Hell Is That Noise / Resident Evil

  • The sound of breaking glass, as it was often the sound that preceded a dog attack. You'll cringe every time you hear a window break.
  • The zombie shuffling noises were also pretty danged disturbing.
  • In the Resident Evil remake, you enter the Aqua Ring, silence except for water dripping, then suddenly Psycho Strings start up and a giant mutant shark (the one that kills you instantly) is after you.
  • The Psycho Strings theme of the leech zombies in Resident Evil 0.
  • In earlier games, the thump thump thump thump sound of the giant spiders' footsteps. Not a good sound for arachnophobes. Made even worse if they kill you, and you have to hear their footsteps contrasted with dead silence during the Game Over.
  • Courtesy of Resident Evil: Revelations come the distorted 'Mayday' cries from the infected communications officer when you approach the promenade, right before you have to get the key to the communications room.
  • "* STARS* ", Nemesis comes crashing through the window with a bazooka. And the music that plays when he is stalking you in Resident Evil 3.
  • Resident Evil Gun Survivor has the Trashsweepers, ominous Gas Mask Mook Super Soldiers who hoot and scream like demented apes as they stalk you through the game. Combined with their unnaturally sinuous, rubbery motions, it really pushes them into the Uncanny Valley.
  • *click, click, click* Followed by an ungodly screech let's you know hunters are in the area.
    • The same goes for Lickers, in addition to their signature vocalizations. Due to Lickers' preference for crawling on ceilings and the camera angles, you will almost certainly hear them before you see them.
  • The slow clicking and moaning of the Lickers. When the clicking speeds up, that means they've found you. Hunters from the original Resident Evil made a similar clicking sound, except it was more like a "click-thud" sound.

Resident Evil 4

  • This game cranks it up a notch with the creepy, Vader-esque breathing from the Regenerators. It's a million times worse when you can't actually see them, too. Accompanied by equally creepy music.
  • The Iron Maidens, an even more nightmarish variant of the Regenerators, sound even worse.
  • The sound of a chainsaw and "Te voy a matar!"? signals one hit killer elite mooks.
  • Another one from the 4 is the dry, shuffling sound made by the Novistadors. Particularly horrific because they're essentially invisible, half the time. Not to mention the first encounter in the sewer. A very loud SPLOSH followed by an increasingly louder series of sploshes indicating footsteps.
    • The chanting of the Illuminados Zealots: "Cojelo, cojelo, cojelo, morir es vivir, morir es vivir, HAHAHA!" :WHACK:
  • The deep piano chord you suddenly hear when you enter the building on the island with the regenrators. This basically indicated the most horrifying part of the game has begun.
  • The Ganados' raspy hiss or whatever when one of them lunges at you, because it's hard to escape unless you do some quick maneuvering, which can be difficult to pull off in RE4.

Resident Evil 5

  • In RE5, the distinctive pitter-patter of the lickers walking on metal catwalks (and the metal ceiling will also have you aiming your shotgun in a frantic 360.
  • There's also the horrible screech of the Reapers.
  • The sounds of the hunters. Tap, tap, tap, AYIAAAR!!! BWEER, YOU DIED.

Resident Evil 6

  • The cry of the Rasklaplanje. You know you can't kill it, and if it kills you, a chest-buster ripoff immediately ensues.