• There's a fair amount between John and Dave. The continuous Ship Tease between the two doesn't help much either. Especially not this quote:
    TG: i should probably text him soon
    TG: see whats up
    TG: because
    TG: i love him
  • Possibly topped by Gamzee and Equius here. Good lord.
    CT: D —> I do so many bad things
    CT: D —> Just awful things
    CT: D —> I'm incredibly impudent and a superior needs to put me in my place
  • Gamzee and Tavros in this strip.
    TC: We cOuLd sPlIt a tIn oF ThE PiMpEsT SnEeZe i gOt oN HaNd, BaKeD Up aLl sPeCiAl fOr yOu.
    TC: AnD ThEn mAyBe mAkE OuT A LiTtLe.
    • Gamzee yet again when it's strongly implied that he likes to have sloppy make outs with Tavros' decapitated head.
  • One flash implies that Sollux has red AND black feelings for Gamzee. Some have interpreted this as him trying to figure out whether or not Karkat has those feelings for Gamzee, but the reactions from the other characters say otherwise.
  • The first time Dave is trolled by Tavros, he starts making incredibly blatant innuendo until Tavros gets upset and blocks him. Note that troll culture has no concept of homosexuality as unusual, and Tavros's reaction to Dave is nearly identical to his reaction to being sincerely propositioned by Gamzee.
  • Dave and Karkat, starting here. Karkat tries to organise their dating schedules so they can both have Terezi, which Dave thinks is incredibly presumptuous since Terezi knows nothing about this. They end up grappling over a pen and scribbling all over the book Karkat is using, drawing penises all over the page, and wrestling on the floor while Kanaya and Rose look on.
    • Check out Kanaya's reaction ... if it went on for another ten seconds she would start auspicitizing them.
    • Later on Dave actually draws Karkat riding a penis, and in the same book as before mind you.
    • Now that Karkat and Dave have become friends, the Ho Yay between them has just increased.
  • Roxy, Jane, and Calliope. Calliope calls Jane lovely and Jane is willing to believe what she says about SBURB because Callie is so nice to her. Jane and Roxy have canon Ship Tease; in the reprise of [S]: Ride, there is a picture of the two kissing (cut off above the waist) and Caliborn has requested art of the two of them together. Roxy tells UU that she loves her, and Callie mistakes this as being literal. But Roxy does state that she has conciliatory feelings for Callie, and Callie tells Roxy her name in the hopes that if she never wakes up on her own, Roxy will be able to do it for her. To which Roxy responds that she'll shout Calliope's name into the Void until she returns.
  • Dirk is canonically queer, although he chooses not to label himself. He's spent most of the story so far being enamored with Jake. The two eventually start dating after entering the Medium. They're currently broken up, though.
    • Jake possibly identifies as bisexual. There's no denying his love for blue women and Lara Croft, but he decided that out of all his friends he would be the most compatible with Dirk.
      • Even before we learned about Dirk's sexuality we got this rather questionable line from him
      TT: Just about the only way I could salvage endearment from this perilous slope of horseshit would be to discover, really fucking soon mind you, it was a preamble to some floundering invitation for me to rush to your vicinity as nakedly as possible.
      • He still has a dream-mind Dirk around to comfort him even after they broke up.
      • After powering up, he made Brain Ghost Dirk become real. BG!Dirk refers to Jake as his boyfriend, which may mean Jake still has feelings for Dirk.
  • Apparently Roxy has tried to appearify Jane before when she wasn't aware of it. In her words she was trying to "steal" Jane.
  • All the trolls seem to be pansexual, and most have been in relationships with both sexes. The concept of only being attracted to one sex is completely alien to them.
    • Although Word of God states that, despite this, Kanaya is a lesbian.
  • Rose and Kanaya are currently dating, and have been for some time now.
  • Rufioh and Horuss are basically a troll parallel of the Dirk/Jake relationship.
  • It's hinted that Aranea and Porrim used to be in a matespritship.
    • Speaking of Aranea, her relationship with Meenah has its moments. She's probably just about the only troll that Meenah can stand, and her villainous change of heart seems to upset Meenah a lot.
      ARANEA: I'd wager if I put it on the 8lack market, it would fetch a fee to the tuna several 8illion 8oonies.
      MEENAH: TUNA 38D
      MEENAH: tuna tuna tuna tuna
      MEENAH: i love you
    • In Openbound part 1:
      MEENAH: aw youre tha best serket cmere 38*
    • The way Meenah talks to Aranea afterward almost sounds like two people on the verge of a break up and her reaction to Vriska pleading with her to let her talk to Aranea almost sounds like a divorced parent trying to keep her child out of an argument with her ex-spouse.
  • Dave seems to get a little too friendly with WV. Taken Up to Eleven in Act 6 Act 6 when, while saying goodbye, Dave kisses WV on the forehead and says "I love you".
  • John's reaction to Dave's death at the hands of Jack and PM.
    JOHN: aw, man.
    JOHN: not jade too.
    JOHN: are you sure?
    JOHN: you mean like DEAD dead?
    JOHN: everybody??
    JOHN: even dave???!!!
    • Yes, even Dave. John seemed to be more upset over his best friend's death than his sister's. Make that of what you will.
    • John also becomes distressed over learning of Karkat dying, and when he is going through Terezi's list he hugs Karkat and says he is his favorite troll.
  • Meenah and Vriska holding hands and bonding while they watch the dreambubbles explode certainly qualifies—and Hussie's subsequent tweets about Homestuck becoming a "gay singularity" imply that any Ho Yay overtones were very much intentional.
    • Confirmed in the 1/9/2015 update, with Vriska and Meenah full on kissing after skipping through a field together.
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