Ho Yay / Beauty Pop

  • Kiri and Kanako, plus Kiri and Chisami.
  • You could arguably get hints of this from Narumi-papa's attitude towards Seiji, particularly with the constantly-drawn parallels between the prior generation (Seiji and Narumi-papa) and the current one (Kiri and Narumi Shogo). Possibly why they explicitly re-draw the parallel at the end to compare the older guys to Narumi and Ochiai instead.
  • Either this or severe Hero Worship in Ozawa's case; although an otherwise unflappable Jerk Ass, Kiri's inherited-from-her-father cutting techniques are instantly recognized by him; following the announcement that Kiri is THE Seiji Koshiba's daughter, we find out that Ozawa has posters of Seiji in his room...
  • Also, Ochiai and Narumi, Kei and Narumi, Ochiai and Kei.