Ho Yay: Sora No Woto

  • Sora No Woto: Kanata looks up to Rio as an Onee-sama. Rio and Filicia keep sharing meaningful glances and Intertwined Fingers. NoŽl calls Kanata 'her light' and they share a Luminescent Blush.
    • Starting in episode 5, Kanata and NoŽl get in on the hand-holding as well.
    • Filicia has an... interesting way of testing people's language skills:
      You have such nice breasts. Just the kind I like. Do you mind if I play with them for a bit? May I run my fingers along your body? —Just as I thought, you don't speak any Helvetian.
    • Earlier in the same episode, NoŽl stops Aisha from trying to attack her by groping her bare breast.
    • Ruined for Rio at the end of episode 12, she appears to actually like the Roman Emperor and is still engaged to him. Cue cry of despair from raging yuri fanboys.
      • Actually, given the fact that Rio chooses to return to the 1121st Platoon, it remains unclear what her feelings for the Roman Emperor are, and Rio's future plans are left vague, yuri fans have no problem continuing to ship her with the other Platoon members.
    • After the Grand Finale, NoŽl/Aisha is widely considered all but canon.
  • When the girls were writing wishes on ema, NoŽl wrote on hers "A pretty bride," and revealed it while looking straight at Kanata.