Heartwarming / Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever

Heartwarming moments in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever:

  • Chapter 249: Wade assures Blaze that her soiled and traumatic past doesn't cause him to think any less of her.
    Wade: Blaze...I can't imagine that there's any magic cure for the pain you must have suffered in your life. I don't even think I can begin to imagine how you feel about what you've gone through. But...it doesn't become you to berate yourself in such a degrading manner. Why do I say that? Because, yes, you feel the way you do, and I can't deny that...but in spite of all that, you've still chosen to live. And isn't that the most precious decision anyone can ever make—to live?
  • Chapter 286: Zane Truesdale's So Proud of You moment with his daughter Natasha, several chapters after he's been revealed to be emotionally distant to both her and her brother James.
    Natasha: Maybe...maybe if Mommy was still alive, we'd all be happy...James wouldn't hate me...and you wouldn't be disappointed in me...
    Zane: I miss her, too, you know...but we have to live for ourselves now, and concentrate on the present. I think it's what she would've wanted for us. And, in any case...I have to shoulder a lot of the blame. I mean, I've been your father only by name and by blood...but I haven't really been a dad to you and your brother, have I?
    Natasha: Daddy...
    Zane: Listen, Natasha. I saw your duel with James. I saw how you handled yourself. True, you didn't win...but you displayed a lot of courage even in the face of defeat. That, I think, makes you a far more mature duelist than any Obelisk Blue student I've ever seen. I know you're disappointed because you lost...but I'm proud of you, nonetheless. My only question is...will you accept this compliment...especially seeing how badly I've messed up as a parent?
    Natasha: Daddy... (hugs him and starts crying)
  • Chapter 287: Yugo revealing his own traumatic past to Seta, a little while after Seta has just revealed his past involvement with the Zodiacs as their super-soldier Ophiuchus the Imperial and telling him that he (Yugo) considers Seta his brother.