Hey Its That Voice: Total Drama

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English Voice Talents

     The Cast 

     Ruby Gloom 
Before Total Drama, some of the cast appeared on Ruby Gloom:
  • Beth was Ruby Gloom.
  • Emma/Crimson was Iris.
  • Trent/Owen/Brody were Skull Boy.
  • Zoey was Boo Boo.
  • Pete was Poe.

     6 Teen 
As already mentioned above, most of the contestants appeared 6teen, before joining Total Drama.
  • Gwen was Jen.
  • Chris McLean was Jude.
  • Don was Jonesey.
  • Emma/Crimson was Nikki.
  • Courtney/Ellody/Laurie was Chrissy.
  • Sadie was Kristen.
  • Lindsay/Katie/Kitty were Kirsten.
  • Mary/Miles were Lydia and Gwen.
  • Chet was Darth.
  • Justin was Wayne.
  • Leshawna was Serena.
  • Sierra was Ashley.
  • Geoff was Corey.
  • Noah/Ennui/Spud was Jared.
  • Duncan was Kai.
  • Heather was Melinda.
  • Owen/Trent/Brody/Jacques was Stone and Griffin.
  • Ella was Marlowe.

A lot of Total Drama Cast also lent there voiced to Stoked
  • Don was Reef, before Devin/Tom took over.
  • Izzy was Finn.
  • Bridgette/Carrie was Emma (who is virtually identical to Bridgette).
  • Mike once again was several characters at once, he was "No Pants" Lance, Andrew "Bummer" Baumer, and Captain Ron.
  • Chet was Snack Shack.
  • Sadie was her polar opposite Kelly.
  • Emma/Crimson was Martha McCartney.
  • Gwen was Sam Mcloud (Finn's Sister).
  • Courtney/Ellody/Laurie was Mrs. Ridgemont.
  • Chris McLean was fittingly the Announcer Guy, and Shep.
  • Mickey/Jay were Kai.

Keeping with Fresh's tendency to bring back VA's, there are several more voice overlaps in Grojband (presumably with more to come)
  • Twins Mickey and Jay are Corey Riffin.
  • Twins Amy and Samey are voiced by Laney (try saying that three times). As well as Taylor.
    • To make it even better both of the above voice actors also voice identical characters on Grojband: Corey and Carrie, as well as Laney and Larry (or Lenny depending on what country the show airs in).
  • Josh is Buzz Newsworthy (who's also a News Reporter).
  • Heather's mother/Josee/Kelly is Chance Happening.
  • Chris McLean is Party Danimal.
  • Harold/Sam is T'Orb (a floating extraterrestrial Orb), Clete (A genie with a spitting disorder), Jammy (a sentient blob of jam), and Savage Fred (a bespectacled gamer who sounds exactly like Sam).
  • Junior is Two Junior.
  • Gwen is Candy Jams.
  • Lightning is DJ Fusion.
  • The Total Drama Theme Song is sung by Nick Mallory.
  • Owen/Trent/Brody/Jacques and Zoey's VA's have appeared in the credits but it's yet unknown who they voice.

A number of voice actors also dubbed characters on Bakugan:
  • Owen/Trent and Brody/Jacques's VA played main character Dan in all four seasons.
  • Alejandro's All-Stars VA played Ace Grit.
  • Courtney/Ellody/Laurie was Alice.
  • Geoff's VA had several roles across the four seasons, but Spectra Phantom and Jake were probably the biggest.
  • Gwen was an Idol Singer named Jenny in Season 1.
  • Katie/Lindsay and Kitty's VA voiced Chan Lee and Fabia.
  • Noah and Ennui/Spud VA was Volt Luster.
  • Sierra was Paige.
  • Zoey was Zenet.
  • Shawn was Shun Kazami.
  • Ella was Nene.
  • Chet was Shuji and Shadow Prove.
  • Duncan, Harold, Leshawna and Lightning's VA's each played secondary characters as well.

     Time Warp Trio 
Nearly all of the main cast of Time Warp Trio ended up on Total Drama:
  • Owen/Trent/Brody/Jacques was Fred (who also known for farting).
  • Chet was Sam.
  • Beth was Jodie.
  • Jo was Samantha.
  • Ella was Freddie.
  • Sierra was Anna.
  • Geoff was Mike (Fred's evil older brother)

Understandable considering the creator of Sidekick has partnered with Tom McGills (the creator of Total Drama) before:
  • Cody/Tyler/Ezekiel is the main character Eric Needles (But only in the original Funpak shorts).
  • Chris McLean is Trevor Troublemeyer.
  • Lindsay/Katie/Kitty is Vana Glama.
  • Owen/Trent/Brody/Jacques is Martin Troublemeyer and Allan Amazing.
  • Noah/Ennui/Spud is Kid Ruthless.
  • Emma/Crimsons is Mandy Struction.
  • Chet is Sammy.

Many VA's have appeared on Detentionaire:
  • Shawn is Biffy Goldstein (who also wears a toque).
  • Harold/Sam is Lynch Webber (yet another bespectacled character).
  • Emma/Crimson is Jenny Jerkins.
  • Mickey/Jay are Irwin Dexter.
  • Geoff is Cyrus Xavier.
  • Chris was Zed (a skater dude, who else?).
  • Owen/Trent/Brody/Jacques voices an unknown additional character.

     Camp Lakebottom 
Several VA's ended up in Camp Lakebottom:
  • Owen/Trent/Brody/Jacques is McGee the main protagonist (who ironically has had to endure what many characters went through at the hands of Owen).
  • Noah (also Ennui/Spud) has turned from Owen's genius best friend to his idiotic arch-nemesis Jordan Buttsquat.
  • Chet the Jerkass stepbrother is lovable goofball Squirt.
  • Pete is Armand.
  • Amy/Samey/Taylor is Suzi (also the snobbish, blonde-haired older sister of a hero).
  • Harold/Sam is Fleabiscuit.
  • Chris McLean and Josh play unknown characters.

     Dex Hamilton 
All of the main cast of Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist appeared on the show:
  • Josh was Dex Hamilton.
  • Lindsay/Katie/Kitty was girl genius Jenny 10.
  • Mickey/Jay was Zapp.
  • Noah/Ennui/Spud was idiotic frog boy Tung.
  • Mike, Owen/Trent/Brody/Jacques, Anne Maria, and Shawn also played additional characters.

     Producing Parker 
  • Emma/Crimson was Peggy (Hal's wife), the narrator of a whale documentary, and a stripper.
  • Anne Maria was the Latino Lesbian and Sally.
  • Lindsay/Katie/Kitty was Helen and Mandy.
  • Heather's mother/Josee/Kelly was Antique Annie.
  • Gerry was Hal.
  • Pete was God.

Contestants Overseas

     Brazilian Portuguese 
In Brazil, things get really crazy:
  • Chris McLean is Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, and Robert Downey, Jr..
  • Izzy is Raven and (like in Russia) Azula/Korra.
  • Courtney and Sierra are Blossom and Buttercup.
  • Anne Maria (later Courtney), Heather, Eva, Cody, Sierra (later Lindsay), Geoff and Mike are Fionna, Marceline, Susan Strong, B-Mo, Flame Princess, Lemongrab, and Prince Gumball respectively.
  • Sierra and Cody met around 2001 as Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (Casting Gag?)
    • Ezekiel, who was initially rumored to be Harry Potter, actually (and currently) stands alone as Marlon Parks. Chris and Ezekiel are voiced by father and son.
    • Additionally, Cody was cast as Jeremy Johnson. Although she isn't Candace, Sierra is Jeremy and Candace's future daughter, Amanda Johnson.
  • Beth/DJ's Mother and Eva are Luanne Platter and Minh.
  • Anne Maria and Leshaniqua (Leshawna's cousin) are both Ariel and Princess Calla.
  • Tyler, Katie, Izzy, Harold, Max, and Courtney, like in Hungary, are Speedy Gonzales (World Tour), Amy/Blair Waldorf, Chris Hargensen, Izzy Izumi, Salem Saberhagen, and Denise Huxtable.
  • Owen and Staci are Dexter and Dee-Dee.
  • Blaineley is Barbie, Caitlin Cooke, and the new Lisa Simpson.
  • Tyler and Sadie are Zak and Wheezie.
  • Dakota is Ginormica.
  • Dawn is Miss Martian.
  • Chef Hatchet is Carlton Banks.
  • Dave is Danny Phantom, and Max is Dark Danny. Other vets of DP include Bridgette as Jazz, Alejandro as Tucker, Blainley as Sam, and Chef as Jack Fenton.
  • The killer with a hook / Owen's Dad is Pumbaa.
  • 20 years after Animaniacs: Noah (later Geoff) is Yakko, Max is Pinky, Anne Maria is Dot, Alejandro (!) is Skippy, Bridgette is Mindy, Staci is Rita, Chris is Bobby, and Owen is Squit.
  • Justin, Noah, Duncan and Geoff have all been Batman at some point.
  • Carrie:
    • In the original, Anne-Maria was Chris, Topher was the Beak, Jasmine was Frieda Jason, and Jerd is George Dawson.
    • For the cable redub: Tyler reprised Tommy Ross from the 2002 remake, Courtney is Sue, Eva is Mrs. Snell, Sugar is Helen Shyres, Leonard is the Beak, Harold is George Dawson, Mike is Freddy de Lois, Gwen is Margaret, Amy and Samey are Chris Hargensen and Duncan is Ernest.
    • In the 2002 remake: Tyler is Tommy, while Amy/Samey reprises Chris, Bridgette is Sue, Eva (unlike Hungary) is Miss Desjardin, Blaineley is Tina, Scarlett is Norma Watson, Trent is Jackie Talbot, Jerd is Kenny Garson, and Owen is Mr. Schernhorst.
    • For the 2013 remake, besides Izzy being Chris: Eva is now Margaret, Lightning is Billy, All Stars!Lindsay is now Sue Snell, Bridgette is instead Tina, Zoey is Nicki, Cody is Freddy Holt, Heather's Mom is Miss Desjardin.
  • Total Drama is such an amazing world, as: Duncan is Richard Watterson; Geoff is Banana Joe; and Heather and her mother are, respectively, Carrie and Nicole Watterson.
  • Things get gleeful for Total Drama as of season 3, as Duncan is Will Schuester; Blaineley is Quinn Fabray; Cody is Mike Chang; Heather is Emma Pillsbury; Sierra is Becky Jackson; Leshawna is Brittany Pierce; Lightning (or Trent for one episode) is Noah "Puck" Puckerman; Shawn is Ryder Lynn; Amy/Samey is Rachel Berry; Eva and Gwen's Mother are both Olivia Newton John and Shannon Beiste; Trent is most often Blaine Anderson; Mike is Dave Karofsky and Jake Puckerman; Max was the first Dave Karofsky; Tyler came along as Bryan Ryan (like in Italy); Sky is Penny Owen; Scott is Jesse St. James (fittingly); Harold is Jacob Ben Israel; Beth is Harmony Destiny; Heather's Mom is Cassandra July; Izzy is Marley; and Cameron is Unique.
  • Heather and Cody, like in Sweden, are Marceline, and Ron Stoppable.
  • Heather's father is Kevin Costner, Steve Martin, and Jeff Goldblum (in most of their movies).
  • D.J. is Connie. He and Staci are voiced by mother and son.
  • Heather and Izzy are voiced by real-life sisters Francine Frensky and Muffy Crosswire.
  • Knocked Up: Heather's mom is Alison Scott; Samey/Amy is Debbie; Max is Peter; Jasmine is Jodi; Leonard is Jay; Noah is Martin; Trent is Samuel; Owen is Ryan Seacrest and one of the doctors; Lindsay and Courtney are Alison's (Samey/Amy) friends; Lindsay is Eva Mendes; Justin is Steve Carell; and Geoff is James Franco. As a bonus, Courtney also makes a cameo as Denise Richards in "Wild Things".
    • This is 40: Samey/Amy, Max, Jodi are back as Debbie, Peter, and Jodi respectively. Anne Maria is Desi; Sugar is Catherine; Cameron is Joseph; and Harold is Billy Joe Armstrong.
  • Cody, Brick and Tyler are Belly Bag, Steve Pizza and Beary Nice.
  • Steven Universe: Gwen is Garnet (like in Israel), Amy/Samey is Pearl, Topher is Lars, Dakota is Sadie, Harold is Ronaldo, Leonard is Buck Dewey, Blaineley is Jenny, and Alejandro is Sour Cream.
  • Heather and Blaineley are Jackie and Inez, respectively. Max is Delete, and Chris is Digit/Dr. Marbles.
  • Eva (later Heather) is Bridget Jones.
  • The LEGO Movie: Lightning (Trent in one episode) is Emmet; Trent, in turn, is the Green Lantern (again); Amy and Samey are Wonder Woman; Heather's Mom is Wyldstyle; Justin is once again Batman; and Anne Maria is Unikitty.
  • Total Drama has had a big history with The Simpsons, as Harold is the longtime Bart Simpson; Max is now Krusty; DJ is now Apu; Sugar used to be Nelson Muntz, Heather's mom (later Blaineley) is Lisa Simpson; and Owen (now Trent) is Chief Wiggum.
    • At some point: Eva/Gwen's Mom was Selma and Patty Bouvier; Chris was Ned Flanders, Groundskeeper Willie (alongside Noah), Principal Skinner, Otto Mann, Professor Fink, Joe Quimby, Krusty the Klown, and Lenny; Owen has been Carl; Duncan and DJ were Apu; Noah and Trent have been Sideshow Bob; Trent has been Duffman; Sadie/Ella has been Helen Lovejoy; and Leshawna was Ms. Hoover. However, Ezekiel was never Ralph Wiggum nor Martin Prince. Someone is trying to find when each actor had the roles.
  • Half the cast has worked on League of Legends: Sadie is Akali, Orianna and Sona; Brick is Alistar, Rammus and Talon; Leonard is Amumu; Sugar is Ashe; Tyler is Brolaf; Rodney is Dr. Mundo; Sierra is Evelynn, Kennen and Pearl; Heather is Fiora, Harold is Fizz, Izzy is Irelia, Katie is Janna, Lindsay is Katarina, Eva is Kayle, Zoey is LeBlanc and Tristana, Anne Maria is Morgana and Poppy, LeShawna is Nidalee, Lightning is Rumble, Noah is Shen, Staci is Shyvana, Duncan is Taric, and Chef Hatchet is Trundle.
  • Max is, like in Poland, Rodney.
  • What about Diablo III? Duncan and Izzy are the player Wizards, Heather is Leah, her mother is the female monk, Bridgette is Eirena, Chris McLean is Kormac, Chef Hatchet is Haedrig Eamon, and Tyler is King Leoric.
  • The Hunger Games: Izzy is Katniss Everdeen, Leshawna is Ms. Everdeen, Alejandro is Gale Hawthorne, Justin is Cinna, Trent is Claudius Templesmith, Katie is Clove, Harold is Marvel, D.J. is Thresh, Tyler is Gloss, Heather's mother is Cashmere and Beth is Johanna Mason.
  • Open your mind up to Ben10. Cody is Ben Tennyson; Bridgette is Gwen; Duncan was (at one point) Cash Murray and Synaptax; Mike is J.T.; Noah is Carl Tennyson; and Staci is Sheila.
    • Ben 10: Alien Force: Duncan is now Kevin Levin; Heather's mother appears thrice as Helen Wheels, Tini and Elena Validus; Justin is Manny Armstrong; Leshawna is Myaxx; and Tyler is Chromastone.
    • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Geoff is Ben 10,000.
  • In Avatar: Heather's mother is Neytiri; Noah is Norm Spellman; Trent is Max Patel; and Beth is Trudy Chacon. Eva, Duncan, Courtney, Tyler, DJ, Alejandro, Leshawna, and Lindsay are also there.
  • How many Digimon veterans can be totally dramatic? Digimon Adventure: Leonard is Tai, Topher is Agumon, Dave is Gomamon, Harold is Izzy, Geoff is Tentomon, Scarlett is Palmon, Sky is Mimi, but Ezekiel isn't TK.
  • Spider-Man Trilogy:
    • Geoff is Harry Osborn; Heather cameoed as a girl in the bus; Lindsay was a punk rock girl; and Trent was a policeman.
    • In the sequel, Heather's mother was Ursula; Duncan was a doctor; and Tyler made an appearance in an elevator.
    • In the final chapter to the original film, Trent returned as Venom/Eddie Brock; and Leshawna was Emma Marko.
  • In the 2012 reboot The Amazing Spider-Man, Owen's dad is Uncle Ben; Izzy is Gwen Stacy; Duncan returns as Rajit Ratha; Alejandro is Flash Thompson; Courtney is Mrs. Ritter; Harold is Rodrigo Guevara; and Justin made his appearance as a car thief.
  • Rise of Electro: Justin is promoted to Electro, while Mike joins the cast as the Green Goblin.
  • Heather, Harold, Chris, and Scarlett are Dora, Map, Swiper and Backpack.
  • Jerd is Alan.

     Castilian Spanish 
So far, only "Island" has been broadcast in European Spanish.

     European French 
France has picked tremendous choices for the European dubbing of "Total Drama" (Defis Extremes):

     Holland (Dutch) 

Hungarian gets interesting, as some contestants have worked on the same franchises.
  • Hungary reunites the Scooby-Doo cast, as Ezekiel (before season 3), Sadie (in season 3), Beth (in season 1), and Noah are Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, and Fred, respectively.
  • Izzy and Cameron are Louise and Tina Belcher.
  • Noah and Katie are:
  • Seth MacFarlane:
    • American Dad!: Lindsay and Noah are Hayley and Jeff Fischer. Lightning is Greg Corbin, and Chef is Agent Jackson.
    • Family Guy: Chef Hatchet is Cleveland Brown, Mike is Quagmire and Harold is Neil and Mort Goldman. Bridgette is not Loretta Brown.
      • The Cleveland Show: Chef reprises his role as Cleveland. There, he and his son Duncan move out of Quahog, and marries his High School friend Gwen. Mike is Holt Richter, but Cody isn't Ernie Krinkelsac.
  • Noah is Johnny Test. Katie is Susan, and Izzy is Mary. Sam and Lightning are both Hank Anchorman, and Dakota is Sissy. Cody is not Gil.
  • It's heaven for Madagascar: Mike leads the pack as Dr. Blowhole and Melman, Geoff is Roger, Harold is Marty, and Ezekiel was Rico. If you were expecting Tyler, he isn't Private; he's simply an additional voice in Penguins.
  • Tyler, Leshawna, Noah and DJ are Speedy Gonzales, Lola Bunny, Mac and Daffy Duck. Cody is not Tosh, and Sylvester is not Brick.
  • Hey Arnold!: Harold is the title character, Noah is Stinky, Katie is Phoebe, Izzy (movie) is Rhonda, while Lindsay (TV) and Blaineley (movie) are Helga. Although Cody is not Gerald, he, Sam, and Mike did appear in a few episodes.
  • Brick and Anne-Maria are respectively Sheldon and Penny.
  • This gets very, very interesting: For Full Metal Panic!, Brick, Noah, Katie, Dakota, Duncan, and Sam are Shota, Sousuke, Kaname, Tessa, Kurz Weber, and Gauron, respectively. Harold translated the series into Hungarian.
  • Lightning and Courtney are respectively Gollum and Arwen.
  • Everyone from Pokémon is in the place. Harold was Brock in 4Ever, Noah is Tracey and the new James, Jo (or the first Eva) was Nurse Joy, Izzy is Domino, Heather (but not Eva) is Misty, Scarlett is Dawn, Max is now Meowth, Katie was Misty in 4Ever (plus Molly Hale and Dawn's mom), Dakota had been Giselle, and Lindsay signed up as Melody. Cody wasn't Meowth in the 3rd movie, nor was he Koga.
  • The cast of Digimon Adventure is reunited: Ezekiel used to be Tai, Max is Joe, Bridgette is Sora, Trent is Agumon, Cameron (later Cody) is Matt, Noah is Gabumon, and Harold is Izzy. Tyler is not Ogremon.
    • In The Movie, Harold was still Izzy, and Cody was still Matt. Izzy and Mike have bit parts.
    • In Digimon Frontier, either Owen or Tyler (world tour) joined the journey as Koichi Kimura, Beth (Action) is Patamon, and Mike is Lucemon.
    • In Digimon Tamers, Eva is now Rika, Sam is Yamaki, Max (later Harold) is Henry, Duncan (later Mike) is Renamon, Cameron used to be Kenta, and Trent is Impmon.
  • Steven Universe: Chef Hatchet is Mr. Fryman, Max is Kofi, and Sky is Lapis Lazuli.
  • For My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Courtney is Applejack; Harold is Snips; Noah is Shining Armor and Flash Sentry; Sierra (alternately Katie) is Rarity; Katie is also Sunset Shimmer, Diamond Tiara and Trixie; Duncan is Prince Blueblood; and Bridgette is Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna. Cody is not Spike. Although Izzy was Applejack in the demo, she was never Fluttershy.
  • Staci and Mike are Mrs. Pteranodon and Mr. Conductor.
  • Let's try King of the Hill: Courtney is Nancy; Gwen is Peggy; Katie is Luanne; Amy and Samey are Connie; and the first Ezekiel was Khan.
  • Transformers Prime: Lightning is Starscream, the first Ezekiel was Hardshell, Trent is Tailgate, Justin is Wheeljack, and Duncan is Ratchet.
  • The Fairly Oddparents is rather confusing, but Staci is Wanda in both dubs.
    • Disney Channel: Chef Hatchet is Mr. Crocker, Lindsay (like France) is Vicky, Cosmo is DJ, and Sam is Jorgen.
    • Nickelodeon: Ezekiel is Mr. Crocker, and Noah is Cosmo and Poof. Cody is not Chester, and Bridgette isn't Mama Cosma.
  • There's some extreme overlap with Naruto; in both dubs, Anne Maria/Sugar, Cameron and Lightning are respectively Tenten, Sasuke and Orochimaru.
    • (original) Chef is Chouji, Sierra is female Orochimaru, Brick is Shino, Island!Sadie is Ino, and Mike is Zabuza.
    • (redub) Blaineley is young female Orochimaru, Island!Tyler is Chouji, Izzy is Ino, Justin is Tobirama and Kimimaro, Island!Ezekiel is Kabuto, and Scott is Kisame.
  • Meanwhile, back with InuYasha: Katie is Kagome, Dakota is Yura, Noah is Miroku, Izzy is Sango, Sierra is Tsubaki, Lightning is Naraku, and Duncan is Sesshoumaru.
  • Harold is Jimmy Neutron and Sheen Estevez. Cameron used to be Sheen, so Harold was the one who met Princess Oom (Dawn).
  • Sailor Moon: Island!Sadie is Mercury, Max is Pegasus, Lindsay is Sailor Mars, Blaineley is Sailor Venus, Katie is Chibiusa, and Cody/Shawn is Sammy (but not Amara, Andrew/Motoki, Zoisite, or Jadeite). Sierra isn't Sailor Jupiter. Come The Movie, only Lindsay survived as Mars, then Katie took over as Venus.
  • Lightning, Owen, Duncan, and Zoey are Ant-Man, Thor, Captain America, and Black Widow.
  • Down by Heroes: Katie is Claire Bennet, Ezekiel is now Mohinder Suresh, Leshawna is Simone Deveaux, Dakota is Elle Bishop, Courtney is Candice Wilmer, Harold is Zach, and Anne Maria is Caitlin. Cody isn't Peter.
  • In Ray: Courtney is Mary Ann Fisher; Sierra is Aretha Robinson; Harold is Quincy Jones; Mike is Milt Shaw; Lindsay is Pat Lyle; and Bridgette is Ethel McRae (but not Mercedes). Tyler is not Ahmet Ertegun.
  • The Slayers: Cameron, Izzy, Lightning, Trent, Anne Maria, Dakota, and Duncan are Gourry, Amelia, Rezo, Vrumugun, Martina, Filia, and Sirius, respectively.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Dakota is Katara; Courtney is Azula; Harold (later Cameron) is Jet; Rodney is Fire Lord Ozai; Blaineley is Ty Lee; Ezekiel used to be Bato; Mike is Kuei (the Earth king); and Chef Hatchet is Zhao.
    • In the sequel The Legend of Korra: Noah is Bolin, World Tour!Ezekiel is Tarrlok; and Katie is Ikki. Cody is not Aang in the flashbacks.
  • The Swan Princess: Chef Hatchet has been Lord Rogers; World Tour!Tyler (later Trent) is Bromley; and Lightning ended up as Prince Derek. Cody couldn't be Puffin, nor is Zoey Odette in the third movie. note 
    • Christmas: Lightning steps down to be Jean-Bob, Chef Hatchet is Speed, Mike is Hans, Trent's Bromley again, and Noah is Novem.
  • South Park is totally dramatic: Noah is Kenny, Max is Randy Marsh, Harold is Ike and Pip, Ezekiel used to be Butters, Katie is Henrietta, Brick is Jimmy, Dakota is Wendy, and Staci was Miss Stevens. Cody is not Clyde Donovan, Starvin' Marvin, or Dougie.
  • Carrie:
    • (1976; redub from the late 1990's): Dakota was most likely one of the female students.
    • (2002): In the first dub so far, Katie is Carrie; and Eva's current voice is one of the female students. In the redub, Katie took over as Norma Watson. In turn, Heather (but not Eva) was Miss Desjardin, Anne Maria/Sugar was Tina Blake, Noah was Kenny Garson, and Chef Hatchet was Mr. Morton.
    • (2013): Anne Maria/Sugar takes over as Sue Snell, Bridgette is Miss Desjardin, Izzy (like in Brazil) is Chris Hargensen, Dave is Tommy Ross, and Courtney is Eleanor Snell.
  • Scaredy Squirrel: Chef and Max are, in some order, Dave and Nestor. Scott is probably Paddy, and Courtney might be Sally Fishlips.
  • Shawn/Tyler and Scott are Sanjay and Craig.
  • How many Pennys do we need? One is actually Bridgette, another one is Izzy, yet another one is Anne Maria/Sugar.
  • Katie (Izzy in the movie) and Sky are Lizzie McGuire and Miranda Isabella Sanchez.
  • Noah (!), Izzy, Trent, Cameron, and Geoff are Tommy Turnbull, Lola, Gus, Robotboy, and Constantine, respectively.
  • One Tree Hill: Noah is Lucas; Cameron is Nathan; Anne Maria/Sugar is Haley James; and Dakota is Brooke Davis.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Classic: Dakota stands alone as Fanfan and Arale.
    • Z: Noah is Son Goten, Eva (later Jo) is Bra, Max joins in as Trunks, World Tour!Ezekiel is Bubu, Dakota returns as Dende, and Sam is C-16.
    • GT: Cameron is Giru, Katie is now Bra, Chris is Dende, Geoff is Shibito, Chef is Mr. Popo.
  • Arthur: Katie is D.W., All-Stars!Alejandro is Binky, and Mike is Mr. Ratburn.
  • Mudpit: Katie is Geneva, Noah is Reece, Chris is Liam, Chef Hatchet is Slime, and All Stars Alejandro is Fitzy.
  • Even though Alejandro stands alone as Harvey Dent, World Tour!Ezekiel was an additional voice in Batman & Robin.

     Israeli (Hebrew) 
  • Israel holds a reuinion for Sailor Moon
    • Lindsay (temporarily Zoey) is Sailor Moon
    • Dakota is Sailor Chibi-Moon
    • Gwen is Sailor Venus (Uranus in season one)
    • Izzy is Sailor Jupiter
    • Duncan/Sam/Leonard/Chef Hatchet is Tuxedo Mask and Artemis
    • Sierra is Luna, Eugeal, Sailor Galaxia, Ikuko Tsukino, and Prizma
    • Heather/Staci is Sailor Pluto, Ann, Avery, Ves Ves and Elizabeth
    • Bridgette/Scarlett is Sailor Neptune, Palla Palla, and Sailor Lead Crow
    • Beth/Eva/Katie is Ms. Haruna, Queen Metalia, Koan, Kaolinite, Queen Nehelenia, Cere Cere, and Sailor Aluminum Siren
    • Chris Mc Lean/Beardo is Jadeite, Kunzite, Alan, Wiseman, Tiger's Eye, and Rei's grandfather
    • Owen and Scott started off as Sammy, Kenji Tsukino, Nephrite, Rubeus, Fish Eye, Andrew (season 2), and Sailor Star Fighter
    • Alejandro is Zoisite and Andrew (season 1)
    • Courtney/Sadie is Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9
    • Mike is Tiger's Eye
    • Brick, All-Stars!Alejandro and Max are all Sailor Star Healer
  • Chris is, like in Hungary and Romania, Generator Rex.
  • Heather and Staci are Mabel Pines, and Princess Atta.
  • Courtney is Berry and Jazz Fenton.
  • As of season 2, Eva, Katie, and Beth are Bubbles, and Poof.
  • Lightning, Cameron, Mike, and Bridgette are Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, and Margaret (like Brazil for Bridgette).
  • Gwen was Yumi in season 1. She later became Garnet to match Brazil.
  • Lindsay and Dawn are Vanessa, and Sasha.
  • Tyler is Mr. Poe and Digit.
  • Brick is Winnie-the-Pooh and Dave.
  • Leshawna and Blaineley are The Brave Little Toaster, and Stretch.
  • Josh, Action!Noah, Scott, and Owen are Doug, and Fanboy.
  • Noah, in the seasons he competed in, was Tulio.
  • Cody is, unlike Hungary, Miguel. Hebrew Miguel is also Dave.
  • Harold is Jack Darby.
  • Zoey is Phineas, Bart Simpson, and Misery.
  • Cameron is, like France, Gideon and Banana Joe.
  • Duncan is, like Sweden, Dukey. Dukey is also Chef, Sam, and Leonard.
  • Ezekiel, unlike Brazil, is T.K. Hebrew T.K. is also D.J.
  • Littlest Pet Shop (2012): Lindsay is Blythe Baxter and Cream Butter; Justin is Sunil; Zoey (Izzy in her All-Stars cameo) is Pepper Clark; Max is Rodger Baxter; Sky is Whitney Baxter and Madison; and Samey (later Jasmine) is Britney Baxter.
  • Topher (later All-Stars!Scott, and All-Stars!Owen) were Ash Ketchum.
  • Meet The 7D: Josh is Happy, Cameron is Sneezy, Duncan is Grumpy, and Dave/Cody is Bashful.
  • Izzy is Princess Celestia


     Latin American Spanish 
In Venezuela, the fun gets started with their casting:
  • Noah is Fanboy, Flapjack, and Broseph.
  • Chris and Duncan are Jimmy and Beezy, respectively.
    • In season four, Duncan is Pyro.
  • Gwen and Dakota are Musa, Stephanie Knightlie, and Nancy Botwin.
  • Trent and Sam are Jonesy, Batman, and Bob Oblong.
  • Heather and Staci are Penelope Spectra, Bloom, and Jen Masterson (Whose English actress is Gwen).
  • Katie and Blaineley are Kimiko, and Jinx.
  • Owen used to be Truman X.
  • Dawn and Sierra are Dora and Boots.
  • Anne Maria is Lisa.
  • Heather, Trent, Tyler are respectively, like in Brazil, Blackfire, Billy Numerous and Jack Spicer.
  • Brick and Scott are Piggy and Narwhal.
  • DJ is Edgar, and Chase Young.
  • Josh and Cameron are Plankton, Cat, and Clifford.
  • Total Drama holds a partial reunion for Spongebob Squarepants, as Mike and Alejandro took turns singing as Spongebob in the later seasons; Leshawna would be Sandy Cheeks; Chef's first voice was Mr. Krabs; Cameron and Josh (later Lightning) are Plankton; they (later Ezekiel, Chris, and finally Chef) are also Larry the Lobster; Izzy (later Heather/Staci) is Pearl Krabs; Geoff is Mermaid Man's first voice; Owen's first voice was Barnacle Boy; Anne Maria (later Heather, sometimes Bridgette, and then Gwen) is Karen the Computer; Chris (later Harold, temporarily Noah) is the reporter; Eva is Mama Krabs; Geoff now reads the text.
    • Come The Movie, Katie/Blaineley is Princess Mindy; Geoff is the French narrator, as well as a pirate in Patchy's entourage of pirates.
    • note 
  • In All-Stars; since Cameron moved out of town with his wife Katie, Deathstroke is the new Bubble Boy.
    • In her "All-Stars" cameo, Izzy became Willow.
  • Pakhitew Island has leaked some of its dubbers: Scarlett will be Flora, Skye is Clover, Max is Greg, Beardo is Lumen, Shawn is Norman Bates, and Dave is The Annoying Orange.
  • Camp Lakebottom revealed their Latin American cast: Shawn is McGee (he also translates/reads the texts); Lightning is Squirt; Leshawna is Gretchen; Heather/Staci is Suzi; Trent/Sam is Jordan Buttsquat; Brick is Sawyer; and Eva is Rosebud.


  • Chris (and Justin for season 1) is Bot, as well as Zebra brothers.
  • Fish Hooks: Duncan/Ezekiel, Justin, and Dawn are Milo, Oscar, and Bea, respectively.
  • Trent is Wyatt, The Narrator, Orochimaru and Commander ApeTrully.
  • Lindsay, Mike and Anne Maria, like in Hungary, are Gwen Tennyson, Logan, and London Tipton.
  • Justin is now Mr. Conductor.
  • Sadie is Faline.
  • Beth is Skunk and Tree Trunks.
  • Alejandro is Ron Stoppable.
  • Cody/Leonard is Reptil and Aerrow.
  • Brick is Broseph and Lin Chung.
  • Poland reunites the Regular Show cast:
    • Mike is Mordecai.
    • Scott/Max is Rigby.
    • Owen (fittingly) and Noah are Muscle Man.
    • Chef Hatchet is Skips.
    • Justin is Pops.
    • Cody/Leonard is High Five Ghost.
    • Jasmine is Margaret.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Topher is Snails/Prince Blueblood/Big Macintosh
    • Anne Maria/Amy/Samey is Applejack
    • Sugar is Seabreeze
    • Chef Hatchet is Ahuizotl/Cranky Doodle Donkey
    • Dakota/Sierra is Gilda
    • Lindsay is Apple Bloom (Fluttershy in the Demo)
    • Katie/Ella is Princess Cadance/Daring Do/Silver Spoon
    • Dawn is Pinkie Pie
    • Zoey is Trixie/Lightning Dust
    • Courtney is Suri Polomare
    • Chris Mclean/Justin (season 1) is Donut Joe
  • Lightning and Cameron are Pedro and Fernando.
  • Grojband: Heather, Anne Maria/Amy/Samey, Lindsay, Scott/Max, and Mike are Carrie, Allie, Kate, Kin Kujira, and Nick Mallory. Cameron is Dan, and Chef Hatchet is Laney's heart.
  • From the Adventure Time cast, comes:
    • Zoey/Scarlett as Princess Bubblegum
    • Courtney as Beemo and Marceline
    • Heather as Gunter
    • Beth as Tree Trunks
    • Chef Hatchet as Phlannel Boxingday
    • Lindsay as Me-Mow
    • Justin as Lemongrab
    • Josh as Howard
    • Dawn as Fionna and Flame Princess
  • Owen/Noah is Junko.
  • Duncan and Dawn are Dipper and Wendy.
  • Dakota is Jen and Yumi Ishiyama.
  • Sugar is Darla Dimple, Dee-Dee, and Angelica Pickles.
  • Lindsay and Alejandro are Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha.
  • Jo, like in Italy, is Iris.
  • Lindsay and Scott/Max are Jenny and Brad.
  • Steven Universe: Katie/Ella (Lindsay for a little bit in TDA) is Pearl, Beth is Garnet, Scott/Max is Lars, Leshawna is Sadie, and Heather is Connie.
  • Frozen: Sky (speaking)/Katie and Ella (singing), Duncan, Chef Hatchet, and Topher are Elsa (like in Israel for Ella), Kristoff, the king, and Hans.


     Phineas and Ferb 
  • In the international markets, outside of the US and Canada, most of the contestants appeared on Phineas and Ferb.
    • In Brazil, Cody is Jeremy, Staci is Vivian, Eva is Charlene, Scott is Albert, Geoff is Norm, Gwen's brother is Baljeet, Harold is Monty, Katie is Vanessa, Heather sings as Candace, Duncan is Meep/Bobbi Fabulous, Amy/Samey is Lyla Lolliberry, Beardo is Carl, Beardo is Rodrigo, Max is Don the tour guide, Trent is Danny/Mr. McGillicuddy, and Sierra is Amanda Johnson (but not Candace).
    • In Hungary, Beth is now Candace, Lindsay is Stacy Hirano, Sam's Lawrence, Lightning is Buford, Ezekiel is Albert, Mike (later Cameron) is Irving, Sadie's first voice was Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, Chris McLean is Carl Karl.
    • In Italy, Katie is Candace, Cameron is now Ferb, Buford is Mike, and Irving is now Ezekiel.
    • In Poland, everyone is Playing Against Type as Anne Maria/Samey (good) is Candace (bad), Lindsay (good) is Suzy (bad), Sugar (bad) is Vanessa (good), and Scott/Max (bad) is Carl Karl (good). Ultimately, Justin is Albert, Amy is also Candace, and Jasmine is Linda.
    • In Portugal, Candace is one of the female contestants.
    • In Sweden, Heather is Candace, and Izzy is Vanessa.

     Other Countries 

     Playing Against Type 
There are many times that the contestants' voice actor played another character, who was against their type.
  • In Atomic Betty, Cody was a bully named, humorously, Duncan.
  • In Sailor Moon, bossy girl Courtney was kind-hearted Sailor Venus.
  • In Stoked, crazy girl Izzy is now serious, sane girl Finn
  • In Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist, Lindsay/Katie is now a girl genius.
  • Interestingly almost all of Carter Hayden's characters are idiots, Noah is one of the first to break this trend.
    • Special mention goes to Camp Lakebottom, as Noah the genius best friend of protagonist Owen, is now his idiotic arch-nemesis Buttsquat.