Ho Yay / Beyblade

I've travelled a long road to get here, Tyson. This is my life's work. Everything I've seen and everything I've done - and it all starts and ends with you.
- Kai being just a touch dramatic

  • Beyblade has a lot of subtext between Tyson and Rei. In Season 1 when Rei decides to leave the Bladebreakers after losing Driger, Tyson becomes really distressed and sets out alone to find him. When he finds Rei, he makes a bet with him stating that if Rei lost, we would have to come back to the team. However, Rei wins and Tyson reaffirms that he can do as he pleases, but that the team had really wanted Rei back, even without his bitbeast. A few episodes later, Rei saves Tyson's life in a landslide, twisting his ankle in the process. Rei advises Tyson to go on ahead without him, but Tyson refuses and carries Rei on his back all the way to the Beyblade stadium. In "A Wicked Wing Blows", Tyson is the most vocal in supporting and encouraging Rei. By the end of the episode, they even hold hands and Tyson swears to win the next round against Tala for Rei. In Season 3, Tyson gets very upset, more so with Rei than Max or Kai, when they decide to leave and join their old teams. He gets in Rei's face and taunts him prompting Max to defend him. As the matter is settled and Max begins to walk away, Tyson doesn't even glance at him and continues to hold onto Rei's shirt, unable to make himself let go. Later on when Rei eventually joins back up with Tyson, he becomes frustrated and a battle escalates between them, which results in a very near win as Driger stops only a second before Dragoon. After the battle, Rei thanks Tyson for letting him fight him at his best and Tyson confesses "I think you were the strongest opponent I've ever fought against.".
  • Tyson and Kai get there own share of this. There was also much Ho Yay to be had in Season 3 to the point of Tyson even having a dream in which Kai congratulated him by hugging him.
    • To elaborate: Takao / Tyson is always the first one to try and get Kai to open up to the rest of the group, and easily the most hurt by Kai's brief Face–Heel Turn in season one, outright crying when Kai turns his back on them in front of the Abbey. Their season three match involves a fair bit of soulful staring and a vision of them waking up on a beach together under a meteor shower (among other things). The dub even has Max and Ray snarking about them sounding Like an Old Married Couple.
  • Then there's Wyatt / Minami, whose attitude towards Kai blurs the line between fanboying and outright guycrush. It leads to him being an Unwitting Pawn for the villains and either dying or being instutionalised depending on which version you're watching. This weighs on Kai considerably during his fight against Goki / Cyber-Dranzer - when he sees Goki's Mind-Control Eyes, he starts having flashbacks and finds himself unable to fight. Even after he snaps back to reality, he can't match Cyber-Dranzer...until Goki actually insults Wyatt, at which point Kai goes into Unstoppable Rage. To top it off, his victory is accompanied by a montage of their scenes together.
  • There is also a lot of subtext between Kai and Rei, especially in Season 2. And quite a bit in Season 3 between Kai and Tyson as well.
  • And then there is Max, who is rather fond of tackling Tyson to the ground.
  • Cyber Dragoon and Dragoon. They got WAY too physical with their fight, like Dragoon getting draped on CD's arm. Or the simple fact that Dragoon didn't want to end the battle, going as far as disobeying Tyson. That probably didn't happened before or again.
  • There's also Tyson/Kenny. Kenny blushes a lot whenever he's complimented by Tyson.
  • Brad Best and A. J. Topper in the dub have moments of this.