Heroic BSOD / Web Original

When your whole universe is on the internet, it's only a matter of time.

  • This happens on a number of occasions in Survival of the Fittest:
    • After the deaths of his entire group, including the sickening deaths of Madelaine Shirohara and his love interest Amanda Jones at the hands of Cody Jensen Adam Dodd of V1 wanders across the island for some days in the throes of a Heroic B.S.O.D. - the whole matter getting worse as he gets attacked and is forced to kill classmates more than once.
    • A more minor example is with Sean O'Cann, who breaks down after his estranged best friend boyfriend and cousin are killed over the course of a couple of days.
    • Madelaine Shirohara goes into one of these as well after she is forced to kill her childhood friend Nanami Nishida following Nishida turning on her and her other friends.
  • Alex in A Grey World after an episode of Axe-Crazy.
  • While Nights of AJCO is hardly Heroic, she still suffers one when she's dragged into a Friendship Chamber by A_J, tied down and threatened with the act of the numbers 4 and 2 being rebranded on her face - this being the mark of a State slave, that she has always covered with a mask out of shame. She loses her bravery and acts against her friends and former Crew when A_J asks her to. May be recovering from it, though Breyos nearly killing her didn't help.
    • Egg - who definitely is Heroic - suffers several moments with increasing intensity after Pi dies because of the investigation team's negligence. She's now suffering from outright PTSD and has quit the Castle Crew altogether to lead a more easy-going life in Katton.
  • Vatsy, from the dark-humor webstory Vatsy and Bruno, suffers one of these shortly after receiving the following rejection letter:
    To whom it may concern: We do not regret to inform you that this submission is unusable, unintelligent and frequently illegible. We do not regret that your mental seepage, poured in such an ungainly fashion on your half-cent-per-thousand-sheet paper, will not be gracing this or any future publication of the Writer's Guild World Newsletter. We do not regret that you will - most probably - die alone, penniless, unloved and foul-smelling. We do, however, regret that we were exposed - even through this protective screen of incomprehensibility - to this most unspeakable body of work. We regret that our sanity and our lives can never be whole again after even a brief perusal of your first page. We regret that the stink of hideous purple prose and suspiciously fecal ink will forever saturate our desk space. Most of all, we regret that you had slithered, like a diseased rat infiltrating an unsuspecting granary, into this world on whatever dark day you were born (from the art inherent in your prose, we would estimate about a year ago.) If we ever see the name 'Vatsy' - or that name spelled differently, or any name with a superficial resemblance, or anything that even reminds us of you - on any volume, essay, poem, or bill that ever crosses our threshold, we will ensure that you will not survive the night that follows. Wishing you well, The Writer's Guild
  • Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Abridged has one after realizing that Future Trunks is his son.
    "What, are you trying to imply that this wannabe Super Saiyan from the future is my soooooooooooo-"
  • Sapphire: When Boris kills Ivanka. He even tries to shoot himself, but backs down before pulling the trigger.
  • Shadow of the Templar: Jeremy gets one after shooting and killing someone for the first time. It doesn't help that it was a head shot, meaning the guys brains exploded everywhere.
  • After DeceasedCrab finds the secret treasure at the end of his Let's Play of La-Mulana, he gets completely quiet for about three seconds before screaming, sobbing uncontrollably and starting to stutter sentence like structures.
  • Our first encounter of Stuart/Amy in The Jade Box is of her in a BSOD from her Gender Bender.
  • Oh, Whateley Universe, where would you be without these?
    • In "Ayla and the Great Shoulder Angel Conspiracy", Tennyo is attacked by ghosts from her past as The Star Stalker and she finally remembers. She remembers being a soulless, heartless monster capable of wiping out entire civilizations in her efforts to fight EldritchAbominations. She ends up nearly catatonic. For days.
    • After his initial manifestation, one of the things that kept Phase going was the belief that his intersexed transformation was due a genetic effect called 'Gross Structural Dystrophy'. When he finds that it is actually an expression of his Exemplar trait - a superpower that (supposedly) takes it's cues from the mutant' subconscious desires and fears - he spends the next week in a daze, convinced that he'd brought the whole things down upon himself.
    • Both Fey and Kodiak experience the partial destruction of their own souls during the Battle in the Center of the Mind to free Cavalier and Skybolt from the demons Hekate had placed in their minds to keep them from recovering. Kodiak is only mildly shaken, but Fey goes into a state of despair lasting weeks.
    • Generator has had more than one, usually with the result that she went into an Unstoppable Rage. The worse of these was targeted at her own male genitals, which she repeatedly slashed at as they kept regenerating, until she finally passed out from blood loss.
    • Jobe goes on a rampage after learning her father had disowned her, though whether that should be classified as a Villainous Breakdown instead is a matter of perspective.
    • After realizing what happened to him in Spooning With Spoony II, he goes into open-mouthed, wide-eyed shock and stays like that for the entire episode, only coming out to cry about his prom-night.
    • In "The Cat In The Hat", the Critic spends an entire night out on a hill staring into space after a particularly scarring scene.
      • A calmer version happens after he angrily calls the director of My Pet Monster to complain, but then finding himself having to explain he's a 28 year old guy who watches little kid's movies for a living. This sends him into a depression on how pathetic this makes him until the end of the next episode.
    • In his review of Baby Geniuses, the Critic was so traumatized that all he could do was wander through the convention he was attending with a blank look on his face.
    • NC has a mini one in his review of the other animated Titanic movie, in response to the "talking to animals with magical moonbeams" moment. In a Titanic movie. He starts hyperventilating and stammering before declaring that he has to go stare at himself in the mirror and cry. Gilligan Cut to him doing exactly that for 10 seconds before coming back to continue.
    • Spoony has one of these himself when he reviews Highlander II and takes a moment to read the back of the VHS box and reads that it's the smartest cyberpunk movie since Blade Runner... He actually gets a pop-up error message (in this case a divide by zero error) and crashes.
      • He has yet another one at the end of his review of Night Claws. Upon witnessing Reb Brown get unceremoniously killed via Neck Snap, he can only stare in shock at the screen for about 30 seconds before silently stumbling away.
      • In his review of Ultima IX, he suffers one after hearing the line, "You did it, Avatar! When you restored the final shrine, I was given my life back!" where he just talks quietly about how he became a fan of the series, and then starts throwing things around, yelling, "It's all been a waste of time!"
    • Linkara has one caused by his loss to Lord Vyce. A very legitimate, played straight BSOD as Lewis tries hopelessly to fix his old morpher, mumbling about losing and barely being able to beat Mechakara. It was quite sad.
      • He also had one after being told that he killed a little girl to create the magic gun. That girl was his daughter. However she wasn't and he didn't kill her but Dolorem told him he did.
      • He suffered a more literal BSOD after discovering that Ben Grimm's Character Development in Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in: Brain Drain was penned by Marvel's former editor-in-chief.
  • In Red vs. Blue, the Reds eventually discover the true purpose of their battles: They're basically labrats and are set up in situations to train the Freelancer and see how the Freelancer would act in that situation. They also discover that the Reds and Blues were intentionally chosen to be idiots to make things easier for the Freelancers. After Sarge realizes what this means, he winds up hastily constructing a Red Base out of scrap parts, deciding that if he's trash, he should be a sergeant of trash. He also relinquishes his rank as leader of his trio.
  • From the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, the superheroine Fury suffered a Heroic B.S.O.D. after Tom Foolery killed and partially ate her daughter. When she came out of it, she changed from a superheroine into a crazed criminal-killer.
  • Larxene from Demyx Time has one when Axel breaks her hair.
  • The chef at the end of "Massive Meatloaf Mayhem" episode of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, having realised they forgot to buy mayo.
  • Super Mario Bros. Z heavily implies that Shadow's current Jerk Ass nature was the direct result of the immense trauma of having to witness the two only friends he ever had (or at least the two only people he could openly refer to as friends), Rouge and Omega's, deaths at the hands of Mecha Sonic during his decimation of Mobius.
  • Bowser Junior from SuperMarioLogan has had a few:
    • In "Bowser's Christmas Problem", he keeps demanding Bowser about Santa, until the latter reaches his Rage Breaking Point and yells at him that Santa does not exist. This causes Junior to undergo a Heroic B.S.O.D., eventually crying and ruining Bowser's spare time, kicking off the plot of the episode.
    • Another one in "The Christmas Special!" when Junior realizes he was demanding for a golden Thomas the Tank Engine toy and Santa "forgot to get it for him". Doesn't help that Chef Pee Pee and Bowser didn't remember him demanding them for the golden Thomas toy.
    • Chef Pee Pee himself breaks down at the end of "Bowser Junior's Caprisun" after Bowser comes in saying his lunch break is over, he eats like a child, and takes the former's meal.
  • Life in a Game star Guy goes in to a particularly epic one after Subplott is killed by the player controlled Jackal. He gets better.
  • In We Are Our Avatars, Garcie got one and went into Angrish when Daisuke and Nitori came over to ask the Group for money. Her voice became scrambled like Haley Starshine as a result.
    "Gh.... ghh... Yuh... Buh... GODDAMMIT! GRRRRRARRRRGHHH!"
  • Derek the Bard suffers several during Warning! Readers Advisory!:
    • At the beginning of the Crooked Little Vein review. Twice.
    • His subconscious suffers one in episode 20.
    "Did I just break my subconscious!?"
  • Obscurus Lupa, while reviewing the American Ninja movies, noticed they were getting progressively worse, and ended up sobbing near the end of the fourth movie.
  • Luke Mochrie And The Inners attempted to go through a review of Skyline: while Phillip the Inner Pessimist took it all in stride, Ringo the Inner Optimist progressively shut down, up until:
    "The movie's awful, ok? That's right! The optimist can hate! THE OPTIMIST CAN HATE!"
  • Rowdy C of TV Trash went through this after watching Heil Honey, I'm Home!. He got better at the beginning of the next season.
  • The FanFiction Critic went on a drinking binge when she couldn't review any more fanfics after having to review her own fics.
  • Equestria Chronicles is about ponies (naturally happy creatures) embroiled in a cold civil war. Heroic B.S.O.D. happens regularly.
  • Starwalker (aka Starry) experiences this when the implications of the Stable Time Loop act as a Logic Bomb.
  • In the backstory to Funny Business, after Jeannette grows old enough to understand that she hurt people by abusing her powers, she essentially loses the ability to ever be happy again. Of course, her parents noticed her sudden change in behavior but did not know of its cause, and once they started to worry about her mental health, she inflicted them with Laser-Guided Amnesia and pretends to be a Cheerful Child from then on, so that nobody would worry about her. She keeps the Masquerade up right up to the present time of the story.
  • Paw Dugan, during a Todd in the Shadows video, curled up into the foetal position upon learning that Sia had appeared in a Flo Rida song.
  • Happens to Eidolon in Worm when Scion tells him that he subconsciously created the Endbringers, making him indirectly responsible for tens of millions of deaths. It turns out that Scion was actually invoking this trope specifically so that Eidolon would drop his guard and let Scion kill him.
  • The Critique's review of "Princess Molestia" all but wrecked him. The review itself contains very few jokes, and the storyline is the Critique just wandering around trying to make sense of his life.
  • Carmilla: Carmilla is pretty much in a perpetual state of this in the first season. She lost the love of her life, was buried in a coffin filled with blood for almost a century, then forced to start assisting her "mother" in kidnapping girls AGAIN! This gets worse as she is forced to choose between Laura dying, or sabotaging Laura's attempts to save the victims. Her choice ends up for naught as Laura finds out.
    • Perry seems to go through this when LaFontaine is kidnapped, especially since before they were they were having a fight about LaFontaine's gender identity. She later appears to take a level in badass, threatening Carmilla with a stake and staking Will in the later battle.
    • Laura after Carmilla's Disney Death.
  • When Pat The NES Punk lent his copy of Nintendo World Championships to The Angry Video Game Nerd, he suffered a heroic BSOD when the Nerd smashed both his cartridge of the game and the Nerd's gold one with a hammer. Pat understandably chokes the Nerd shortly afterwards.
  • While playing the Surfing Minigame from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Chuggaaconroy states that he never obtained the equipment from this minigame, so he decided to obtain the beans instead. He notices his time and notes that it may be good enough for a Hoo Bean, but when he realizes he got the equipment instead (that and the fact he had to redo the recording four different times) his reaction was understandable: a scream, followed by him being speechless for a minute.
    Chugga: Well, I'm not complaining!
  • An outtake from Maximilian's "Boss Rage" series (against Oni in Ultra Street Fighter 4) shows him slamming headlong into one. Playing as Ryu, he finds himself up against Hugo. With the two of them on low health, Max attempts to finish Hugo off with a Metsu Hadoken; normally a decent bet as, with less than 25% health remaining, a direct hit with it would have given Max the win. The AI playing Hugo, however, throws out an EX Monster Lariat. With the aid of "super armour" (a fighting game mechanic where taking damage doesn't interrupt a move being performed), Hugo tanks the entire Super Combo and punches Ryu in the face. All Max can do is scream at Ryu's demise and stare at the screen in disbelief
  • Random Assault: Alex has one in the Christmas Special, after his Christmas dinner, plans, and the mansion are ruined.
  • The hosts of Bad Anime Sunday have raged many a time at horrible shows but nowhere is the spite more apparent than when the fans voted for the hosts to review the School Days OVA's. Samven was utterly disgusted by how the show blatantly sexualised underage children and, to punctuate his sheer contempt for the OVA in question, the podcast is delivered in a sad, bitter tone with next to none of his usual snark, while all Jake could say was, "They fucking suck."
  • In the Dragon Ball Z Abridged version of "Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan", Vegeta's Heroic B.S.O.D. isn't due to how powerful he is, but how stupid his backstory is.