's far more to Michael Cordero than meets the eye:
---> '''Aisha''': You asking him on a date? What's going on?
*** The crowner:
---> '''Brett''': I do breakdance...\\
'''Wayne''': Shut up!\\
'''Brett''': It's true. I do...\\
'''Wayne''': (announcing) He's havin' my kids!\\
'''Brett''': [[CrossesTheLineTwice (gleeful) I'm ready!]]