Heroic BSOD / Roleplay

Sometimes, the role you play is a hero, and being a hero can be really depressing sometimes.

  • Jimmy had one in Digimon Forum RP when Ichigo made a Heroic Sacrifice just to save him from a Metal Kabuterimon's Electron Cannon.

  • A number of instances in Dino Attack RPG:
    • Andrew hit a minor BSOD upon realizing fully that LEGO Island, his hometown whose salvation was a major factor in him signing up for the team, had vanished into the Torn World.
    • The goal of the Darkitect's illusions. He succeeded in giving Rex, Katerina, Minerva, and Hotwire Heroic BSODs, although the effects did not last as long as he had hoped, especially once the illusions were broken.
    • Pterisa suffered a massive Heroic BSOD once the Darkitect revealed her identity to the Dino Attack Team. One moment, she was confident and stoic. Her Heroic BSOD left her extremely fragile and insecure.
    • As a result of breaking her arm punching out the Maelstrom, combined with the discovery that her own mother had been lying to her, she only exists because of a secret affair in a hospital, and her own uncle had been institutionalized after attempting a self-induced lobotomy Kate had a rather nasty one. She also got a rather bad case of PTSD after the war.
    • Sam Race crashed hard after he failed to save his father, and much like Kate, he'll never fully recover from it.
    • Rex was suffering a massive Heroic BSOD after the deaths of Amanda and Trouble. This Heroic BSOD was so bad that it actually left him in an Angst Coma.
    • Minerva suffered a minor Heroic BSOD after Athena's death. She then entered another one after killing Oswald, only forcing herself out of it after being goaded by the Darkitect into keep fighting and to avenge her fallen family.
  • There was a few instances of this in Star Force RP.
    • Zuhal's depression after he lost Del.
    • Nova suffered one after an incident at the Junkyard on Dream Island involving Jake Rayner and Callisto both of whom were each using a Super Mode due to having Zerker and Saurian's OOPArt causing Nova to view the OOPArts as something that must be destroyed.
      • Prior to being a character, Nova suffered a brief one when Drake Kaizer pressed Nova's Berserk Button by killing his girlfriend, causing Nova to hunt him down.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! East Academy Marcus spends several scenes suffering from a Heroic B.S.O.D. after he is tortured by Haine.