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Ho Yay: Watch Men
  • As Watchmen is the Deconstructor Fleet of the superhero genre, the homosexuality subtext was addressed. Two male members of the Minutemen were having a closet relationship (with Hooded Justice not being a huge fan of monogamy, and a large fan of S&M), and the lesbian Silhouette was cast out of the team after she was outed (we're talking about The Thirties here). Aside from the official Ho Yay, some suggest subtext between many male characters, most popular pairing being Rorschach and Nite Owl II.
    • This despite Rorschach's expressed contempt (in narration, no less) for homosexuals, though one might argue he was just deeply, deeply in the closet, even to himself.
    • Contempt? The only time I can recall Rorschach even mentioning gays was after he spoke to Ozymandias: "Possibly homosexual? Must remember to investigate further."
      • He mentions that in his opinion Silhouette's death was her own fault, caused by her "indecent lifestyle". Remember that Rorschach's world-view is that of an ultra-right wing nutjob on steroids.
      • "Investigate further", forsooth? Shades of J. Edgar Hoover!
      • And don't forget Nite Owl II cites that Rorschach might be looking for friends as a reason for his constant (door breaking) visits, plus when they shake hands there's a frame where Rorschach holds the shake for a moment too long to make Nite Owl II feel comfortable.
      • On the first point, Rorschach investigates everyone. He's like The Question that way. (Which ain't so weird considering that before DC created new characters for the story, this role were supposed to be The Question)Secondly, I've always thought the handshake was meant to show just how socially inept he is. He's familiar with the concept of shaking hands, but he's never had to actually do it.
      • There's a flashback panel during his sessions with Long that shows him shaking hands with Nite Owl II in the halcyon days of their partnership. I don't think it's that easy to forget how...
      • On the other hand, before that Rorschach has probably never been touched nonviolently.
      • I thought the handshake was meant to parallel Dan holding Laurie's hand for a panel too long, earlier on. Also, the inkblot shape on Rorschach's face is a giant goofy smile after he lets go...
      • As the whole of Watchmen has many, many parallels between scenes and hidden connections, the fact that Daniel's 'far too long handholding' is indicative of his desire for Laurie, it really seems likely it's the same with Rorschach. Anyone can agree that Daniel's the only person Rorschach actually cares about. Except maybe President Truman. And his father.
      • According to Dave Gibbons, the handshake wasn't meant to be homoerotic.
    • The bottle of cologne that Rorschach nicks from Dan is specifically marketed towards homosexual men. Make of that what you will.
  • The new Before Watchmen: Comedian mini-series suggests that part of what drove Eddie Blake to become such a monster was the fact that he was really good friends with John F. Kennedy, and watching Jack get shot down just crystallized his own cynicism about humanity.
    • Wait, so Before Watchmen has retconned it being Eddie behind the Grassy Knoll?
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