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They are best friends. Yes...

Listing all the Les Yay in Lyrical Nanoha is an exercise in futility as it will involve practically every character from the main leads to Those Two Girls. If you want to save time, let's just say there are only four straight couples that have any canon basis - Chrono/Amy, Erio/Caro, Griffith/Lucino and Tohma/Lily in Force. note 

    Main canon 
  • Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa-Harlaown.
  • Vivio's found herself in her own Les Yay relationship with Einhart Stratos in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. Inheriting her royal ancestor's bitter regret of failing to protect his beloved rival, the Sankt Kaiser, in the end, Einhart seeks out Vivio... only to learn that she is her own person and not just the Holy Queen reborn. And yet, even though she knows that she's not the Queen she seeks, she still finds herself drawn to her, wishing to meet her again. Meanwhile, Vivio wishes to communicate her true feelings to Einhart and has made it her goal to rise to her expectations and become as strong as the Holy Queen that Einhart remembers through the Hegemon's memories. There's also a semi-canon side story where Einheart asks to try Vivio's home-made cookies, while being clearly embarrassed and Vivio gets very worked up, while trying to make said cookies as delicious as possible, so she wouldn't dislike her.
  • Hayate "Harem Master" Yagami and...
    • ... Vita. They did the Only One Bed thing before Nanoha and Fate, and Vita spends as much waking time as possible cuddling Hayate. During episode 6 of A's (AKA the flashback showing how the Wolkenritter met Hayate) there's a scene where Vita and Hayate share a bath together. Vita briefly looks at Hayate who smiles at her, causing Vita to blush and look away (it helps the when we cut to Vita's POV of the scene happy, serene music begins to play). Vita's Nice Hat that Hayate gave to her is her Berserk Button, causing her to unleashing a rocket-drill on Nanoha after she damages it. Hayate only finally snaps once Vita is killed, and after the Wolkenritter are resurrected Vita tearfully glomps Hayate. The manga has Hayate caressing Vita with the latter blushing while they talk about how they like to always live together. The last Sound Stage of the third season has the two of them discussing the events of the Cradle after Hayate playfully tackles Vita into bed.
    • ... Signum. Hayate gropes Signum while she's asleep, because she knows that Signum would be terribly embarrassed if she did it while she was awake, and Signum is seen holding her in a very compromising position (complete with blushing Hayate) in the artbook. Signum's emotions for Hayate, as understated as they are, are still visibly there in every look.
    • ... Shamal. As Hayate notes in the first A's Sound Stage that she also enjoys being held by Shamal, and when Hayate says that Shamal's breasts feel nice, Shamal giggles with pleasure. At the end of the sound stage, Shamal tucks Hayate in while thinking about her desire to protect her in return for the happiness she's received from her. There's also the scene in A's episode 3 where Hayate gets into a bath with Shamal, and apparently greatly enjoys Shamal scrubbing her leg.
    • ...Reinforce Eins. For the brief time they were together in the prime continuity, the two of them have generated a remarkable amount of Les Yay—from Hayate lovingly cradling Eins' face in her hands to Eins telling her she is "the happiest magical tome in the world" while performing a Heroic Sacrifice to save her and the Knights. Perhaps most blatant of all is the two of them de facto having a child, as Rein Zwei was born from Eins' Linker Core merging with Hayate's.
  • Reinforce Eins also gets a little bit with Signum. While she cares for all of the Knights, Signum seems to be the one she actually interacts with from what we can tell. In the A's supplementary manga (and also the A's movie) the Book of Darkness (i.e. Rein Eins) teleports herself to Signum's location with Hayate commenting that it's because the Book of Darkness gets worried when Signum doesn't get home on time.
    • The A's movie also added more scenes with Signum and Reinforce, showing how Signum and Reinforce took care of the other Knights all those years before they met Hayate, and a quiet scene towards the end where Signum and Reinforce are standing in the snow alone waiting for Nanoha and Fate so Reinforce can perform her Heroic Sacrifice where Reinforce laments not spending more time with Signum and worriedly making sure Signum can handle things when she leaves.
  • Teana Lanster and Subaru Nakajima. Subaru's greatest wish is for her and Teana to always be together forever. Teana is all Tsundere around Subaru, and even their classmates during training school noticed it. During their first meet, Subaru noted how "beautiful" Teana is, and she later described her as a pretty person during their academy time. Their vacation together screams "Date," complete with a scene where Subaru feeds Teana. When things were looking grim for Teana during the final battle, her thoughts lingered over to her times with Subaru, and she wonders why she was thinking of her then. Then there's the scene where Subaru wakes Teana up by groping her breasts, and The Glomp Subaru gives Teana when they're reunited in StrikerS Sound Stage X, complete with little hearts floating around Subaru. Subaru even uses "daisuki" (a strong, if ambiguous, Japanese word for love) on Teana, resulting in Teana getting very shocked in the first StrikerS Sound Stage X. Subaru generated so much Les Yay that gave rise to the "Rainbows are straighter than Subaru" meme.
  • Subaru Nakajima and Ixpellia. Ixpellia is very aware of being Really 700 Years Old and Subaru is one of the few human beings she trusts, as the person who pulled her from the darkness of being the King in the Mountain into the new era. She declared that she loved Subaru, before falling unto a Convenient Coma.
  • Arf's devotion to Fate in season 1 borders on a Bodyguard Crush. When Nanoha tries to befriend Fate and reach out to her, Arf is surprisingly insistent that Fate not listen to her, to the point of seeming jealous. When the TSAB starts pursuing Fate, Arf suggests that the two run away to a place where just the two of them can live together. Near the end, Arf caresses a catatonic Fate's face while suggesting that after everything is over, she will help bring back the Fate that she "loves so much". She also holds an Unbroken Vigil for Fate in episode 8 of the second season, while she is unconscious after having her Linker Core stolen.
  • In another familiar x master relationship Gears of Destiny gave us Precia and Linith (although the relationship seems a bit one sided on the latters part). It's revealed during Linith's level that, not unlike her protégé Linith always loved Precia despite her dismissive treatment of her and her biggest regret in life was that she could never make the other woman smile. For Precia's part despite having been dismissive of Linith while she was alive her attitude towards Fate became significantly worse after the other woman died note  implying that the other woman was her last link to humanity. As the two begin disappearing into light at the end of chapter 7 Linith tells Precia that she hopes to hold her master as they fall to sleep and notes that she's always been jealous of the fact that Fate and Arf could to this any time they want. Precia, in a startling moment of compassion, actually comforts Linith by telling her that the two used to fall to sleep together all the time back when Linith was just a regular cat. This actually causes Linith to cry and she tells Precia that she can now die happily. At the end Precia attempts to tell Linith something else but they both die before she can finish her sentence.
  • And then there's Fate and Signum. In addition to how well those two get along even when they were still enemies, there's also that third Sound Stage in A's, where after hearing how well Fate sings during a karaoke session, Signum approaches Fate and flat out asks her if she could personally sing for her sometime in the future, saying that she loves listening to good songs. As everyone takes note how Signum seems to be in a very good mood, Shamal mentions that "Signum is really fond of Testarossa-chan". Alas, Arf responded by saying that, while Fate likes Signum too, it's not in the same way that she likes Nanoha.
  • Nanoha and Vita, as Vita often acts in a Tsundere fashion around Nanoha. For example, she offers to help Nanoha out in the third Sound Stage of A's, then gets annoyed when Nanoha pets her on the head, which is repeated in a similar fashion at the end of StrikerS episode 6. Vita is also motivated by a desire to protect Nanoha, almost to the same degree as her desire to protect Hayate, after the incident where Nanoha was injured and nearly crippled while on a mission with her. And then there is the extra chapter in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, which ends with Vita waking up to find Nanoha is Bridal Carrying her to Hayate's house, because she didn't want to wake her up. Her reaction is priceless.
  • We weren't lying when we said that even Those Two Girls would be involved — in episode 6, once Nanoha starts jumping into the whole Magical Girl thing, Arisa gets angry that Nanoha's pulling away and thinks that there's something wrong, and desperately wants to know what's going on so that she could be there for Nanoha.
  • Then Fate shows up, and Arisa starts crushing on her even more blatantly than she crushed on Nanoha in season 1, acting like a total Fangirl. One can only imagine her reaction when she finds out that the two of them are together.
  • While Lily does look like she is straight for Thoma, she and Isis definitely act very hands-on around each other. Isis' sexuality is still up to debate, though, since (typically for the franchise) she has never displayed any obviously romantic feelings towards anybody yet.
  • Signum and Agito, post-StrikerS. Agito is the only one who isn't a Wolkenritter, Hayate or Fate who can make Signum smile. She is also the only member of the "Yagami family" who isn't personally devoted to Hayate but, instead, directly to Signum. And she calls Signum "danna", which can mean both "master" and "husband" in Japanese, and in Force, they even end up quarreling Like an Old Married Couple over Signum's decision to cut her hospital stay short. Bonus points for their relationship having slight D/s undertones: Signum is a dominant woman with a Whip Sword, while Agito wears a collar and a pair of handcuffs in her battle mode.
  • Rio and Corona seems to be very close, exspecially in artworks. In chapter 17, Corona hugs Rio like a cuddly pillow when they are sleeping in the same bed, and another panels shows that Rio is patting her head (Vivio and Einhart are sleeping in the same bed with them, too).
    • Speaking of Corona, ViVid Life reveals that she's a massive Yuri Fan who ships her friends together. Her two biggest ships are Rio/Vivio and Vivio/Einhart. When Rio asks about how a relationship between her and Corona would work out, Corona embarrasingly says that "[Corona's] a normal girl".
    • This gets to the point that Corona actually asks Vivio and Rio to model for a yuri doujinshi she's making. Predictably, when Rio asks if she and Vivio can read the results, Corona has to decline.
  • Sieglinde and Victoria have also shades of this. At one point, Victoria refers Sieglinde as "her goal". They are also Childhood Friends.
  • Nove and Micaiah are friends... and have this moment.
  • The Infinity Library arc has the four members of Nakajima being paired up with four other participants of the Inter-Middle Championship and they all come closer to each other. Vivio with Miura, Einhart with Sieglinde, Corona with Victoria, and Rio with Micaiah.
  • Yumina gives Miura a massage in public.
    • Yumina also gives Fuuka a massage during one of the ViVid Strike! extra comics.
  • In episode 2 of ViVid Strike! when testing out Adult Modes Miura mentions that Fuuka has a great body, which would be kind of eyebrow raising on its own, but considering the fact that she says this after Fuuka ends up naked well...
  • Fuuka and Rinne get a lot of moments in episode 12 of ViVid Strike! complete with Rinne also telling Fuuka that she loves her. The two also spend a lot of time blushing around each other during the episode.
    • Fuuka and Rinne get some more moments in the OVA episode. Specifically, near the end, both Fuuka and Rinne jump in order to intercept the ball during a volleyball match. Rinne gets to it first and hits it so hard that the ball pops. The recoil from the blow sends her tumbling backwards and Fuuka catches her. What results is Rinne falling on top of Fuuka and what looks like a Kissing Discretion Shot.
  • In one of the chapters of the ViVid manga has Yumina wearing a Chinese dress. Vivio, Rio, and Corona all say that Yumina looks good in the outfit. Einhart, on the other hand, is Eating the Eye Candy with a Luminescent Blush on her face.

     Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT/INNOCENTS 
While the main continuity kept most of the Les Yay implied, then came INNOCENT, which being a promotional vehicle for a mobile phone Card Battle Game and a Lighter and Softer Alternate Universe to boot, decided to just ditch the subtlety altogether. Hence we got:

  • Nanoha and Fate's Romantic Two-Girl Friendship getting cranked Up to Eleven, with practically all of their scenes outside the game playing out like they're from a yuri manga, to the point of making everyone else present feel awkward. Amusingly enough, Fate seems to be the one more outspoken about her feelings here. Oh, and Yuuno is even less of a threat to them, because he is just a ferret in INNOCENT.
  • Hayate teasing and outright glomping Dearche, while casually proclaiming "I love you, my king!". Dearche as usual responds with a very transparent tsundere act. Hayate also asks her if she'd like to be her big sister, while flirting with her. When you consider that all her romantic options from the main continuity are possibly related to her in this one, this might imply she prefers keeping it in the family. Or she was just asking Dearche if she wanted to be her seme.
  • Hints of Lindy/Precia, which makes more sense in this universe, where Precia is merely a Cloudcuckoolander and not an Evil Matriarch. Her and Lindy are long-term friends and business partners, but will occasionally act Like an Old Married Couple, and Alicia claims the Testarossa and Harlaown families are one whole. Make of that what you will.
  • Reinforce insisting on calling Hayate "Master", even in public, much to Hayate's embarrassment. It's a Mythology Gag to the main continuity sure, but in the context of this universe, where they are both regular human girls it makes one wonder about the nature of their relationship.
  • Levi notices that Arisa might be jealous of Dearche, who is talking with Suzuka like they're best friends.
  • Signum and Reinforce get even more in Chapter 6. As Signum and Shamal return to the shop, Signum gives a soft smile as she apologizes for having to leave Rein and Hayate alone to handle the shop. When Reinforce tells her there's no need, Signum then quickly shifts into teasing Reinforce by saying how she was going to share some of Hayate's special Ohagi with her. Reinforce gets flustered and says how Signum's been really mean lately, though Signum makes no apologies and is clearly enjoying herself.
  • Vita and Arisa's interactions in chapter seven, with Arisa putting her on First-Name Basis, Vita blushingly giving her a powerful skill card, and Arisa hugging Vita after their victory, don't have as much Les Yay on their own as some of the examples on this page. Arisa referring to her as "my Vita" next chapter puts it in a different light, however.
  • The first chapter of INNOCENTS wastes no time shipping Subaru and Teana. Especially with moments like this.
  • Chapter 5 of INNOCENTS Teana's reaction to finding out Subaru is actually a girl is "Give me back my innocence!"
    • Subaru has to append "I think" after denying that the two are a couple.
  • Chapter 6 of INNOCENTS is filled with Les Yay.
  • Chapter 15 of INNOCENTS finally explains where Vivio and Einhart came from: they came from a few years in the future and were sent back in time due to the future Jail Scaglietti's experiments on time travel with the purpose of connecting the past and the future players of Brave Duel. When asked by Fate why Vivio and Einhart came back to the current time just to duel them, Vivio nearly spills that Fate is her mother before Einhart stops her due to potentially causing a time paradox. Vivio also nearly slips a second time later on in the chapter when she nearly calls Nanoha her mother as well, meaning that even in the INNOCENT continuity, Vivio is still Nanoha and Fate's daughter.
    Einhart: "If we have to talk about your birth, then we might end up causing a paradox, so..."

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