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[[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime What time is it?]] It's [[HoYay homosexuality]] time!


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! From the Show
The way [[TheHighQueen Princess Bubblegum]] and [[CuteMonsterGirl Marceline]] act around each other is ''very'' reminiscent of a former couple that had a nasty break-up but still retain some feelings for each other, especially on Marceline's part. ShipTease is rampant.
* Marceline is the ''only'' character who is on a FirstNameBasis with Bubblegum, not even her close friends call her Bonnibel, and also calls her cute nicknames like "Bonnie", "Bub-Bubs" and "Bon-Bon".
* In "What Was Missing", Marceline sings a song (which also contains the line [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar "I'm gonna drink the red]] [[LesbianVampire /]] [[KissOfTheVampire From your pretty pink face"]]) that is about how much it hurts her that Bubblegum is hostile to her, especially when she has no idea ''why'' she's treating her that way, and for some reason she doesn't understand she still wants to "make up" with her despite the pain and to fix whatever they have. She was on the verge of revealing something incredibly intimate (powerful enough to almost open the door) until she lost her nerve at the very end. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s5-ODUA-Cc Here's the full clip]] for anyone who's interested.
** After Bubblegum's attempt at a song fails, Marceline taunts her that "she's not as perfect as she thought she was" and has no right to judge her, to which Bubblegum angrily replies that she "never said [Marceline] had to be perfect" in a way that just ''screams'' "past breakup argument" (the original storyboard has her add "I just want you to not be so much of a screw up all the time!"). In response Marceline spits at Bubblegum, Bubblegum storms off in shocked anger, and Marceline actually starts ''crying'' (for one of only three times in the entire series) and also leaves. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwNfFzrjNVc Here's the clip.]]
** At the end of the episode, Bubblegum's stolen treasure is shown to be a shirt Marceline gave her which she wears ''as pajamas'' (for comparison, Finn's treasure was a wad of Bubblegum's hair when he was still in full PrecociousCrush mode towards her), a revelation which causes Marceline to ''[[LuminescentBlush blush]]''.
* A line of dialogue in "I Remember You" suggests that, at the very least, Marceline is not heterosexual.
-->'''Ice King''': I'll get all the princesses and you can have... whatever it is you're into.
** When the Ice King was singing a song about Princess Bubblegum, Marceline is briefly shown looking very uncomfortable...but singing about the other princesses didn't seem to cause any reaction.
* In "All the Little People" when Finn empties the bag of tiny replicas, for a brief moment, Little Bubblegum is in Little Marceline's arms, until Finn separates them. Later, they can be seen walking off together.
* "Sky Witch". ''Holy crap'' "Sky Witch". The episode literally begins with Bubblegum getting out of bed and ''sniffing the shirt Marceline gave her in a sensual fashion''. Right after this we get a shot of a photo showing Bubblegum and Marceline together [[VisualPun in Bubblegum's closet]]. At the end of the episode the Sky Witch says the shirt Marceline gave Bubblegum has more sentimental value to the two of them than ''Hambo'' (for comparison, Hambo is pretty much the only thing that Marceline has left of [[spoiler:Simon before he went insane and became Ice King]]).
-->'''Marceline''': [[ThatCameOutWrong Hold onto that butt]], PB!
** [[spoiler:Of note- Marceline got Hambo 1000 years ago. Meanwhile, the shirt came into the picture at a much later date. So that further calls into question of how it got more sentimental value than the last reminder of a long gone father figure.]]
* In "Red Starved" [[ContinuityNod Marcy got to drink the red from PB's pretty pink face]]. PB is kinda annoyed by it. Afterwards Marceline affectionately puts her arm around Bubblegum's shoulder.
* A small bit in [[Recap/AdventureTimeS6E14PrincessDay "Princess Day"]] when Marcy tries to get PB to blow off the Princess Day meeting, then Marcy texting PB what she and LSP are up to.
* "Varmints" has the most explicit hints so far. Marcy sneaks into PB's room (while happily humming "I'm Just Your Problem") to surprise her in bed, only to find [=KoO=] sleeping in it. Several references are made to PB and Marcy's past relationship, all but outright stating the exact nature of it:
** Marcy freaks out when she finds [=KoO=] in PB's bed, thinking something must have happened to her. Then she's really hurt that PB hadn't told her about leaving the throne herself. PB for her part, was too embarrassed to tell Marcy.
** [[IndirectKiss Marcy sucks the red from PB's strawberry lip balm]]. Bonnie's face all but says she regards it as a move, but is alright with it.
** While exploring the underground mine tunnel that they used to hang out in, Marceline fondly reminisces about the things they used to do there. The conversation quickly turns to why they stopped seeing each other years before. PB got overwhelmed with her work in the candy kingdom grew:
--> '''Marceline''': Is that why you stopped talking to me?
** Marceline teases PB about her girly handwriting, which leads PB to breaking down and confessing how much she lost (her kingdom, her people), and Marceline comforts her.
--> '''Princess Bubblegum''': I tried. I really really tried. I just... I thought that if I shut everything out and just focused on work it would all be okay. And look where that landed me. All I managed to do was push everyone away. I pushed ''you'' away. I'm sorry, Marceline. I've been a real dinger to you.
** The episode ends with Marceline and PB sitting on PB's porch, with PB resting her head on Marceline's shoulder and falling asleep.
* The Stakes mini-series has a metric ton of shiptease between Marcy and Bonnie.
** The very first bit is a blink-and-you'll miss it moment in the theme song, with Marceline in her giant-bat form flying over the Ice Kingdom with Bonnie on her back. PB appears to be enjoying it just a ''little'' bit too much.
** In Part 1 we start off with a picture of Marceline on Bonnie's mantel and from there we have a very intimate moment between the two in PB's lab. [[spoiler: The two discuss how Marcy might die one day when she decides to be cured of vampirism, and while PB at first seems more excited to test her lab then worried about Marcy, she reassures Marcy, while stroking her hair that she cares a lot about her.]]
** In Part 3 "Vamps About" Bubblegum freaks out that Peppermint Butler has a large anti-vampire arsenal, which he says he made explicitly in case Marcy ever turned on the Candy Kingdom. Given her reaction it's safe to say that Bonnie, for all her control freak nature and distrust of pretty much everyone, never once thought Marceline would harm her or the Candy Kingdom.
*** In the same episode, Finn tries to affectionately hangs his arms around both Bonnie and Marcy. They both casually brush him off, unlike the many times the two affectionately touch and hold each other throughout the Stakes mini-series.
** In Part 6 "Take Her Back" after Marcy gets poisoned, PB spends most of the episode affectionately holding the unconscious vampire queen. Bonnie also has a minor breakdown blaming herself and her foolish pride for Marcy's condition. At Pep's poison lab, Bonnie starts desperately calling for charts and test tubes, anything that she can use to help Marcy, when Pep reveals its more of a magic cure. Bonnie, who once got herself, Finn and Jake thrown in prison over her dislike of the practice, says ok and lets Pep do his thing, while she cradles Marcy's head in her lap.
** And when the time comes to put Marcy in a casket that's supposed to cure the poison, instead of just putting her in, Bonnie gets in it with her and spoons. Admittedly there may have been a safety aspect, as they were under attack from The Moon and the casket seemed safer than anywhere else, but it really reads as Bonnie thinking Marcy's going to die in the casket, and wanting to hold her as she dies if she can't save her.
*** On Marcy's side she has two dreams in the same episode: the first shows Simon and Betty young again and living happily together, while an androgynous Marcy comes to them in a suit with a bouquet of flowers. In the second dream Marcy is an old woman living at with a (still 18/ageless) Bonnie. Marcy sings about flowers and PB comes in and kisses Marcy on top of the head in a way that screams "old married couple."
** In part 7 Marcy tells PB about her dream and about how Bonnie was still "nice and pink" which causes PB to blush and say "You think I'm nice?" Then Marcy mentions she has a weird feeling in her stomach since she woke up she doesn't understand, Bonnie says it might be fear of VK, but Marcy says she knows what that feels like and then thinks maybe it's love. Later when Jake says he loves PB, for getting food, Marcy says she does too.
** In Part 8, after the dark cloud is defeated and Marcy is a vampire again, PB asks Marcy if she wants to come live at the Candy Castle so she will no longer be alone. Marcy says she needs to be on her own a little and then thanks Bonnie for helping her grow up a little and then tells Bonnie that now that Marcy is back to being a vampire she and Bonnie will be together forever, which causes Bonnie to smile and blush.
* In '"Broke His Crown" Marcy takes Bubblegum to hang out with the Ice King, the whole thing is played like taking your lover to meet your parents. As a result,the episode is ''loaded'' with subtext:
** Marceline always calls PB cute nicknames, but she does so ''constantly'' in this episode, ranging from 'Bonnie' to 'PB' to 'Bon-Bon'.
** Mention has to be made to how the episode starts, with Marcy and Bubblegum flying to Ice King's castle on The Morrow's back. Marcy has her arms around Bubblegum's waist, holding on and placing her head on PB's shoulder. Keep in mind that Marcy can FLY. She's chosen to ride The Morrow and hold onto PB like that.
** Just before they arrive at Ice King's castle, PB calls Marceline "girlfriend". While two girls can call themselves "girlfriends" and just mean close friends, PB's tone while saying the word is halfway between teasing and calling someone by a pet romantic name.
** When they arrive at the Ice King's castle, Marceline leans into PB, touches her hand, looks in her eyes, and tells her that it would mean a lot to her if PB tried to get along with the Ice King.
** During the dinner Bonnie spills some juice on her face that Marcy wipes off by licking her thumb, then wiping Bonnie's lips.
** When Ice King decides to do some karaoke, Marcy starts gushing on how good PB is at it, much to Bonnie's embarrassment.
** This whole exchange, which shows how far they've come from when they couldn't stand each other.
--> '''Marceline:''' Yeah, you always know which button to press. ('''whispers''') I'm referring to the fact that you know how to annoy me.
--> '''PB (smiling):''' Yeah, I got that.
** While talking to Simon, Marcy is asked if she has a boyfriend, she loudly and awkwardly laughs before stating that no, she doesn't. At the same time when Simon ask if Marcy has a boyfriend, Bonnie notably looks back and listens and smiles when she hears that Marcy does not have one.
** Another big factor to consider is that PB calls Ice King by his real name, Simon. She does this after Marcy's request, which Marcy is pleasantly surprised to hear her say. This speaks volumes how much Marcy means to PB since she doesn't like Ice King. She barely tolerates him most of the time. PB also takes the time to help Ice King with his broken crown. While it's more likely she did so out of simple scientific curiosity, Marcy's relationship with Ice King is most likely a part of it.
* In the "Elements" mini series, PB keeps the candified Marcy fairly close.
** Furthermore, in contrast to Marceline's bitterness over not being "made of sugar" or "sweet enough" for Bubblegum in "What Was Missing", her candified form, Marshmeline the Campfire Queen, is made out of marshmallows and speaks constantly of sweetness. As a clue and a bonus, Marshmeline's outfit of a broad-brimmed hat, knee-high boots, red top, and blue jeans is essentially Marceline's outfit from "What Was Missing".
* ''Ketchup'' has Marceline recount what happened before the Elements miniseries. Marceline had managed to actually stave off the candyfication enough to force a cure from Patience St. Pim, but when she took it back to Bubblegum she realized it was too late and her friend was gone. Instead of using the cure on herself Marcy decides it is better to be candified then go on without Bonnie, though she doesnt mention that part to BMO because she still has a hard time talking about her feelings.

! From [[ComicBook/AdventureTime the official comics]]:
** [[http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0vzc9FN041qhr62bo1_1280.jpg This page]] is... very open to interpretation, even ''in'' context.
-->'''Marceline''': I can also turn into a tentacle monster. ''[does so]''\\
'''Bubblegum''': How does that help our situation?\\
'''Marceline''': How does it hurt our situation, though?
** Issue 3 has several moments, such as Bubblegum's worry over a scratch on Marceline's cheek even though everybody at the time is hurt except Bubblegum and Finn. Then there is this line after Bubblegum gives Marceline her crown [[spoiler:so that Marcy can fight the Lich.]]
-->'''Bubblegum''': Marceline! Remember you promised to give me back my crown in one piece!\\
'''Bubblegum''': ...\\
'''Bubblegum''': ''(whisper and worried look)'' Don't get hurt.
** In [[http://images.wikia.com/adventuretimewithfinnandjake/images/d/db/Prv13845_pg10.jpg this page]] in ''[[ComicBook/AdventureTimeMarcelineAndTheScreamQueens Marceline and the Scream Queens]]'' Issue 4, Marceline clearly looks jealous of Bonnie and Guy's increasing closeness.
** In ''Marceline and the Scream Queens'' Issue 5, [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdao76eS5Q1rhma7wo1_1280.png when Princess Bubblegum meets Marceline's dad]], it plays out a lot like that dreaded moment when you have to introduce your girlfriend to your parent(s). His "I've heard so much about you!" suggests he realizes Marceline and Bubblegum are very close, and Marceline's response would be a bit of an overreaction if she weren't dating (or hadn't dated) Bubblegum.
** Also in Issue 5, [[http://images.wikia.com/adventuretimewithfinnandjake/images/f/f7/Prv14198_pg10.jpg after Marceline finishes her song]], the crowd cheers. And when she sees Bubblegum clap, she ''blushes''.
** In a rather minor detail, in certain panels one can see that Marceline's red boots have Bubblegum's name written on them.
** In Issue 21, PB is dressed in an outfit intended to "inspire intense, unending adoration and loyalty", cancels all her appointments, and has lunch with Marceline.
** [[http://24.media.tumblr.com/9f50ceb188069151fc99889ddbab08ab/tumblr_mwktizjfD41s61o1xo6_1280.jpg Issue 22 has a scene]] that ''really'' sounds like Bubblegum is about to make an AnguishedDeclarationOfLove to Marceline.
*** Bubblegum and Marceline also alternate carrying each other when they are running away from the gum monster before this scene takes place.
** In issue 23 [[ItMakesSenseInContext Marceline is voicing PB in a flashback]], and mentions needing to brush her teeth due to her "candy-sweet saliva". ''Marceline knows what Bubblegum's saliva tastes like.''
** Later in the same issue, Bubblegum compliments Marceline's pants. Then when they get torn (thus showing more of Marceline's legs) Bubblegum comments that she likes them better as shorts.
** In issue 24, at one point Marceline falls in monster form on top of Bubblegum. Then when she's getting up it... [[http://ribly.tumblr.com/post/73425204122/so-adventure-time-issue-24-is-out looks pretty suggestive]].
*** Also in this Issue Lemongrab (who regards Bubblegum as his mother) basically acts like a brat who doesn't like his step-parent when he meets Marceline. To further the parallel Bubblegum asks Marceline to the same person around Lemongrab as she is "when [they] are alone".
*** As they try to fight the monster they discuss the possibility of starting new lives together:
--> '''Marceline''': Hey if this doesn't work out wanna start new lives in the sky?
--> '''Bubblegum''': Obvs.
** Issue 25 is pretty much an entire issue of PB/Marceline teasing. Their close relationship? Goes back ''centuries'', even before PB made the candy people. The gem Bubblegum was shown to have in "The Vault"? It's part of a pair of "friendship amulets", the other of which she gave to Marceline as a present. The robot that Bubblegum built? Programmed to not hurt Marceline, and ''only'' Marceline. The reason for their falling out? Bubblegum made the Candy Kingdom causing her to spend less time with Marceline, and she become jealous, feeling that Bubblegum was abandoning her. Furious and upset, Marceline gives an impassioned speech which she thinks Bubblegum will never hear (but she is listening, and by the end she's ''crying'') which is... certainly something.
-->'''Marceline''': You there? ...No? Well, good. Cause I got some things to say to you and I don't want you to hear them. I'm complicated, alright? You should know that by now. Okay, so I'm not stupid. I know our lives are moving us in different directions, okay? I get that. I get that nothing lasts forever, believe me. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. It's just - the way you act like nothing's wrong, it makes me SO mad. It makes me feel like I'm the only one who remembers how our friendship USED to be, who sees how it's changing. It's feels like a betrayal. It feels lousy, Bonnie. And familiar. This isn't my first rodeo. And I know that you've got your hands full with you new kingdom, okay? I get that you're busy, and I want you to be busy. You're doing something so ambitious, so crazy... I know you can do it. You're gonna be the one who changes the world, Bonnie. I've seen it in you. But there's gotta be a balance there, you know? A way where we can stay friends, a way where I don't feel so hurt all the time. And it's not all you - I know I've been major cheesed because of this and that's not fun for anyone ...I'll be a better friend, too. [...] You've been my best friend for so long and we're not gonna lose that. We'll figure this out, Bubblegum. Huh. "Princess Bubblegum." You know, it actually DOES sound kind of cool. My friend, the princess. I think I could get used to that.
** The ending, aside from showing the photo that Marceline tore up taped back together, also shows someone discovering and using both of the amulets. Someone [[spoiler:[[BabiesEverAfter with grey skin, vampire fangs, and bright pink hair]].]]
** It should also be noted that the flashback in issue 25 set when Marceline and Bubblegum were "friends" was drawn by guest artist Jess Fink. Who is well known for her female-audience-oriented erotic comics. Maybe a Doylist message there...
** Issue 30 features a comic made by Marceline in which she is expecting PB over for dinner, and cooking while wearing a "Kiss the Cook" apron.
*** When PB comes over they make a toast "to us", then later they lie on Marceline's bed to gossip. When the evening is over PB expresses interest in doing this type of thing more often.
*** They spilled their drinks all over themselves and had to change clothes. For some reason, it took them an hour...
*** [[spoiler:The girl from the future is later shown to be reading Marceline's 'zine and her name is revealed as Penelope.]]
** A FlashForward in issue 32 has [[spoiler: the two being the queens of both the Candy Kingdom and the Vampires]] strongly implying that [[spoiler: they'll be ''married'' within the next five years.]]
*** In Issue 33 Bubblegum is trying to catch Finn up on what's going on using a mental projection device, but her subconscious keeps dragging up a superhero fantasy, the second time showing her and Cinnamon Bun dangling over a acid vat with Marcy chewing through the rope to save them. Marcy asks where she can get a cape like that, and Bubblegum says that they'll discuss it later.
*** In chapter 34 [[spoiler: Bubblegum has become very depressed after Marceline died at the end of the previous comic, after thirty years she has let the Candy Kingdom fall to ruin as she sits in the throne room wallowing in the darkness. It's not until Finn tells her about a time machine that she snaps out of it.]] After defeating the BigBad of the Arc, [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/1417888187335_3224.jpg Bonnie whispers into both Young!Bonnie and Marcy's ear and the reaction of both make it obvious it's about each other.]][[note]] The dashes seem to be "Marceline still loves you" and "I love you Marceline".[[/note]]
** In Issue 47 PB is trying to get Marcy to gain an AcquiredPoisonImmunity to sunlight (which Marcy seems to be giving a token effort at, despite complaining that it won't work). Then, Marcy looks nervous when PB mentions the thought demons (which pick up and broadcast the inner thoughts of people they're near), and one shows up and broadcasts Marcy's, saying "[[CannotSpitItOut I wish I-I-I could tell H-H-Her]]" before Marcy quickly stomps on it. She then shares a gaze with Bonnibel for a second, both of them looking horrified and embarrassed, before turning away, sweating, looking rattled and holding her arm.
* The graphic novel ''Bitter Sweets'' is mostly about Bubblegum, but when Marceline briefly appears at the end we have some rather suggestive dialogue:
-->'''Bubblegum''':Let me be real with you: I am going to sleep for sixteen days.\\
'''Marceline''': ''[Floating on her back]'' Not yet, you're not, tough guy. ''[Beat]'' You owe me a dance!
* The emotional arc of ''[[ComicBook/AdventureTimeMarcelineGoneAdrift Marceline Gone Adrift]]'' is all about Marceline and PB dealing with the fact that their respective desires for music and power drove them apart, as well as their fear of commitment. It doesn't actually go all the way to explicitly stating that they were lovers, but it seems way more intense than the average friendship.

! Other Sources
* In ''[[VideoGame/AdventureTime Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!]]'', Marceline is the first to forgive PB for [[spoiler:lying to everyone to protect the Gum Monster that spawned her]]... while putting her arm around her and smiling.
* While not quite WordOfGay, Marceline/PB is supported by character designer Natasha Allegri, who has created quite a gallery of Marceline/PB moments which can be seen [[http://natazilla.tumblr.com/ on her blog]] and [[http://adventuretimewithfinnandjake.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Art_by_Natasha_Allegri on the Adventure Time wiki]].
* Edging slightly closer to WordOfGay, a video on the show's Mathematical promo channel on Website/YouTube definitely reinforced (though not confirmed) the "Bubbline" phenomenon in the "What was Missing" episode. While the video primarily played the idea for mild titillation, it demonstrates there is an appreciation for the pairing "in-house", if nothing else. It was later pulled down and disavowed by the show's executive producer, and it should be noted that the people behind the Mathematical channel weren't part of the actual staff.
* WordOfGay has confirmed that PB and Marceline [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EleCNWfwTY have dated]] and that they weren't able to show it due to some countries having very strict anti-homosexuality laws (IE Russia). Buzzfeed devoted an article to the subject [[http://www.buzzfeed.com/skarlan/adventure-time-actor-confirms-princess-bubblegum-and-marceli here]].
* Considering {{Gender Flip}}ping, it can be assumed that Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee have a similar past.
** [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/58380335fc96f5e84066fc73578a11fc/tumblr_mjbjn2huDB1qmzy0fo1_r1_500.png One page]] [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/f0ad82737e2db3087a1309c6c6c4fce6/tumblr_mjbjn2huDB1qmzy0fo2_r1_500.jpg from the]] ''[[ComicBook/AdventureTimeWithFionnaAndCake Fionna and Cake]]'' comics has Fionna complaining that she wasn't invited to Marshall Lee's and Prince Gumball's "Boy's Night". They decide they can't keep secrets from her anymore and ''look like they're about to hold hands.'' Fionna and Cake's reactions prove that the implications were all intentional.
** Their short scene in "Bad Little Boy" just ''screams'' "bitter ex-boyfriends", complete with [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Marshal sucking the pink from Gumball's cream puff]] [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar and throwing white sticky stuff on his face]]. It should be noted that the person telling the story in that episode is ''Marceline'' and it's strongly suggested that the ''Fionna and Cake'' world changes depending on who is telling the story.
** It's brief, but in "Five Short Tables", when Butterscotch Butler is taunting Prince Gumball with his dreams, ambitions, and regrets, it is revealed that Prince Gumball's regret is Marshall Lee.
** It's a bit brief, but in Fionna and Cake issue 5, Fionna passes by Marshall leaving the Candy Palace, carrying a very sugary parasol to protect from the sun. He says he just woke and from a nap and asks Fionna to tell Gumball he said bye. Fionna pauses to think "Marshall and Gumball are pretty cute pals." [[IsThatWhatTheyreCallingItNow Pals, huh?]]
*** As he says it, Marshall Lee looks exhausted, seems to have had his shirt ripped open, and has supposedly just spent an hour with Prince Gumball doing nothing but [[ItMakesSenseInContext waiting for Flame Prince to cook]].
** In the ''F&C'' comics is a four page comic called Sweaters, where each character had their sweaters stolen from them. At the end Gumball revealed that not only had he lost his sweater, but the sweaters he had made for them, including Marshall Lee. His is maroon with bats going across the middle.

[[folder:Lemongrab & Lemongrab 2]]
[[caption-width-right:206:This is an ACCEPTABLE COMPANION!!]]
* Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2 ooze this trope out of their lemony pores from their ''first meeting''. The poking, the Eskimo kisses, the cuddling... and Lemongrab has no problem with walking up to the nude guy and poking him repeatedly. PB explicitly states that she made him for Lemongrab to ''be'' with.
** "Stop by any TIIIME!!!" "But call first!" (a very common thing for recently married couples to say to in-laws in real life), they say to Princess Bubblegum and the others after exchanging interesting smiles of mutual bliss.
* The ''Adventure Time'' Facebook page described their relationship: "They keep each other company in lemony bliss." They sound like a married couple!
* At the end of "You Made Me," for just a brief moment, Lemongrab is shown making [[http://adventuretime.wikia.com/wiki/File:Cute_lemongrab_5.PNG this face]] at Lemongrab 2.
* EVERYTHING about the Lemongrabs in "All Your Fault". The way they speak to each other and their children, the way they bicker about what to name their kids, the promo art; ''Adventure Time'' basically has a gay couple who live together and have a bunch of children.
** There is a FreezeFrameBonus screenshot of Lemongrab's brain, in which his thoughts are visible. One of them refers to a "beautiful lemon man."
* Thomas Herpich, one of the artists on ''Adventure Time'' who wrote "You Made Me" and "All Your Fault," was politely asked to draw a picture of the Lemongrabs for a fan at the 2012 Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival. Having been given no other instructions on this vague request, Herpich responded by drawing a picture of the Lemongrabs hugging and smiling... [[http://sphotos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/311281_299606876817451_1503856371_n.jpg and butt naked]].
* The two are the stars of an AdamAndEvePlot. Lemongrab, like Adam, starts off totally alone and the first of his kind. Princess Bubblegum (whom LG calls "Glob", or God in ''Adventure Time'' speak) makes another Lemongrab so he doesn't get lonely, and eventually they have children together and start a whole new civilization.
* Their genderbent counterparts in the ''Fionna and Cake'' comic books acknowledge all of this lemony Ho Yay. Kate Leth, who created the genderbent "Lady Lemongrabs" for the backup story "Sour Candy", drew [[http://kateordie.tumblr.com/post/44663873777/ this self-proclaimed "homoerotic" illustration]] one day before the release of issue 3, Sour Candy's debut. [[http://ask-the-two-earls.tumblr.com/post/44736072454/ The comic itself]] also contains a bit of Ho Yay, too, including vague implications of an anniversary party, hand-holding, and face-nuzzling.
* In the first "Adventure Time Annual" issue, there's a 6-page comic called "Lemon Sea." In the story, the Lemongrabs basically go on a date. They leave their kids at home and go to their own private beach for a picnic.
* "Another Five Short Graybles" both ships and sinks the two by having the two refer to each other as brother but also refer to each other as a dad to their fake doll son.
* "Too Old" has Lemongrab act like an [[DomesticAbuse abusive husband]] and [[AbusiveParents father]] to the other Lemongrab and their children, then [[spoiler:''eats him'']], causing pretty much everyone [[AbandonShipping to jump ship]] at that point.
** In the comics (Issue 24) even after [[spoiler: eating Lemongrab 2]] he still refers to him as his only friend, simply that he now lives in his [[spoiler: belly]].
* In "Lemonhope Part II" both Lemongrabs are [[spoiler: literally combined/become one]] by PB after [[spoiler: the original Lemongrab explodes.]]

* In "Too Young", Lemongrab (unintentionally) sucks on Peppermint Butler's head, and afterwards smacks his lips a couple of times and says "Mmmm!" to himself pleasantly. Neither of them seemed to mind at the moment.
* Finn has had a few of these thanks to InnocentInnuendo.
** From "Prisoners of Love":
-->'''Finn''': There's a big sleepy lava man in our front yard! And he is ''so'' hot!\\
'''Jake''': Mm-''hmm''... ''(nudges Finn)''\\
'''Finn''': No--[[ThatCameOutWrong no wait, I take it back]]--I don't mean like... ''sexy'' hot...\\
'''Jake''': No... you ''do'' mean sexy hot!
** From "It Came From The Nightosphere":
-->'''Marceline''': You can't hurt [[HumanoidAbomination my dad]], you're like an ant to him.\\
'''Finn''': Well this ant's about to get in his pants!\\
'''Marceline''': ''(raises eyebrow)'' [[FlatWhat What]].
** In "Hug Wolf", Finn hints that he has "repressed emotional feelings" for Cinnamon Bun.
* Jake [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar outright stated]] that he has a "secret crush" on [[BrokenAce Billy]].
* Finn and Jake themselves have some of this. They're brothers, so it's expected they'd be close, but some things bring it to strange levels.
** From "Gut Grinder":
-->'''Finn''': You ''can't'' be stealing gold in your sleep. '''I watch you while you sleep.'''\\
'''Jake''': What?!? Yo, Finn, that is ''creepy'', man.\\
'''Finn''': I can't help it! I take pictures!
** From "The Silent King":
-->'''Jake''': Hey, Finn's gonna need a queen. '''({{Beat}})''' I'll do it.
** From "The Eyes":
-->'''Finn''': If you weren't so darn ''handsome'', animals wouldn't always be ''staring at you!''\\
'''Jake''': You're just mad at me for being... ''(smiles) handsome?''
** In Issue 18 of the official comics, Finn is trying to give CPR to a passed out Jake. Ice King comes in, sees this, and gets the wrong idea.
-->'''Ice King''': Finn are you- Oh haha, I guess you didn't see me come in.
*** [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Finn then shoves the non-deadly end of his sword in Jake's mouth]].
* Ice King's obsession with being Finn and Jake's "friend" is half [[JerkassWoobie pathetic]], and half [[DirtyOldMan thoroughly creepy]]. "Still" is disturbing even by his standards, what with paralysing the two of them and forcing them to perform bizarre activities with him, including cooking them an omelette that he's stuck his foot in (so that "part of [him] will be inside [the two of them]").
*** He says this will bring them "even closer together" (in regards to the foot omelette).
** Also in "Still": Ice King proceeds to dress up like Finn (he wanted to dress up like Jake too but doesn't out of protest). Then puts on a slide-show of penguin pics.
*** He even says the reason he froze them was so they could "bond as friends". Why does he want to "bond"? "Because I love you guys! But you don't love me." To prove he likes them more than they like him he tells them stuff about them. Including: That Jake doesn't put ice in his drinks because he has sensitive teeth, Finn's favorite food is meatloaf, and that sometimes Jake doesn't cry because he's "afraid of real emotion".
*** "Don't touch [[IsThatWhatTheyreCallingItNow my lemons]] Ice King!...Ice King!"
** Ice King stuffs himself in a fake horse suit in "The Eyes" so he can watch them when they sleep (to learn to be as happy as them). They all end up falling asleep together at the end of the episode.
** After the events of "Frost and Fire" Ice King ends up [[spoiler: living with Finn and Jake]] for a while. In "Play Date" Ice King eventually admits that the [[spoiler: Ice Kingdom had actually been fixed for weeks, he just like living with Finn and Jake]] and didn't tell them.
** The ending of [[GenderFlip "Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake"]] has [[spoiler:the Gender Flipped version of Finn ''declaring her love for the Ice King''.]]
** The comics have Ice King claim that his and Finn's destinies are cosmically intertwined.
*** In Issue 3 while they're preparing for battle he says, "There's more to me than just my ice powers, Finn. I hope you one day realize that."
** Finn and the Ice King cuddle in "Play Date". Finn is okay with it.
** In "A King's Ransom" Ice King thinks Finn and Jake are jealous of his relationship with Gunter.
* On the subject of "Fionna and Cake", Fionna spends most of the episode on a date with Gumball, complete with Gumball saying she "looks beautiful in the snow" and singing her a romantic song. Except [[spoiler:it was Ice Queen in disguise. Fionna went on a date with Ice Queen.]]
** The song in question is ''dripping'' with FoeRomanceSubtext, with such lines as "If I said you're a beautiful girl would it upset you?", "Your fist has touched my heart", and "I'll never let anything in this world keep us apart". It makes a lot more sense when you know the twist.
** In [[ComicBook/AdventureTimeWithFionnaAndCake the Fionna and Cake comics]], Ice Queen admits that she doesn't hate Fionna, it's just that Fionna is always in her way. During the climax, [[spoiler:Ice Queen takes the salt crystal out of Flame Prince's body, and absorbs it into her own]]. She says (to herself) she thought she needed the love of a prince, then the baby fire lions, and then she says [[spoiler:the crystal]] could hold more warmth than both of them combined. As [[spoiler:she's melting]], she says "There's so much strange magic in this world... be careful with it, Fionna."
** Ice Queen says that Fionna is [[AmbiguouslyBi "keeping all the babes" to herself]]. One could ''assume'' that she meant the Princes but babes is generally used to describe women not men.
* The marauders from "Memories of Boom-Boom Mountain" like to wrestle. And then they like to pet each other. Pet each other raw.
** From the same episode:
-->'''Mountain''': Those men and their disgusting fantastic bodies!\\
'''Jake''': This guy has problems.
* In "Death in Bloom", Death kisses Jake ''on the lips'' to restore his memories, with a ''{{Foot Pop|ping}}'' from Jake.
-->"Kiss of death, ''baby.''"
* The very first gladiator in "Morituri Te Salutamus" (who are later revealed to have been forced to kill their partner gladiator by the Fight King) mournfully yells "Hyperion! My ''love''!", and the other gladiators are all either crying or expressing similar dismay. At the end, after [[spoiler:Finn kills the Fight King]], all the gladiators are paired off, holding hands, and disappear together. It was later [[WordOfGay confirmed]] that all of the gladiator pairs were in fact same-sex couples.
* "The Monster" has this line from LSP (ItMakesSenseInContext, but not by much):
-->''No'', Jessica! Don't cheat on Tony with me!
* In "The Hard Easy", Finn kisses a frog, who turns out to be a buff prince. Complete with bright, sparkly [[HenshinHero magical boy transformation]]. Plus, he calls Jake "sweetles" at one point.
* Prismo has ''[[AmbiguouslyGay a lot]]'' of this towards Jake. It's mostly one-sided since Jake's too oblivious to notice it at all.
** Reinforced in "Wake Up" when Jake tells Prismo that he's always smiling when he's around him. Especially [[{{Adorkable}} Prismo's reaction]].
-->'''Jake''': I gotta get that guy a girlfriend.
* Huntress Wizard has some innuendo about her sexuality. In "Wizard Battle", she's competing for Princess Bubblegum's kiss, and was seen cheering after hearing about the prize (WordOfGod insists she was more interested in testing her magic powers against the other competing wizards). In "Reign of Gunters" she's extremely hostile to Ice King's attempts to flirt with her (although then again, it's [[AbhorrentAdmirer Ice King]]). And in "Wizards Only, Fools", she looks up while Princess Bubblegum jumps over her wearing a SpyCatsuit. Her theme also has some resonance, given that Artemis, the goddess of hunting, famously did not like men and went around with a lot of young women who were also expected to renounce male companionship.
* Also in "Wizard Battle", Abracadaniel gives off a [[AmbiguouslyGay gay vibe]] since everything about him is soft and delicate, his speech included, he uses rainbow magic, is outright repulsed at the idea of kissing Bubblegum, and is shaped like a certain body part. Also when he "wins", he states that he ''deserves'' a kiss (not that he wants it, wording is important).
* Whatever BMO did [[http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/475/391/28f.gif here]] in "Jake the Dad". While BMO is mostly in the AmbiguousGender camp, other characters and BMO themself often treat them as male.
** The episode ends with [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Finn laying on his back, with BMO dancing on his belly and BMO's controller in his mouth]].
* Whole "Davey" episode. With Ice Cream person angrily asking Finn out for a dinner, then telling him that he made him one. And with Davey (Finn in disguise) building a shack together with another Candy Person, and then hanging around together in it.
* Jake eats Meat Man's meat in his sandwich. That night he has a dream about Meat Man, the following morning this exchange happens,
--> '''Jake''': ''([[ThousandYardStare staring out the window]] with a cup of coffee and a blanket wrapped round his shoulders)'' I had a dream about Meat Man... I think I'm going to stop eating Meat Man.
* Bubblegum makes out with her left hand in "A Glitch Is A Glitch", which is later revealed to be sentient and female.
* "BMO Lost" has BMO and Bubble, who try to adopt a baby together, and ends with Bubble proposing to BMO (granted, he admitted he didn't know what "married" means). BMO said yes. As a machine, though, BMO is technically genderless and has been referred to as both he ''and'' she in the show and the DVD "Little Did You Know" entries.
* Towards the end of "The Suitor", [[spoiler:Peppermint Butler has a dark magic spell cast on Braco to make him a "love magnet". It goes horribly right.]]
-->'''Braco''': Did it work? Am I a love magnet?
-->'''Peppermint Butler''': Well, I want to have your babies.
** Later at the end of the episode, when Bubblegum tells Peppermint Butler that she sent Braco away, he angrily responds with "You should've given him to ''me''!".
* [[GenderBlenderName Tiffany]] has a rather unhealthy obsession with Jake. In "One Last Job" Tiffany flat out yells "I LOVE YOU JAKE!".
* In "The Silent King", Gummy the goblin seems all too eager to be spanked in the buttocks by Finn, and sits on the lap of Whisper Dan, while thinking that he's Finn.
* In "Slow Love", Snorlock keeps wishing that Finn and Jake were girls so he could date them.
-->"[[ItMakesSenseInContext I'll makeout with you!"]]
* In the promo art of "Too Old," two lemon brothers are seen making out with each other. Apparently, they were either very drunk, or incest is just not taboo in Castle Lemongrab.
* Jake and his subconscious-thoughts-Mr. Cupcake have a bunch of this in "Time Sandwich".
* Shoko and PB become close pretty quickly in "The Vault", which just makes Shoko's [[DeathByOriginStory eventual fate]] all the more tragic.
* In the graphic novel "Seeing Red" the hotel bellhop very clearly has a crush on Jake, outright saying "I love you." At the end of the story Jake has to tell him that he already has a girlfriend and kids... after a FadeToBlack when Jake woke up to find the bellhop [[DidTheyOrDidntThey in his room]].
* Being a ShoutOut to ''Film/ThelmaAndLouise'', plenty of it with Marcy and LSP in "Princess Day". Not to mention how Marcy wanted to hang around with Bubblegum first but PB was too interested in a crossword puzzle. Marcy texting is playfully cute.
* In "Orgalorg", the only female penguin hits on LSP.
* In the Stakes mini-series, the Vampire King sucks out the Fool's restored tooth with his mouth. Also the Fool is the only one who decides to stay with VK.
* In "Don't Look", Finn inadvertently changing the forms of whoever he looks at based on what he thinks of them turns Princess Bubblegum into a "[[OneOfTheBoys teen boy heartthrob]]", putting a bizarre twist on his crush on her.
-->'''Bubblegum''': Can you explain this?
-->'''Finn''': I don't know! I'm not a psychiatrist!
** Same episode, to make Finn go back to looking like himself his friends give flattering descriptions of him while he looks in a mirror, with Ice King calling him "the hottest guy in Ooo".
* Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee have as subtext as their original versions.
** "Five Short Tables" has Butterscotch Maid tell Gumball the reason she can always win is because she knows everything about Gumball, his dreams, ambitions, regrets and fears. When talking about her regrets, Marshall Lee appears on the screen.
* ''The Islands'' mini-series
** In the first episode of the Islands mini-series, Marceline makes it very obvious she's attracted to Susan.
** Susan and her old friend Frieda. They were ''very'' close when they were younger, and Frieda even wanted Susan to run away from the island with her. It becomes extremely close to just plain text in the last episode when Frieda affectionately hugs Susan around the neck from behind and the two go off together on their own adventures.
* Lumpy Space Princess's liking for boys is well-documented, but she's had some moments where she seemed to express interest in girls as well. When she was [[http://www.newsarama.com/21755-oh-my-glob-lumpy-space-princess-interviewed.html interviewed by Newsarama promoting the episode "Prinsess Day"]], this set of questions happened:
-->'''Nrama:''' What are your favorite qualities in a man?\\
'''LSP:''' He needs to be hot, like me.\\
'''Nrama:''' What are your favorite qualities in a guuuurrrlll?\\
'''LSP:''' She needs to be hot, like me.
* During the "Elements" mini series LSP eats Marshmallow Marceline's face.