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Heartwarming: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
  • Judai finding the farewell letter in his bag from all of his friends in the final episode.
  • Crowler and Jaden's season four duel. From wanting to get Jaden expelled in the beginning, three years earlier, Crowler now fights to keep him, and all of his friends in the school instead, not wanting them to leave him! It mirrors that first duel, right down to the monsters they played back then, and the entire school is cheering for them BOTH to win, even though if Crowler does, Jaden's whole class will be held back!
  • Crowler's duel against Chumley in season one also qualifies. If he could have let Chumley win, he would have, but it wouldn't have been fair like that. And he lets him go to his dream job anyway, because Chumley had proven that he earned it.
    • It was also one of the few times when Crowler was shown to be a professional. He dueled Chumley not solely to stop him from pursuing his dream, but rather as a teacher administering to a student a final exam to see if he/she was ready to venture out into the world. Despite the loss, Chumley proved to Dr. Crowler that he was able to make good decisions in both dueling and in life; and the duel itself was lost solely because Crowler had more experience than Chumley.
  • Also, for season four: when Jaden duels Nightshroud, and Nightshroud yanks Yubel out of Jaden's deck/soul and forces her to attack his monster. Due to Yubel's special effect, that would have caused Jaden to lose the duel. But he played a card so that she attacked him directly (Yubel has no attack points, so no damage was caused, thus her special effect was invalid). What's heartwarming is: he catches her fist, folds his hand over it gently, and tells her that he'll take her back, no matter what. *bawls just at the thought of it*
  • The scene in Season 1 ep 47 between Alexis and Zane qualifies in both languages. In the original, Asuka thanks Ryo for being an older brother to her while in the dub Zane jokingly offers to be her bodyguard and then tells her he'll miss her when he graduates.
  • Season 1, Episode 41: Alexis defeats Titan restoring her brother's memory. The ending of the episode (before The Reveal anyway) is one big D'awwww.
  • Another from Season 1: Zane's big bro moment with Syrus right before he throws the duel with Camula to save Sy's life.
  • Throughout season four, it seems that Jaden may never return to being his original happy persona. Thankfully, Winged Kuriboh induces some very convenient time travel, so that Jaden can face his idol: Yugi Moto, the King of Games. This duel rekindles Jaden's passion for dueling and returns him to his old, duel-loving self.
  • In the episode where Jaden duels the submarine captain, the captain not only tricks his friends into thinking that Jaden took up his generous offer for an apprenticeship, but he also convinces Jaden that his friends left him behind. When we see him again, he's badly beat up and dirty from having escaped the captain. This kid not only knew his friends well enough to understand that they'd never abandon him, but fought his way through a submarine full of people who were trying to stop him just to get back to them. And, judging by his injuries, they probably didn't try to convince him to stop by dueling him.
  • The last scene of the manga, in which Koyo has awakened from his coma, and is facing Judai in a duel as he promised
  • Also in the manga, in which, after Syrus loses to Chazz, Zane repeats his question of whether he wants to become a duelist. Rather than give his statement that he wants to "be" a pro duelist, which prompted Zane to doubt his resolve, Syrus says he wants to "fight as" a pro duelist, impressing Zane.
  • When Jaden couldn't see his cards after losing to Aster and he leaves duel academy, while stuck out in the ocean he stumbles into Neo Space where he is greeted by a dolphin-like creature named "Aquos" (who is later revealed to be the spirit of "Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin"). After winning a Duel against an evil robot, Jaden rediscovers his love for Dueling and regains his resolve having obtained cards he drew as a kid from a Kaiba Corp contest. At the end of the episode, Jaden discovers his new deck has been infused with the power of Neo Space, and Aquos tells Jaden he can count on him as an ally and friend.
    • During the final duel with Yubel, Aqua Dolphin echoes this again telling Jaden the Neo Spacians believe in him while dissolving his doubt.
  • Crowler's duel against Bonaparte. Jaden boosts Crowler's confidence when he starts losing, Crowler then tells Bonaparte that a good teacher is one that learns from his students
  • After the duel when Syrus defeats the Psycho style duelist. Zane gives his Cyberdark Deck to Syrus, complementing his use of the deck while admitting he's inspired to build a new deck and chase after his younger brother in the pro league.
  • Manjoume, in his duel with Edo, declaring a direct attack with Ojama Yellow. Ojama Yellow hesitates for obvious reasons (attack: 0), but Manjoume reassures him he's the ace card of his deck. He then plays a combo that wins the duel.
  • Tyranno Hassleberry/Kenzan's duel with Sartorius. Sartorius gives him a line about destiny being the reason dinosaurs are extinct, Hassleberry replies that dinosaurs live on through him.
  • Winged Kuriboh always helping Jaden. The most notable moment of their bond was when Jaden lost the ability to see his cards. The night the Neo Spacians helped him regain them, Winged Kuriboh gets the last but best treatment during the reunion.
  • Shirley the Crocodile running up to shield Jim from the Supreme King's final attack.
  • A flashback of young Jaden drawing Neos on paper when Jaden says him and the Neo Spacians have a bond Sartorius could never understand.
  • In his duel with Yusuke. Fubuki didn't care about what Yusuke was doing, he was just glad his best friend was alive, and apologized that he didn't save him the first time.
  • Sartorius apologizing to Aster that he used him as a puppet of destiny to escape his demise, but Aster tells him they really are friends and Aster really does want to save him from the Light of Destruction.
  • Jaden using Super Polymerization to fuse his spirit with Yubel's to keep his life time promise to always be together. Yubel even breaks out in tears.
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