Heartwarming / Yukari Is Free

  • When Torako was rendered comatose after being mind-controlled, Tomo stayed by her bedside the entire time, leaving only to use the restroom. Torako wound up waking up after just a few days, but Tomo vowed that she would stay there even if it took decades for her to wake up. It goes to show that, even under Tomo's Jerkass-ness lies a girl who just loves her sister.
  • Any and every time that Rei smiles.
    • Special mention goes to the game of Truth Or Dare in the non-canon Shenanigoats Threads. When it gets to her turn, Rei picks Jumbo, who chooses Dare. Rei wordlessly motions to a bucket, then imitates pulling it over her head. Jumbo does so. Rei smiles.
  • Yomi being reunited with her mother, after each had thought the other was dead.
  • What does Chiyo do immediately after regaining control of her body? Hug Chiyosuke.