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Heartwarming: You're Under Arrest!
  • Near the end of the final season, Miyuki has just walked away from the scene of an accident to find help after she and another car fall off of a cliff, and passes out from exposure to the rain, her own injuries, and exhaustion. She then has a dream where she meets Ken on the roof of their precinct building and he proposes to her. She wakes up to find Ken who, despite having a broken arm, is carrying her to safety on his back and begins saying the exact same words as Miyuki heard in her dream. She says yes.
  • Even earlier, during Sena and Daimaru's wedding, there's the scene where Ken is supposed to get a kiss on the cheek from Sena after winning an impromptu race. He atually gets one from a Miyuki who, upon Sena's request, has put on the wedding gown and poses as the bride.
  • From File 48: The End of Summer
    • Natsumi clocks out early so she can get to the airport in time to give Toukairin a piece of her mind, for throwing their last arm-wrestling match, and for leaving without telling her how he feels about her. She barely lets him get a word in edgewise, 'til he stuns her with a "Shut Up" Kiss. Natsumi recovers a few moments later, then says it herself.
    Natsumi: (softly) "I love you, Toukairin." <cue Big Damn Kiss>
  • Any time Nakajima's actions prove his feelings for Miyuki, most notably taking a shot for her, twice.
  • In season 3 when they find a little girl who mistakes the Chief for her recently deceased father, Natsumi arranges for her and the Chief to take the little girl out for a trip so that she can be with her "Papa" one last time.
    • When she finally realizes that the Chief isn't her father, she then develops a Precocious Crush on him after seeing how cool he was when he jumped onto a moving truck to save the driver who had lost consciousness. Also counts as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for the Chief.
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