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Hell Is That Noise: Resident Evil

Resident Evil 4

  • This game cranks it up a notch with the creepy, Vader-esque breathing from the Regenerators. It's a million times worse when you can't actually see them, too. Accompanied by equally creepy music.
  • The Iron Maidens, an even more nightmarish variant of the Regenerators, sound even worse.
  • The sound of a chainsaw and "Te voy a matar!"? signals one hit killer elite mooks.
  • Another one from the 4 is the dry, shuffling sound made by the Novistadors. Particularly horrific because they're essentially invisible, half the time. Not to mention the first encounter in the sewer. A very loud SPLOSH followed by an increasingly louder series of sploshes indicating footsteps.
    • The chanting of the Illuminados Zealots: "Cojelo, cojelo, cojelo, morir es vivir, morir es vivir, HAHAHA!" :WHACK:

Resident Evil 5

  • In RE5, the distinctive pitter-patter of the lickers walking on metal catwalks (and the metal ceiling will also have you aiming your shotgun in a frantic 360.
  • There's also the horrible screech of the Reapers.
  • The sounds of the hunters. Tap, tap, tap, AYIAAAR!!! BWEER, YOU DIED.
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