Heartwarming / You Can't Take It with You

  • Shortly before filming began, Lionel Barrymore lost the use of his legs to crippling arthritis. To accommodate him, the script was altered so that his character had a sprained ankle, and Barrymore did the film on crutches. That's a pretty nice thing for those script writers to do for just one man.
  • Ann Miller (Essie) once said that doing the ballet moves were extremely painful and she would often be crying in between takes. She never told anybody the reason why and Jimmy Stewart, assuming she was upset about something, had boxes of candy sent to her to make her feel better.
  • When the Vanderhof family has to pay a fine Mr. Kirby gets the idea to help the family out. He's quickly shouted down by the family's friends and neighbors, who quickly gather more than enough money to pay for them. Culminating with the kindhearted judge putting in a contribution.
  • The Vanderhof family, along with Mr. Kirby, Tony and the rest of the neighborhood playing the song "Polly Wolly Doodle" to celebrate not having to move out. Near the end of the scene, Mrs. Sycamore happily puts the "home sweet home" sign back up where it belongs.