Heartwarming / X Japan

  • In the middle of their 2010 tour final concert at the Roseland Ballroom in New York, Yoshiki ran off stage, to Toshi's confusion...until he came back on wheeling out a birthday cake, getting the audience to sing "Happy birthday" to him - twice - and how far they've come as a band, to the point they are at last touring America. It's hard to believe these two were ever separate...
  • During a performance of Art of Life, the band started a hologram of hide, as if he was still playing with them.
  • A Bigger heartwarm is on their Facebook page:
    Members: Yoshiki, Toshi, Hide, Heath, Pata, Sugizo, Taiji
  • Toshi and Yoshiki embracing onstage. With all that the band, and they individually, have gone through, and that now their friendship and alliance is even stronger because of it...
  • While a huge Tear Jerker at that, The Last Song is a pretty heartwarming song at that.
    • The cover for the EP/Single at that is also this: Yoshiki and Toshi embracing during The Last Live. Serves as a Heartwarming in Hindsight as they would later on reunite.
  • At the end of the 2010 concert in Yokohama, Taiji, who'd performed with the band as a guest, embraced the rest of the band as if he'd never left. There's a particulalrly powerful moment where he hugs Heath, almost like he's officially passing the torch.