[[caption-width-right:350:Joseph and Caesar. They'd die for each other.]]

Araki-sensei learned how to draw the male form by studying Ancient Greek art. Maybe that's why ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' has ''way'' more Ho Yay than is normal for a shounen series. Some of the more egregious examples (such as when Joseph and Avdol were magnetized, and when Narancia heard Mista saying "Giorno, not so hard") are often played for comedy's sake, and the Ho Yay is sometimes {{lampshade|Hanging}}d by the characters in the situation.

* In general: Most of Dio's men towards [[EvenTheGuysWantHim Dio]]. 99.9% of the cast agrees that the man's got some serious chawryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysma.
* There is literally a piece of art that shows a bunch of Stands grinding on each other, [[http://i.imgur.com/NrgbLnW.jpg with more than one male/male pair.]]
* Araki drew a picture of [[http://67.media.tumblr.com/82e73b94f75dc63af039af568e65ebe8/tumblr_nlbc1igmXp1qlum6go1_500.jpg himself and Rohan]] embracing... yeah, you heard that right.


[[folder: ''Phantom Blood'']]
* Dio declares that he plans to live ''gorgeously'' forever in the body of the only man he has ever respected. Also counts as major FoeYay.
* One of the TV anime promotional art shows [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Kv8MdeaAdW8/UGEkHJ9FmVI/AAAAAAAAIao/VEIeFyNKpP8/s1600/jojosbizarreadventure.jpg Dio clawing on Jonathan's clothes]] [[ClothingDamage which is already torn on many places]].
* The last moments of part I are filled with HoYay. [[spoiler: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1505zj7nTI Jonathan holding Dio's head around his arms while saying "I can't help but feel connected to you", while Dio promises that he could make Jonathan immortal and save Erina]]. Sure, Jonathan was holding him so Dio wouldn't escape, and [[BlatantLies Dio was obviously lying]], but still...It took the whole "I am TakingYouWithMe" idea and made it look like a romantic TogetherInDeath.]]
* Speedwagon states that he wants to help Jonathan in any way he can, even if the only way he can support him is by holding his hands. Beyond that, his internal monologue during Jonathan and Erina's big romantic moment in the hospital essentially amounted to [[IncompatibleOrientation admitting to himself that she was better-suited to play that part]] and [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy choosing to be happy for Jonathan and leave quietly instead.]]
** The fact that Speedwagon dedicated his entire life and legacy to Jonathan and his family [[CelibateHero to the point that he never married]]. While the parallels to Mountain Tim in SBR make it possible in far hindsight that Speedwagon ''may'' have had feelings for Erina, the few times where he does appear with her he's usually busy focusing on other things. Like Jonathan.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvtguTMY55s This infamous little moment between Speedwagon and Zeppeli]] during the group's first encounter with Dio [[https://youtu.be/pJKFK27sOXQ?t=2m48s (made even better in the abridged)]].
[[folder:''Battle Tendency'']]
''Battle Tendency'' is positively overflowing with it, what with it being about a bunch of musclebound men who do combat while covered in oil and wearing next to nothing:
* Except for probably being asexual, the Pillar Men are shining {{p|un}}illars of MachoCamp.
** Santana's idea of "eating" Joseph involves holding him tenderly to his body as he absorbs him.
** Wamuu and Esidisi giving Joseph their [[FauxSymbolism Wedding Rings of Death]].
** Esidisi's fight with Joseph consists of surrounding Joseph with his [[CombatTentacles blood vessels]] and then trying to fill Joseph with his [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything hot bodily fluids]].
** Wamuu saying that maybe, he was waiting 1,000 years just for Joseph.
* For all their {{Handsome Lech}}ery, Joseph and Caesar sure have a lot of BelligerentSexualTension going on.
** Going beyond HoYay into explicit HomoeroticSubtext, Messina teases Caesar and tells him he's worse than a woman when it comes to having a crush on Joseph.
** Caesar becomes a painfully stereotypical {{Tsundere}} when he's overjoyed to see Joseph unharmed after his fight with Esidisi, only to catch himself and try to play it cool right after.
** The end of the first confrontation with the Pillar Men has Caesar cradling Joseph's unconscious body in his arms all starry-eyed, like a pair of lovers.
** One of the chapters has a cover image (the page image, in fact) featuring Joseph and Caesar pulling uncomfortably close together in what rather looks like an intimate embrace between lovers. The image is even redrawn in the anime artstyle and being sold as a wall scroll.
** While another has Joseph swinging around on a vine with Caesar holding on a girlfriend sort of way.
** There's literally no reason for Caesar to show up during the scene in Venice after their training except as an excuse to bump into Joseph at ''juuust'' the right height that they're a facemask away from kissing.
** During their argument in Switzerland, Caesar pulls Joseph up close so he can [[WhatTheHellHero chew him out over his insensitivity]]. But the way it's drawn it sure looks like [[SlapSlapKiss something else]]. Unsurprisingly it's earned its share of parodies, [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/6c8494e479abd8b18c81b75383dd424d/tumblr_mk1585j8431s8qv2fo1_1280.jpg such as this]].
** And possibly most damningly, some interpretations of the lyrics of ''Il Mare Eterno Nella Mia Anima'' aka [[spoiler: the song of Caesar's death]] can be read as a one-sided love song from Caesar to Joseph.
* Lisa Lisa's idea of Ripple training entails Joseph and Caesar climbing a tall, cylindrical tower that gushes oil out the top. DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything?
* The first part of Joseph's battle with Wamuu involves him grabbing ahold of a long, thick shaft and coating it in oil so that he can penetrate Wamuu with it ([[spoiler: it's a hammer]]). [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Does this also remind you of anything?]]
** And then Wamuu makes him feel inferior by whipping out a much bigger shaft.[[spoiler: A stone pillar.]]
* Hell, Joseph's most iconic outfit from this series could count, seeing as it's an unnecessarily {{Stripperific}} [[BareYourMidriff crop top]] which combined with his ScarfOfAsskicking and tendency for ridiculous poses ends up making him look some sort of ClubKid.
** Promotional material for the anime replaces his pants with ripped jeans belonging to his great-granddaughter Jolyne, and it seems no more out of place.
** Let's not forget his attempt at [[WholesomeCrossdresser crossdressing in Mexico]]. He seemed ''really'' put out by the soldiers seeing through his blatantly obvious disguise.
---> '''Joseph:''' Man, that hurt my self-esteem!
* Wham's blanked out expression in the manga after taking a surprise Ripple attack to the arms during the first stage of the chariot race looks a little suggestive when posted out of context. But the anime takes this even further, where he's drenched in sweat and bouncing up and down [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything in a way that's almost obscene]]. Needless to say, it wasn't long before someone realized this scene wouldn't look out of place [[https://31.media.tumblr.com/d0a7d3f4ad11e67c7fb95e61a3a82459/tumblr_inline_n0d07z2FKT1ql5lmm.gif with a Brazzers logo on it]].
** Kars and Esidisi raised Wamuu and Santana from infancy in a rather literal case of [[HasTwoMommies Has Two Daddies]]. Given that there were no Pillar Women left in existence, and they probably lived for centuries more before going into hibernation, you can probably put two and two together.
* The anime dub [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt4q6Dwa-LE adds some]] where it wasn't in the original, where right after Joseph "tags" [[DubNameChange Santviento]], he starts treating him like a male fashion model:
-->'''Joseph:''' "Oh, I get it. You're one of those strong, silent types, right? Ever thought about modeling? You've got a nice look there! C'mon, let's see what you've got. Give me a smile. Work with me here! Make some LOVE to the camera!"
[[folder:''Stardust Crusaders'']]
* The infamous "[[http://i.imgur.com/hXZP5GL.jpg Man]][[http://i.imgur.com/o12etIv.jpg train]]" at the beginning of the manga, where four of the heroes are pressed up extremely close to each other. More overt in the manga where it seems like they're physically joined at the hip.
* Bast magnetizing Joseph and Avdul together, especially when Avdul tries to slide off only to get caught by the neighborhood kids with his head stuck to Joseph's belt area. [[UpToEleven Even better]] in the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEQMXjN8mxU anime]]
* Polnareff and Avdul's questionable poses in certain artbook scans.
** Avdol and Polnareff get ''lots'' of ho-yay; starting with their first battle where Polnareff (who is under Dio's influence via fleshbud) insists on having a fair fight and then after he loses Avdol holds his unconscious body very tenderly, cupping the back of his head gently.
** Later, even after Polnareff insists on finding J. Geil himself Avdol goes after him, tackling Polnareff to the ground and laying on him as he scolds him.
** When Polnareff gets two wishes from Judgement he wishes to bring his sister back to life...along with Avdol.
*** And later when Avdol is revealed to be alive, they find the Stand user's hiding place (indicated by a breathing tube in the ground), and Avdol suggests that the two of them piss into the tube to draw him out (he specifically uses the words "male bonding"). In the anime, their urine creates a rainbow, just in case the subtext wasn't jumping out at the viewer enough.
** When Polnareff's soul is taken by D'Arby, Avdol is ''completely furious'' and almost attacks D'Arby.
** Avdol promises that if they make it out of Dio's mansion alive he'll take Polnareff to dinner (and taking a close look at the book he's reading during the anime's credits reveals it is about Egyptian restaurants).
** The OVA plays it up even more by having Avdol come back to the group ''much'' earlier and his and Polnareff's reunion consists of both of them hugging each other around the neck, with Polnareff ''nuzzling his head'' into Avdol's neck.
* Polnareff [[BridalCarry Bridal Carrying]] an unconscious Kakyoin and clinging onto him as the buggy crashes in the N'Doul arc. In the OVA however, the latter role was given to Jotaro instead. (See below)
* The photo the group take of each other features Polnareff grasping the bottom of Joseph's chin in a rather suggestive way.
* Jotaro and Kakyoin have HoYay moments, most of the time outside of the official Manga/Anime. Which is unsurprising considering how Creator/{{CLAMP}} infamously made a lot of fanworks featuring the two back in the 1990s, which may have likely sparked all of the HoYay for the adaptations.
** The scene where Jotaro removes Kakyoin's fleshbud involves him cupping his cheeks while he's lying down. Kakyoin asks him why he decides to save him, Jotaro answers that he doesn't know, Kakyoin began tearing up after hearing that. Meanwhile Holly, who was watching from afar, murmurs that she knows why he did.
** A [[https://twitter.com/SuYamada/status/608511337698721792 recent piece of official Jojo art]] features Jotaro and Kakyoin wearing rings. Jotaro is wearing an ''emerald'' ring while Kakyoin is wearing a ''platinum'' ring. It's hard not to imagine wedding rings.
** One of the animators [[http://jojo.wikia.com/wiki/File:Asikoh23.jpg drew]] a "What if" scenario of Kakyoin [[spoiler:surviving the end of part 3]] and going to school with Jotaro in the Winter. He drew a picture of Jotaro and Kakyoin walking in the snow together. [[http://asikoh.tumblr.com/post/123144181895/stardust-crusaders-vs-dio-by-kohei-ashiya The image]] on the animator's actual tumblr page has it tagged as ''jotaro x kakyoin''. Yes, really.
** Jotaro (Part 4) and Kakyoin in ''[[VideoGame/JoJosBizarreAdventureEyesOfHeaven Eyes of Heaven]]'' have a winning quote that sounds like they just had sex if [[AccidentalInnuendo taken out of context]].
-->'''Kakyoin''': "Feels like you've become a better partner than ever, Jotaro!"
-->'''Jotaro (Part 4)''': "It's been 10 whole years. I must have grown a little."
** Jotaro (Part 4)'s winning quotes against Kakyoin really sounds like lamenting over a lost lover.
-->'''Jotaro (Part 4)''': "It's good to see you again."
-->'''Jotaro (Part 4)''': "I won’t forget you… from now on, either."
** In the OVA, when Kakyoin gets his eyes slashed by N'Doul and loses consciousness, Jotaro cleans his wounds and then cradles him in his arms for the rest of the episode and a good portion of the next one.
* In the anime, DIO spends a lot of time [[http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/816/968/452.gif feeling himself]] and looking at a mirror. That's Jonathan's body we are talking about...
* This:
-->'''Hol Horse''': There's no way your sword can beat my gun.
-->'''Polnareff''': Oh, what's that? You say I can beat your bum? Oh, you're into that stuff!
* During the Lovers arc Joseph uses Hermit Purple to get a closer look inside his brain... which looks like [[http://i.imgur.com/l9AxLkc.jpg this]]. Joseph ''literally'' has dicks on his mind.
* [[UndyingLoyalty VANILLA]] [[FashionVictimVillain ICE.]] His profile states that his hobbies include "anything that involves Dio" and the guy ''completely cuts his own head off'' the second Dio mentions offhand that he should probably find some blood to drink soon.
** Vanilla Ice is the only servant Dio trusted enough to turn into a vampire, and both of them wear similar [[HeartSymbol heart shaped acessories]] and clothes. Coincidence?
** Let's not forget the fact that he runs around in a loincloth that leaves some of his ass exposed.
* Dio is confirmed to be [[BiTheWay bi]] and sleeps with many women, so he doesn't change his seductive behavior towards Kakyoin during their first meeting in the anime; which includes rose vines wrapping around Kakyoin's legs and Dio whispering "There's nothing to be afraid of. Let's be friends" into his ear from behind while playing with his earring, which makes Kakyoin start breathing heavily with a smile on his face. [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty The scene alone really feels like Kakyoin is getting molested.]]
* After Kakyoin loses against Terence D'Arby and gets his soul stored in a doll, D'Arby proceeds to taunt Jotaro and Joseph that hurting him will also cause harm towards Kakyoin while stroking the doll's chest, having his hand stop at the crotch area, peek under his coat, rubbing his cheek against his, and then stroking his cheek. Similar to the scene mentioned above, this was also anime exclusive.
[[folder:''Diamond Is Unbreakable'']]
* Any piece of official art involving Kira and his stand Killer Queen.
* There's another piece of official art that has [[CrackShip Killer Queen and The World]] dancing together in a rather provocative manner. And considering that their owners are both male...
* But of course! How about the scene where Yoshikage Kira walks into the bathroom nude while Hayato's bathing? [[{{Squick}} And asking to join him in the bathtub, getting awfully close to him]]?
* Rohan is a straight up {{Jerkass}}, but has a huge soft spot for Koichi, whom he considers his inspiration and OnlyFriend. However, his near-obsessive behavior over him has freaked out Koichi a few times. He was even willing to kill him in order to inmortalize him in his manga!
** Hell, even as [[spoiler: Rohan dies in the time-loop caused by the effects of Bites the Dust, he is more concerned about Koichi than himself and he dies saying his name]].
** Not to mention that in ''Mutsu-kabe Hill'', after Rohan goes bankrupt, he lives for a time at Koichi's house. Make of that what you will.
* Tsuji Aya is very appreciative of Yukako's looks. Hell, she even feels her breasts (apparently to gauge their symmetry) and giggles when she gets slapped for it!
** The 2nd opening for the anime even shows Aya holding Yukako's chin and it stays at that frame for a few seconds.
* In the 8th episode of the anime, Josuke and Okuyasu are watching Yukako confess her love to Koichi. When she says Koichi's facial features are sharpening and he has a cute smile, Josuke remarks "she's got a point." To make matters worse, Okuyasu then asks Josuke "my face is pretty sharp too, right?" He was asking because he was jealous that no girls like Yukako were hitting on him, but the context makes it look like it is Josuke's approval he wants.
* Josuke and Rohan, which also doubles as FoeYay:
** During the second half of the I'm an Alien arc, where Josuke comes to Rohan's house to play a dice game with him. Although it began with dialogue almost sounding like Josuke was trying to ask Rohan out on a date; with Josuke nervously asking him if he's out of work for the day, followed by Rohan getting suspicious of Josuke and demanding him to get to the point. In the anime, if you look closely at one of the shots, you can even see ''[[LuminescentBlush little blush lines]]'' on Josuke's face.
** The Highway Star arc is ''full'' of this. Josuke tells Rohan he never wishes to see him again, yet he still checks up on him at the tunnel where Rohan falls into Highway Star's trap. Even if Rohan hates Josuke down to the core, he still tries to get him to safety at the risk of his own life.
*** When Highway Star holds Rohan captive inside of the room and commands him to cry out to Josuke to save him, he also ''asks him if they're lovers''. As it turns out, it's not just in the anime only or a subbing bias, but it's [[http://flagfighter.tumblr.com/post/151486436702/flagfighter-all-i-had-were-the-duwang actually said in the original manga too]]!
*** After defeating the user, Josuke tries to befriend Rohan only for the latter to still despise him for not listening to his warning. [[AdaptationExpansion The anime even added in an extra scene for this]], in the shot where Rohan gloats about preferring to die than to be saved, [[https://twitter.com/appelies/status/786977329876758530/photo/1 Josuke is ''blushing''!]]
[[folder:''Vento Aureo'']]
* In an [[SignatureScene infamous, oft-parodied scene]], Bucciarati claims that sweat becomes sweeter when you lie. He then proceeds to give Giorno a ''full-bodied lick on the cheek'' and claims that "This is the taste of a liar, Giorno!!"
* Mista going "Stop, Giorno. Please be more gentle. Ahhh! Not so rough! [[ItMakesSenseInContext Don't take off my clothes!]]" could be very misleading. Narancia totally believes that [[IntimateHealing something else]] was going on.
** One time Giorno [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything grasped Mista's gun]] (an actual one) with his other hand sliding inside of Mista's pants. This is their shared intro in ''Eyes of Heaven'', where the game places Giorno's hand on Mista's bare hip, rather than the inside of his pants.
* [[{{Gayngster}} Tizani and Squallo]]. Also less known, but Sorbet and Gelato from the assassin team.
* Abbacchio says that the only place he's ever felt at peace is with Bucciarati. Unsurprisingly, they've become the second most popular ship in Part 5 after Giorno/Mista.
* Giorno and [[http://jjbamangacaps.tumblr.com/image/41310161173 his Stand]] are [[ScrewYourself a little intimate at times]].
* Mista calls Giorno's take over of passione "beautiful to behold" in ''Purple Haze Feedback''.
* Fugo's wistful, fond thinking of [[spoiler: Narancia]] all throughout ''Purple Haze Feedback'' really seems like he's reminiscing on a crush.
** Not to mention the way Fugo [[spoiler: offers his body, soul and heart to Giorno]] at the end.
* There's more than one chapter cover where the Bucciarati team are all over each other.
* Diavolo is pretty affectionate with [[ScrewYourself Doppio]], calling him "my dearest Doppio" (made worse/better by the delivery in the All Star Battle quote library).
* The mere fact that Giorno is the child of both Dio and Jonathan takes their FoeYay UpToEleven.
[[folder:''Stone Ocean'']]
* Pretty much everybody is Les Yay towards Jolyne. Doesn't help that Anasui was originally going to be a girl.
* While pretty much all of Dio's minions may as well be gay for him, [[SinisterMinister Enrico Pucci]] may be the one case where the attraction seems mutual and on equal terms, considering the various flashbacks where they lounge around in bed together, shirtless, discussing the nature of the world, mankind, and Heaven. The biggest example is probably the [[http://jjbamangacaps.tumblr.com/post/38257249420 scene where Dio tells Pucci]] that he should just use Whitesnake to steal The World and use it to conquer the world himself, and forces Pucci's hands onto his head...[[PowerOfTrust but Pucci refuses to do it]].
** Also, Dio gave Pucci his bone - [[AccidentalInnuendo no, not like that!]] - which...turns into a child...On second thought, maybe it is sort of like that. Said powers granting Pucci a link to the Joestar bloodline is pretty major, given how he obsessed over Jonathan's body back in Phantom Blood. In which case Pucci talking about how the family must be eliminated for him to reach Dio in 'Heaven' almost sounds like MurderTheHypotenuse.
* Quite a few post-chapter sketches have Jolyne and Ermes touching and fondling each other closely.
** [[http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/5/59032/4506670-stone+ocean.jpg Covers, too.]]
** Ermes eagerly offering Jolyne her own panties goes a little beyond just gals being pals.
* Foo Fighters is devoted to Jolyne, as when she first controls Etro's body she vows to protect her followed by attempting to lick her and Ermes' arms.
[[folder:''Steel Ball Run'']]
* Gyro and Johnny. Just look at some of the volume covers! Especially [[http://i.imgur.com/5L8DWOI.png this one]] and [[http://i.imgur.com/PhEZeBc.png this one]]!
** The chapter in which [[spoiler:Johnny shoots and kills Valentine for doing the same to Gyro]] is called ''Break My Heart, Break Your Heart''. Make of that what you will...
* One of the post-chapter doodles features Mountain Tim and Johnny pressing their crotches against each others'. [[http://40.media.tumblr.com/51297490e2311f0c65d8583094f011fe/tumblr_nchd9w78EV1qa81lco1_500.png Seriously.]] Fitting, considering Mountain Tim is basically AU Speedwagon.
* Scarlet Valentine's one-sided affection for Lucy Steel, although at least Scarlet is explicitly into women.
* While this part is decidedly an aversion of the series penchant for HoYay due to its focus on a heterosexual OfficialCouple and MaleGaze, even then it occasionally indulges in some from time to time. The scene where Joshu is patted down for money by a bunch of thugs gives off a lot of molestation vibes.
* Josuke's [[HelloSailor very design]]. Even though he's probably the most explicitly straight [=JoJo=] ironically enough, it's enough to make him look like the campiest CampStraight ever.
* Jobin wanting to lick Josuke's eyeball was pretty suggestive.
* Josefumi Kujo and Kira Yoshikage were pretty close, also they [[spoiler: gave birth to Josuke, in some way]].