Ho Yay: Friends

Chandler and Joey
  • There have been more marriage/romance/infidelity metaphors surrounding Chandler and Joey's relationship as roommates than is possible to count.
    • They share a bed in The One with the Boobies.
    • On New Year's Eve, Chandler is upset having no one to kiss at mid night and Joey kisses him.
    • They raise a chick and a duck together, and act like parents to them.
    • In one episode, Rachel has a sex dream involving a threesome with Chandler and Joey and she notes that at some of the points, she was merely a spectator watching the two of them getting busy.
    • In "The One With The Baby On The Bus" they are tending to Ross’s baby. A woman mistakes them for a gay couple. They later pretend to be Ben's fathers at the Transit Authority.
    • The mini arc where Joey's decision to move out of their apartment was jokingly played like a romantic breakup, with Eddie being treated like a rebound. Ross even lampshades it slightly when he tells Chandler he can't ask Joey to move back in because they're not "...roommates" anymore.
    • Joey tells Chandler they should buy a new table for the apartment and Chandler worries it is "too soon". He starts talking about how things went when he brought furniture with his old roommate Kip, aggravating Joey ("I know all about Kip!"), who later asks Chandler if Kip was "better than me".
    • In one episode they discuss the possibility of a threesome with Chloe the copy girl.
    • In "The One Where No One's Ready", Joey sits on Chandler's chair. In an attempt to regain possession of his seat, Chandler sits on Joey's lap and says "I'm soooo comfortable". And Joey says "Me too. In fact, I think I might be a little too comfortable".
    • In "TOW Joey's New Girlfriend", Kathy affectionately complains that Joey's chosen scenes with her were all make out sessions, and Chandler jokes that's a good thing, because he used to have to be the one rehearsing said scenes with Joey.
  • The Ho Yay between Joey and Chandler even continue in the later seasons. In "The One With The Joke":
    Rachel: If one of you had to pick one of the other two guys to go out with, who would you pick?
    Ross: No way.
    Joey: I’m not answering that.
    Chandler: Joey! (Pause as they all stare at him.) No way. I’m not answering that.
  • At the end of "The One With Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.", they start hugging. Follows the final set of flashbacks that feature a lot of scenes between Chandler and Joey. There’s no words, just hugs and even the kiss from "The One With The Monkey". All of this is set to the song "You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me!". Cut back to the present, they are still in each other’s embrace.
    Joey: Hey, do we do this too much?
    Chandler: I think so. Yeah, get off me.
  • In the What Could Have Been episode in season 6, where Joey hires Chandler (now a struggling comedy writer) to be his assistant. And then there's this line:
  • In "The One Where Rachel Is Late", Joey only has one ticket to his big movie premiere. The others argue over who should get it, but Joey says he wants Chandler to come as a way of paying him back for his support over the years.
    Chandler: I always knew you were gonna make it. I’m so proud of you.
    Joey: Thanks. That means a lot to me. (They look at each other and smile for a while.)
    Phoebe: Mon, maybe one of these guys wants to wear your dress.
  • Chandler agrees to move to Tulsa. At the end of the episode he is at the airport on the phone cell (presumably with Monica).
    Chandler: Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it. Yes it will be the same. Because I know, that's how. I promise.
    • CUT TO: Monica and Chandler's apartment.
    Joey: (On the phone with Chandler) Double promise? Call me when you land.
  • In "The One With Ross' Inappropriate Song", the listing agent at Richard's apartment mistakes them for a gay couple.
    Chandler: No, no, no, no, no, NO! No, no... we're not together. We're not a couple. We're definitely not a couple.
    Joey: Well, you seem pretty insulted by that. What? I'm not good enough for you?
    Chandler: We're not gonna have this conversation again...
  • In "The One where Monica sings", Chandler plucked Joey's eyebrows and curled his eyelashes.
  • In "The One With Ross' Tan", Joey is talking about his first night with Rachel.
    Joey: No, I do six things! First, I look deep in her eyes. Then, I kiss her. Next I take my hand and I softly graze her thigh.
    Chandler: You mean like this? (he starts touching his thigh in a funny and awkard way)
    Joey: NO! Not like that, no no. No, like this. (He starts lightly grazing Chandler's thigh)
    Chandler: Oh, I see what you mean, that's quite nice. (They look at each other, both embarassed)
    Joey: More foosball?
    Chandler: ...and beer!!
  • In “The One With The Blind Dates”, Joey can for some reason tell from Chandler's hair when he's been having sex, and also tells him to be on top for once.
  • It's worth noting that the producers have stated that aside from Ross/Rachel and Chandler/Monica, this is the most important relationship in the show.

Ross and Joey
  • Two words: Nap Partners. The whole episode.
  • Ross gave Joey a passionate kiss when he needed to audition for a role that involved having to kiss another man. Joey remarked that Rachel was a lucky woman.
  • Ross asks Joey for advice on how to "talk dirty" to women. While they are practicing "talking dirty" to each other, Chandler walks in.
    Chandler: It's OK. It's OK. I was always rooting for you two kids to get together.
  • The entire episode where they get stuck on the roof and have to climb down the fire escape.
    Ross: Now should I climb down your front so we’re face to face or should I climb down your back so we’re… butt to face.
  • In "TOW the Tape" Joey attempts to help Ross out during his dry spell by telling him a passionate story that's guaranteed to make the listener want to have sex, and warns Ross that by the end he'll want to do so to Joey. Ross thinks it's a joke at first, but eventually finds himself caught up as Joey goes on.

Rachel and Monica
  • They get quite a few moments particularly when the Girl-on-Girl Is Hot trope is used (see page for details).
    • In "The One with Joey's Big Break", Rachel is afraid to take her eye drops, and Monica tries to force her, and ends up straddling her and pinning her arms down. Rachel says: "You know, if Joey and Chandler walked in right now, we could make a fortune!"
    • In another episode Rachel and Monica made a deal with the guys that they would kiss each other for one minute if they could get their apartment back. The deal was accepted.
    • In "The One with the Chick and the Duck", Monica slams into Rachel when she practices roller skating, knocks her down and falls on top of her. When Joey sees them, with Rachel moaning (in pain), he says: "Oh, my!"
  • They have had break-up moments, the most hilarious one being when Monica was spending time with Ross's new girlfriend Julie and Rachel confronted her about it. The conversation sounded like two lovers having a quarrel over cheating.

  • Phoebe was shown to have Les Yay tendencies in "The One with Ross And Monica's Cousin" where she ends up starring longingly at Cassie and she even thinks "Ask her out! She's not your cousin!"
  • She said Monica had "the breasts of a Greek goddess" with a longing look on her face.
  • "The One With Rachel's Big Kiss": Rachel's old friend Melissa tells her she's still in love with her and asks for another kiss goodbye. Once she leaves, Phoebe kisses Rachel. She tells a stunned Rachel that she "just wanted to see what all the fuss was about". After Rachel asks "And?", Phoebe says "I've had better".
  • She admitted to seeing Monica naked at least once. When Monica asks when this happened, Phoebe suddenly goes very quiet.
  • After seeing Monica in a revealing slips, she zones out thinking about it while talking to Chandler.

  • When Monica agrees that Phoebe can massage her, it turns out that she likes her massages very much. So much, that she starts making sex noises.
  • Chandler tells Ross, "I'd miss you if I broke up with you." Ross asks why he said that, and Chandler says he's just trying to be supportive. Ross says, "Well, be supportive like a guy."
  • In "The One With Barbados", Chandler tries to kiss Ross so he can stop being mad about his computer being ruined. And in "TOW Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister", he apologizes to Monica, Rachel and Ross for apparently making out with all three of them when he's been drinking.
  • In “The One Where Nana Dies Twice”, even though Chandler complains loads about having a gay “quality”, he still thinks a couple of guy coworkers are cute and gets upset when a woman thinks “Brian” is out of his league.
  • Chandler has a couple of moments in "The One with Rachel's Assistant": he shows attraction to Rachel's co-worker Tag after he looks at his picture ("W-H-Wow! Don’t show this to Monica! And don’t tell her about the W-H-Wow!"). And later when Chandler, Ross and Monica are revealing embarrassing secrets about each other, like when Chandler kissed a guy ("In my defense, it was dark and he was a very pretty guy").
  • In "The One With the Rumor" upon seeing how much weight his old high school friend Will lost, Ross compliments him by calling him "hot stuff!"