Hey Its That Voice: Sailor Moon

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Japanese Voice Talents

Senshi Overseas


    Brazilian Portuguese 

    Castilian Spanish 






  • Usagi has been both Chichi (like in Mexico) and Bella Swan.
  • The movie ("Promise of the Rose") gathers a partial reunion of Total Drama characters. Sailors Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Luna are respectively Bridgette, Sierra, Dakota, Zoey, and Leshawna.
  • Sailor Jupiter is Pinkie Pie and Jem.


    Mexican Spanish 

  • Serena, Rini, and Queen Beryl are all Puar.
  • Sailor Mercury, Sailor Saturn, Queen Serenity, Melvin, and Koan are Helga.
  • Sailor Mars, Artemis, Berthier, Ikuko, Sailor Pluto, Diana and Cere Cere are all Bulma.
  • Luna, Kenji Tsukino, Chad, Kunzite, Jadeite, Nephlite, Alan, Professor Tomoe, and Pegasus are all Chief Drake Stromboli and King Kai.

  • Sailor Moon is Po.