Ho Yay / Arashi no Yoru ni

  • The film is about the deep friendship of a wolf and a goat and how their social peers turn against them because of it. It has such a gigantic gay overtone to it that the constant talk about "friendship" seems really tacked on just so the adult audiences don't start fretting about things - particularly in the points where the two scream for each other at times of danger/uncertainty or when the wolf has a mental breakdown over having been born as a wolf instead of a goat.
  • The scene where Gabu drools over Mei's butt is ostensibly a carnivore wanting to eat his prey but comes off as very homoerotic instead. This effect transmutes the carnivorous imagery and hunger themes in the rest of the film into symbols of sexual tension and perhaps lust. This has Unfortunate Implications for the Recycled: The Series when Gabu is tormented by the temptation of being surrounded by 3 flocks of kids. It doesn't help that earlier a conversation some older does have about wolves brings the notion of hunger connotating sexual attraction into the show's diegesis.