Ho Yay / Arakawa Under the Bridge

  • Takai is sometimes the Team Dad for Rec and the Ichinomiya company, but other times he looks like he has a very serious crush on Rec. He has a body pillow of him, and there are other times he acts too clingy.
  • Hoshi and Rec get way too invested into Billy's manliness. Heck, they aren't the only ones — one of Billy's lackeys has a crush on him (similar to a bird's imprinting), and in his introduction, he even got jealous of Jacqueline.
  • Everytime that Rec, Hoshi and Last Samurai get into their Kameari-tis "influence", with their fangirl obsession over Kameari.
  • Kameari seems to have connected with the Venusian ghost (a.k.a. Nino's twin) in a deep, deeper level due to their love towards nudity.