Heartwarming: Yuugen Kaisha

  • The scene where Bosco explains that he didn't want Makiko just for her blood.
    • The accompanying flashback shows he repeatedly exposed himself to garlic, crosses, and high-powered UV lamps to gradually build immunity to sunlight. Blood was the only thing he couldn't do without, so he did the next best thing by limiting himself to feeding only four times a year, while using supplement tablets inbetween.
    • It's made him anemic, over time, and he's lost much of the power he'd have if he fed normally. Yet, he was perfectly content that way, if it meant he had a chance to be with that cute college girl he was in love with... and that was without even knowing if she'd accept him. Wow. She did.

  • Near the end of Incident File 03, Narita comes to Natsuki's rescue, by appearing in the road, causing Nagasuki to swerve off the highway. The crash knocks Natsuki unconscious, so Narita carries her to safety, then scares the living daylights out of her boss, causing him to foam at the mouth and faint in shock!

  • The scene between Ayaka and Karino at the park, during Incident File 04: "Lover Come Back to Me".
    • The members of Phantom Quest find themselves out of business, thanks to the Hadja stealing all of their clients. So they end up part timing to make ends meet. When Karino finds out, he offers Ayaka a job at U Division, as his assistant. Ayaka's smile and the look that passes between them says it all.