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Hey Its That Voice: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
A listing of the many, many voice actors and actresses that results in the eponymous reaction.

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English Voice Talents

Hasbro apparently went to Vancouver, and hired many talents used by The Ocean Group for the voice actors, resulting in all this - and more!


     The Cast 

Other Hasbro shows

    Previous MLP Series 

There's also a fair degree of overlap with previous generations, mostly Generation 3:

  • Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie was Zipzee and Sweetie Belle.
  • Spike used to be Rarity (making his crush even more entertaining) and Ice Scoop.
  • Rarity/Princess Luna/Derpy Hooves, meanwhile, voiced several ponies, including Minty and Scootaloo.
  • Trixie/Queen Chrysalis was Kimono, Puzzlemint, and Sweetberry.
  • Gilda was Brights Brightly.
  • Spitfire was Storybelle.
  • Diamond Tiara was Starsong and Tiddly-Wink.
  • Daring Do was Bon Bon (the original, not the G4 background pony).
  • Princess Cadance is Tra-La-La.
  • Little Strongheart is Lily Lightly and Toola-Roola.
  • The Mane-iac was Dafflidazey.


Transformers crossover! Yes, there's some overlap with Hasbro's other big franchise, starting with Twilight Sparkle being Sari Sumdac, and Cheese Sandwich being Wreck-Gar.note 

Other series


Additionally to its connection to the older My Little Pony, the voice actors were also well known for voicing a lot of characters in the English dubbing of the Gundam series. So then we have:

     X-Men Evolution 

A number of voice actors have also starred in X-Men: Evolution.

     Western Animatin/Three Two One Penguins 

There are also voice actors who starred in 3-2-1 Penguins!

  • Sweetie Belle is Michelle.
  • Snips, Steven Magnet and Spot the Diamond Dog are voiced by Lee Tockar, a.k.a. Dr. Fidgel, Professor Wordsworth, a jelly worm guard, and that little chicken prince.
  • The Mane-iac is Grandmum.
  • Fido the Diamond Dog is Baron von Cavitus, Sol, and Minion #1.
  • Jet Set is Flam Mingo.
  • Snails is a jelly worm guard.

Italian Talents

The Italian version shares many cast members with other non-Italian cartoon shows broadcast on Mediaset's Italia 1. This is because they are all dubbed in Milan.

Other Hasbro shows

     Previous MLP Series 

Past generations of MLP? Why not?

  • Vola, mio mini pony. This is a rare case that the cast members of a dub of 80s G1 cartoons that was produced in 80s do the voice of FIM characters.
    • Twilight Sparkle is Posey.
    • Pinkie Pie is Megan.
      • And, in the greatest Actor Allusion ever, Maud Pie is Molly. Sisters again!
    • Cheerilee is Gusty and Medley.
    • Chief Thunderhooves and Fido the Diamond Dog are Moochic and Scorpan.
  • It even shares some casts with My Little Pony Tales!
    • Pinkie Pie is Clover.
    • Rainbow Dash is Patch.
    • Cheerilee is Melody.
    • Granny Smith and Mayor Mare are Miss Hackney.


     Littlest Pet Shop 

The Italian dub of Littlest Pet Shop just started:

  • Scootaloo is Blythe's regular voice, while Rarity's singing voice is her singing voice too.
  • Twilight Sparkle is Minka.
  • Applejack and Fluttershy are Buttercream.
  • Lightning Dust is Brittany.
  • Princess Luna is Youngmee.
  • Photo Finish is Mrs. Twombly.
  • Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are Vinnie.
  • Silver Spoon is Sue.
  • Suri Polomare is Pepper.

Other series

     DC Comics-related 

The ponies know DC Comics well.

     Ever After High 

Pony voices are everywhere in Ever After High.

  • Twilight Sparkle is Madeline Hatter.
  • Applejack and Fluttershy are Briar Beauty.
  • Rainbow Dash is Cerise Hood.
  • Apple Bloom is the female narrator.
  • Sweetie Belle is C.A. Cupid.
  • Scootaloo is Kitty Cheshire.
  • Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are Hunter Huntsman.
  • Trenderhoof is Sparrow Hood.
  • Princess Luna and Diamond Tiara are Blondie Locks.
  • Silver Spoon, Derpy and Daring Do are Melody Piper.
  • Babs Seed is Duchess Swan.
  • Little Strongheart is Cedar Wood.
  • Maud Pie is Holly O'Hair.
  • Suri Polomare is Poppy O'Hair.
  • Chief Thunderhooves is Milton Grimm.
  • Singing!Discord is Giles Grimm.
  • Photo Finish is Baba Yaga.


It's time for Italian ponies and card games. (Note: the list uses the 4Kids names.)

  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Goldengrape is Yugi.
    • Flim and Flam are Joey.
    • Blueblood is Kaiba.
    • Shining Armor is Weevil and Marik.
    • Hoity Toity is Mako Tsunami.
    • Snails and Mr. Cake are Rex Raptor.
    • Maud Pie is Tea.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
    • Shining Armor is Jaden.
    • Fancypants is Professor Crowler.
    • Singing!Rainbow Dash, Season1!Singing!Applejack, Singing!Scootaloo and Babs Seed are Alexis.
    • Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are Jim Crocodile Cook.
    • Flim and Flam are Aster Phoenix.
    • Rainbow Dash is Blair.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds:
    • Braeburn and Cheese Sandwich are Yusei.
    • Shining Armor is JACK ATLAS.
    • Princess Cadance is Akiza.
    • Thunderlane and Trenderhoof are Crow.
    • Hoity Toity is Trudge.
    • Snails and Mr. Cake are Lazar.
    • Lightning Dust is Luna.
  • Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL:
    • Thunderlane and Trenderhoof are Astral.
    • Sweetie Belle is Tori.
    • Snails and Mr. Cake are Bronk.
    • Doctor Whooves is Caswell.
    • Little Strongheart is Cathy, Gagaga Girl and Vetrix.
    • Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon are Number 89: Galaxy Queen.
    • Hoity Toity is Fortuno.
    • Goldengrape is Trey.
    • Sea Breeze is Quinton.
    • Spike is Dextra.
    • Shining Armor is Nixtro.

  • Snails and Mr. Cake are Brock and Stephan.
  • Twilight Sparkle is Jessie.
  • Flim Flam Brothers are James.
  • Chief Thunderhooves and Fido the Diamond Dog are Meowth, Darkrai and Terrakion.
  • Iron Will and Ahuizotl are Kanto and Hoenn!Giovanni.
  • Filthy Rich is Johto!Giovanni.
  • Rover the Diamond Dog is Unova!Giovanni.
  • Babs Seed is Sinnoh and Unova!Officer Jenny.
  • Thunderlane and Trenderhoof are Origins!Brock.
  • Big McIntosh is Origins!Professor Oak.
  • Cheese Sandwich and Braeburn are Sir Aaron and Grings Kodai.
  • Shining Armor is Tracey (like in Hungary).
  • Twist and Rumble are May and Zorua.
  • Rainbow Dash is Max, Zoey and Sky!Shaymin.
  • Doctor Whooves is Barry, Luke and Keldeo.
  • Derpy, Silver Spoon, Daring Do and Season2!Spitfire are Ursula, Georgia and Movie16!Mewtwo.
  • Diamond Tiara, Season1!Spitfire and Luna are Skyla, Clair and Serena.
  • Discord is Byron, Movie1!Mewtwo and Clay.
  • Cloudchaser is Dawn.
  • Applejack and Fluttershy are Anime!Bianca and Redub!Misty.
  • Goldengrape is Drew, Paul, Trip and Origins!Red.
  • Sweetie Belle is Land!Shaymin and BW2Trailer!Bianca.
  • Tirek is Origins!Giovanni.
  • Singing!Discord is Professor Oak.
  • Sea Breeze is Harley.

     One Piece 

Even One Piece gets in on the fun. (Note: the list is incomplete, because the Italian dub of One Piece features a lot of voice actor changes between episodes.)

  • Twilight is Nami.
  • Rainbow Dash is Chopper.
  • Snails and Mr. Cake are Usopp.
  • Blueblood is Sanji.
  • Hoity Toity is Portgas D. Ace, Hermeppo, Fukuro and Arlong.
  • Shining Armor is Zoro.
  • Iron Will (later Fancypants) is Buggy.
  • Discord is Kuroobi, Monkey D. Dragon and Magellan.
  • Chief Thunderhooves is Garp.
  • Jinbei and Fancypants are Ener.
  • Tirek is Whitebeard.
  • Singing!Discord is Franky.

     Other shows 

Other Overseas Talents

     European French Talent 

     German Talent 

In German:

     Hungarian Talent 

The Hungarian dub is almost surreal:

     Japanese Talent 

     Polish Talent 

     Brazilian Portuguese 
  • Twilight Sparkle is Mabel Pines.
  • Applejack is Nami, Lilly Truscott and Charlotte Clarke.
  • Pinkie Pie is Hannah Montana.
  • Rainbow Dash is Marlene.
  • Rarity is Emily Thorne.
  • Fluttershy is Roberta Tubbs. After her voice actress went on maternity leave, Fluttershy will instead have Gilda's voice.
  • Spike is Lyserg.
  • Apple Bloom is Zuri Ross.
  • Sweetie Belle is Bella Swan.
  • Princess Luna's second voice is Sandy Cheeks and Ashley Davenport.
  • Discord is Kick Buttowski, Patchy the Pirate and Squidward Tentacles.
  • Shining Armor and Princess Cadance are Goku and Chichi.
  • Garble is Dave.
  • Many of these ponies were in the original dub of Glee (seasons 1-2): Emma Pillsbury was Pinkie Pie, Quinn Fabray was Sweetie Belle, Rachel Berry was Sunset Shimmer; the fourth Spitfire, Pinkie Pie in one commercial, and demo Twilight Sparkle; Mercedes Jones was Gilda and season 4's Fluttershy, Santana Lopez was Fluttershy (except in season 4, because her actress was pregnant with twins), Tina Cohen-Chang was Applejack, Brittany Pierce was the first Trixie, Principal Figgins (never Bryan Ryan) was Discord, Becky Jackson was the first Daring Do and the third Spitfire, Jacob ben Israel was the first Soarin', and Carole Hudson was the first Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna and Photo Finish.

     Castilian Spanish 

     Latin American Spanish 

Other Languages

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