Ho Yay: Ouran High School Host Club

  • While Kasanoda's feelings towards Haruhi don't count, there's definitely something between him and his servant Tetsuya, at least on Tetsuya's side.
  • There is also this scene between Kaoru and Kyoya, in Chapter 47 of the manga.
    Kyoya: As long the people we care about understand us, the other stuff doesn't matter. Don't you agree?
    Kaoru: ...
    Kyoya:Why are you making that face?
    Kaoru: Um, yeah...I agree...I just realised for the first time that you are really cute.
    • And then in Chapter 73 there's a whole slew of it, including Kyoya waking up to find Kaoru in his bed (fully dressed, on top of the covers, reading a book), Kaoru blushing as Kyoya changes clothes and Hunny asking if Hikaru is mad because "Kyo-chan stole your Kao-chan."
    • In Operation: Hikaru and Haruhi's First Date the two share a scene apart from the group that almost seems as though they're parents watching their children. Does the Host Club have a new mommy?
  • While the vast majority of Homoerotic Subtext between Kyoya and Tamaki is very intentional, there seems to be at least one accidental example: the end of "And So Kyoya Met Him" when he starts acting normal after realizing how he feels about Tamaki reads like a coming out story. Additionally, in between flashbacks of his relationship with Tamaki, Kyouya is shown painting a flower. The flower becomes a rainbow as he comes to care for Tamaki.