Ho Yay / Kuroko no Basuke

It's only natural to find mass amounts of fangirlish squealing in a series that's rampant with teenage guys running covered in sweat while passing balls to one another in a contact sport. Not to mention the overall lack of female presence and each character's obsession with basketball.
  • Kagami/Kuroko is the obvious one, as the metaphor between 'Light' and 'Shadow' (and Kuroko declaring that he exists to bring Kagami into the light and writing in huge letters on the school courtyard that he'll make Kagami the best basketball player in Japan) and the gradual build of their trust and closeness that culminates in them re-exchanging vows to bring the Generation of Miracles to the ground after their huge defeat by Touou.
    • Remarked on by even the other players, as seen here:
      Aww, so cute! Wait, they're not a couple...!
      • In Quarter 189, even Aomine refers to Kagami and Kuroko as "the true Light and his fated Shadow" and wonders if them meeting was destiny.
    • After Aomine's visit, Kagami asks Kuroko what happened between the two of them in the past. The whole conversations plays like the current boyfriend being confronted by his predecessor and feeling insecure.
    • In the anime, what pushes Kagami into the zone for the first time is the thought of Kuroko crying if they lost to Touou again.
      • Happens again in the match against Rakuzan.
    • Hence also the end picture of Episode 1, which features Kuroko laying down besides a sitting Kagami, holding a basketball together.
    • During the Yosen match, at least in the english subs, Kagami says that his future with Kuroko is more important than his past with Himuro.
  • Aomine/Kuroko as well, continuing the Super Special ahem, Suspicious Relationship between a Light and a Shadow. Kuroko is shown, later on, to genuinely want Aomine to love playing basketball again and Aomine is seen often seeing Kuroko's face in other opponents.
    • Kuroko is the only teammate Aomine is on a First-Name Basis with, keeping it even after their separation.
    • Aomine specifically the way he went to visit Kagami just to scorn his dim light and remark how sad it was for Tetsu, strongly comes off as believing Kagami is not worthy of Kuroko.
  • Of course, Aomine and Kagami have respectable quantities of this, what with their equal-ish talent levels and apparent fixation on one another.
  • Practically all of the Generation of Miracles seem to be sheer Ho Yay magnets:
  • Not to mention the Teikou/New-School pairings (examples include: Kise/Kasamatsu, Midorima/Takao, Aomine/Sakurai, Murasakibara/Himuro) of which Kuroko/Kagami is an example.
  • The popularity Murasakibara/Himuro rose during season 3 somehow, which is probably because it was the first time they were seen together a lot outside a game.
    • Also, let's not forget to mention that they're practically polar opposites. Himuro also seems to be one of the only people that can order around Murasakibara without pissing him off. As seen in the CD drama's and mainly season 3, Himuro often bribes Murasakibara with food in order to make him accompany him, which hints that he knows Murasakibara's tastes very well. In his second monologue, he revers to Murasakibara as his 'interesting new partner'. It's rather unclear what the subject of Himuro's character song 'Any time, any place' is, but the sentence: "Your heart can be opened up even more when you are acknowledged for something that you like to do.", hints that he's singing about Murasakibara. If 'your heart can be opened up', isn't enough, I'll point out to the fact that the song is about Himuro finding the place where he belongs, which is literally sang in the chorus.
  • The "See You Next Week" message at the end of each episode of the anime comes with an image that panders to all the Ho Yay in the series. Behold.
  • Seeing as how Aida and Momoi are the only named girls in the show and all the guys are taken...
    • Add in the hot springs trip where they end up in each other's faces, naked, with their breasts pressed together, and their hips almost touching.
  • Also throw in Alex kissing Riko directly on the lips.
  • Kise and Kasamatsu bicker exactly like, well... Assuming that the picture at the end of Episode 4 is intended as Ship Tease for Yaoi Fangirls, then the Episode 3 picture that features Kise and Kasamatsu bickering over the phone is also this.
  • Murasakibara/Akashi. Although one-sided most of times from Murasakibara's side. He didn't present at a point in the Interhigh tournament because Akashi told him so. In many official art it seems his gaze is focused on Akashi. Many official art that's focused on Generation of Miracles depict him side by side with Akashi. Most of times, he's ignorant, but who explained how Emperor Eyes works? Murasakibara. He's always seen at matches involving Rakuzan. Also at the final of the Winter Cup he's the only Generation of Miracles member that is not cheering for Seirin, that can be translated he's remaining loyal to Akashi. Also in a shop, there's one banner depicting Akashi sitting on Murasakibara's shoulder. His study method too, is something Akashi taught him, as depicted in one CD drama.
    • Or maybe isn't that one-sided. In the same CD drama Akashi did made him some snack in the school laboratory.
  • Reo towards practically everyone he talks to. In fact, he's practically canon gay, considering that he claimed to have a crush on someone of his own team (note: Do I have to mention there are no females in Rakuzan's team?).
  • Nijimura/Haizaki. it was more popularized in fact that only Nijimura can make Haizaki do the right thing, as well picking the latter up at his home when he's skipping. It's also worth noting that Fujimaki changed Nijimura's birthday to 10 July, so he would be a Cancer, making Nijimura/Haizaki is another Cancer/Scorpio set and if you're into astrology you know the compatibility of that set is high (which is why Midorima willingly let Takao approach him) . Also newest character data states that Haizaki isn't really good at handling Nijimura. Really, now?
  • Nijimura/Himuro when you take your times to read the novels. At first it just looks like some BL fanfic written by a fangirl. Just count how many times Nijimura calls Himuro attractive, beautiful, delicate, gorgeous and so on. Let's just quote how Nijimura describes Himuro the first time they meet: "Even though he was slender, he wasn't fragile. His most impressive feature, however, was his face. It was outrageously beautiful.", "His face was small, with delicate features. The long fringe covering his left eye only further served to enhance the air of mystery surrounding him." and "If a beauty like him smiled at you, I'm sure you'd find yourself speechless.". Let's not forget to mention they hold hands at the end of the chapter.
    • Oh and they have matching zodiacs and bloodgroups.
  • Speaking of zodiacs, Midorima/Takao shippers are quick to remind people of the common belief of Scorpio & Cancer have a nigh perfect compatibility.
  • Last but not least, Akashi/Kuroko