Heartwarming: Yu-Gi-Oh! Tenth Anniversary Movie

  • The end credits:
    Duelists, thank you for a decade of dueling... and the best is yet to come!
  • When Jaden and Yusei save DMG from getting blasted using De-Fusion and Junk Gardna's ability, she has a cute grateful smile.
  • The fact that the protagonists work like they've been Tag Dueling together for years, even though they have no clue of each other's play style.
    • That said, Yusei and Jaden could have a good idea of what Yugi's play style is, Yugi being the very first King of Games and all, Jaden specially, since he even dueled against Yugi before.
  • Yusei tells Yugi that if it's necessary to destroy Stardust Dragon to stop Paradox, to do so. Yugi instead resolves to get it back, and does!
  • A blink and you'll miss it moment when Paradox plays Rainbow Dragon. Judai is absolutely furious at him for daring to use Johan's card. A callback to the beautiful "J and J" friendship (and possibly another opportunity for the producers to put more Ship Tease in for them).
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